Mary Starrett Headed for Recount, Losing by 13 Votes

The former Communication Director of the Constitution Party, Mary Starrett, has been running for Yamhill County Commissioner in Yamhill County, Oregon. Her race took place on Tuesday, May 18th. Early results indicate that out of over 20,000 votes, Mary Starrett is behind by a mere 13 votes. There will be a recount.

The majority of Yamhill County voters appear to have backed incumbents for Yamhill County commissioner in the Tuesday election … though in one race, it may be too early to tell.
While incumbent Kathy George won outright against challenger Kris Bledsoe, the other race, between incumbent Mary Stern and challenger Mary Starrett, will likely head for a recount.
In what could be termed the ‘battle of the Marys,’ the results are still too close to call. Unofficial results show Stern, who is seeking a third and final term, beating former television personality Starrett by a razor-thin margin of 13 votes. The tally currently stands at 10,843 to 10,830, but Yamhill County Clerk Rebekah Stern Doll (no relation to Mary Stern) said it will take several days for the ballots voters dropped in other counties to come in and possibly decided the race.
Unless the margin widens, state law will require a recount of the ballots.

During her run Starrett attracted considerable tea party support and was considered the insurgent tea party candidate.

7 thoughts on “Mary Starrett Headed for Recount, Losing by 13 Votes

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    Yes, non-partisan. However, everyone knew Stern was the GOP candidate and Mary was the CP/Tea Party candidate.

  2. Peter Gemma

    I’d rather lose by 1000 votes than 13 – what a heartbreaker … she did a magnificent job win or lose.

  3. Larry Breazeale

    “WE”, in the NATIONAL VETERANS COALITION of the Constitution party, wish Mary well! She has our complete endorsement of course! Mary is with THE ONLY REAL “ULTIMATE” TEA PARTY…Constitution party. Courtesy: Larry Breazeale, Nat. Chrm. NVC/CP, Chrm. Orange County Central Committee-American Independent Party (Calif.)

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