Jason Pye endorses Hinkle

Posted at JasonPye.com:

Over the last few years, I’ve watched the longstanding internal disputes that have plagued our party prohibit us from moving forward. It’s in our nature to point fingers, lay blame while we continue to function more like a social club than a political party.

I don’t want a social club, an advocacy organization or a party built out of a cult of personality. I want someone to chair our party who is willing to step up for the right reasons and will take on Democrats and Republicans.

We need leaders that are willing and, more importantly, able to work the different view points that make up our party. These leaders need to act professionally, promote the interests of the Libertarian Party and its membership and ensure that the office has the resources it needs to let the electorate know we are actively seeking there votes.

At our convention in St. Louis, I will proudly be casting my vote for Mark Hinkle, who I believe is the only candidate running for chair with the ability to unite our party.

Yours in Liberty,

Jason Pye
Legislative Director
Libertarian Party of Georgia

Disclaimer: Although I (Paulie) have also personally endorsed Hinkle, IPR is not making endorsements.

2 thoughts on “Jason Pye endorses Hinkle

  1. Trent Hill

    This actually is a fairly big endorsement. Jason is respected amongst the Wayne Root/Bob Barr people–who are all more likely to go for Root than Hinkle, but who definitely aren’t interested in Hancock.

  2. paulie Post author

    He previously endorsed Root, but withdrew the endorsement after the matter of the Obama Birther trial came up and was not impressed by what Root said when he pulled out of it.

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