Local Paper Profiles Mary Starrett

Mary Starrett is the former Communications Director of the Constitution Party who is now running for Yamhill County Commissioner in Oregon against a two-term incumbent. The Yamhill Valley News Register has published an interesting profile of both Mary Starrett and her campaign.

A former TV newscaster and TV and radio talk show host, Starrett launched into the talking points she’s been using in her campaign to unseat two-term incumbent Mary Stern.

She said Stern had supported a local tax levy to fight the methamphetamine problem several years ago, and went on to support the statewide Measure 66 and 67 income tax hikes in January.

That’s as far as she got. And it was as far as she needed to get.

“Oh, you got it,” Taylor said, standing up. “I’m sold.”

Starrett hit all the right notes with the conservative Tea Party protesters as she made the rounds soliciting votes. She took aim by turns at taxes, big government, incumbents, abortion, gun control and regulation – all frustrations she shared with most of those out for the rally.

Distrust of government runs deep in the Tea Party movement. That suits Starrett just fine, because it also runs deep in her libertarian-leaning Constitution Party.

Starrett’s campaign website can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Local Paper Profiles Mary Starrett

  1. Peter Gemma

    I admire her for targeting a local office instead of a sexy-looking/sounding campaign for Congress or US Senate. It’s much harder to make the case for alternative public policy initiatives at the local level, but it’s a much needed effort – credible 3rd party candidates have a better shot of actually being herd and even being elected when running for local office.

  2. C James Madison

    #1- Agreed. A foundation must be built from local up to national. There are plenty of “famous” people who wanted to be president but perhaps would have had more of an impact had they run for a smaller office (Steve Forbes, Gary Bauer, Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot). Kudos to Mary for starting at the local level!

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