Libertarian, Peace and Freedom and Green Parties create ads to stop Prop 14

From the Libertarian Party:

H/T Michael Seebeck in comments on a previous post.Produced by Adrian Galysh. As far as we know, it has not been used in broadcast media, at least yet.

Ballot Access News reports that the Green and Peace and Freedom Parties parties put these on cable channels CNN, Headline News, and MSNBC. About 750 spots will air by election day:

19 thoughts on “Libertarian, Peace and Freedom and Green Parties create ads to stop Prop 14

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  2. Prop 14 Supporter

    I just convinced my mom and several friends to vote in support of the beautiful democratic reform that is Prop 14. Thank you Abel Maldenado for being such an excellent public service and bringing the dream of the top two primary so close to being a reality.

    Everyone call at least 10 California residents and urge them to support Prop 14; end corruption, weaken political parties and give voters more freedom of choice.


    The Committee of United Peoples for Prop 14

  3. Morgan Brykein

    Good luck to them, getting this on the air. Usually these stupid referendums come down to which side has the better advertising, and I haven’t seen anything in favor of Prop 14 yet.

    For example, the idiotic “Taxpayers Right to Vote” will probably pass, because a simple populist argument in a short little ad is hard to counteract.

  4. Deran

    “and give voters more freedom of choice.”


    Look north Californians! In WA state the “top two” system has reduced choices. No more minor party or independents on the November ballot. And instead of weakening the two major parties it has led to incumbents being reelected over and over.

  5. Reality Check

    Good Ads!

    Fight back NOW!

    Proposition 14 will turn California into a one party state.

    Proposition 14 means California will be adopting a communist styled one-party system.

    Proposition 14 means there will be fewer choices on the ballot than there were in the old USSR.

    Vote NO


    Oh, My Dear God NO! on proposition 14.

  6. Prop 14 Supporter

    Seabeck, think hard enough and you will guess who I am.
    The only reason Prop 14 doesn’t give people more freedom of choice in Washington is that voters won’t get off their lazy asses and vote in two election. And, over 90% of people actually support the two parties, because the omain third parties are a bunch of radical extremists. Especially the fascist/stalinist criminal, Ralph Nader.

  7. George Phillies

    The third New Path mailing to delegates, which some of you will not see pre-convention, is about saving California and Illinois ballot access. It’s a demonstration of the sort of thing our national party should be doing to do politics. I have papermail addresses, not emails, and only some phone numbers, so the lines of contact have to be a bit different.

    Proposition 14 will kill our California Party, and if elected Chair I’ll put a maximum party effort into stopping that disaster. In the available time, that’s not going to be a lot. We only have until June 8. (And we’ll save Illinois, too.) Then we’ll use bottom up and top down organizing to get strong parties in all 50 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam.


    California Go to Read all about the proposition. There’s one primary ballot for all candidates, and only two candidates pass on from the primary to the general election. That’s right. Republicans and Democrats will get to vote on Libertarian candidates, and vote all of them off the November Ballot.

    What can you do? Here are some choices.

    One: The LPCA is organizing a phone bank.. They’re desperate for more callers. Debbie Tharp writes: You can help by contacting Beau Cain at . This is a very organized effort. We have a call center and professional scripts. We have to call 60,000 voters by June 8th so every phone call helps!

    I’ve already sent this message to all my Facebook friends, and you should do the same. Then go to the LPCA phone bank.

    Two: Go back to They have a donate button. Give.

    Three: Almost every newspaper in California takes letters to the editor. Most newspaper web sites let you comment on news stories. Write letters. Make comments. Proposition 14 is UnAmerican. It’s opposed by every significant political party. It will turn much of California into a 1-party state.

    Four: Go to your Facebook page. Go to the extreme bottom. Click on “advertisements” It will cost you some money, but with even a couple of dollars you can run your own facebook ads. Your targets are “California” and “Over 18”. Point the ads at “StopTopTwo.Com. Those of you who understand Google Adwards should consider trying there, too.

    At least one ad has been approved. Those of you in California have a slight chance of seeing it, because there are a fair number of Facebook users in California.

  8. I agree, TO IDIOT #3

    HEY IDIOT #3 leave the USA, go to Iran I am sure you will be very happy there. You don’t belong on this blog.

  9. June

    Here is the info from the non-Libertarian ads creator on where and (roughly) when the Green and P&F ads will run. I do not know of any time actually booked on the airwaves for the Libertarian ad above.

    Waiting for the logs, but PF party spots will appear in the
    SF zone, Berkeley zone, Contra Costa zone, Sacramento zone
    this coming week, through Friday. And in the Hollywood LA zone
    May 31-June 7. About 450 times ($11 a spot) for CNN, Headline
    News, and MNBC.

    The Green spot will appear in the SF zone, Hayward/Oakland
    zone and Sacramento zone this coming week, through Friday. And
    in the LA Santa Monica etc zone May 31-June 7. About 300 times
    ($11 a spot) for CNN, Headline News, and MNBC.

    I will supply the exact times and stations shortly.

  10. Prop 14 Supporter

    Robert Milnes, the Committee of United Peoples for Prop 14 will endorse PLAS if you endorse Prop 14.
    PLAS is a much likelier to succeed in this kind of primary situation.

    I am a well-known troll from this blog who disappeared last year. My IP address won’t show it because I’ve moved since then. But there are clues in my posts.

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