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Mike Gravel talks about Palin, his new TV show, pot and more on The Young Turks

On April 30, Mike Gravel – who was a contender for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination in 2008 – took part in an interview on the online news show The Young Turks.  Much of the interview focused on a television show Gravel is working to produce called “I Like Mike.”  According to Gravel, it will be a satire with the premise that he has been elected president and the direct democracy which he advocates for has been implemented.

At the conclusion of the interview, Gravel and the host talked very candidly about smoking marijuana.  Gravel said that he used to do it but never got a high, although he did once have “laced” brownies and he enjoyed them.


  1. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes May 3, 2010

    I believe Gravel chose to try for the LP nomination as opposed to the GP nomination upon failure to get the dem. nomination because of the Ron Paul phenomenon. The idea being to glom onto or feed into the contribution success & build a successful candidacy. I doubt if Grave understood the Ron Paul phenomenon enough to realize that would not happen. Despite their unconventional sage old man appearance in common. & I’m sure very few recognized to possibility of a successful fusion ticket by the LP were it to select Gravel/Ruwart.
    2012 is shaping up to be another loser for the progressives & libertarians. The stage will be set in 2010 for the LP & GP to lose. & perpetuate that in 2012. The coincidental centennial of TR’s Progressive Party run in 1912 presents a possible venue to try again & succeed, but this opportunity will be wasted. Just like Gravel/Ruwart was wasted. In favor of some rightist morons-Barr/Root. Root also is proceeding like Paul for a do-over. They certainly do not have to worry about getting ZERO contributions. Quite the contrary.
    The pattern is already playing out. Root will win the LNC Chair. I will not even be there. Paul will proceed to pursue his do-over & siphon off a lot of libertarian wherewithall from the more genuine Libertarian candidates. Gravel will not try for the GP nomination or the LP nomination. He has declared to be out of politics except for promoting NI4D, a progressive concept.
    I’d like to take a crack at this awful situation. But without support I can do little. I’m not a billionaire & even they fail. I’m only one person; broke & depressed. To me the situation is depressing & I am depressed i.e. normal. Without a movement, the dem/rep duopoly will perpetuate. It is very strong. So, all you progressives & radical anarchist libertarian-you are screwed. My fate is your fate & I am screwed. So have fun at the conventions & good luck & pass the lube losers.

  2. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes May 3, 2010

    Gary Dirkins, agreed. The real tell was when Kennedy endorsed Obama. You KNOW he put a LOT of consideration into that & wouldn’t have unless he was absolutely convinced he was a liberal democrat. Kennedy couldn’t risk endorsing someone who turned out to be a leftist. & it is a close call. & people can change. AND of course a genuine leftist/progressive will not get much support in the democratic party. There are strong filters in place. A general rule is the farther left>progressive>anarchist and the farther right>libertarian>anarchist, the less support a candidate gets. Another case in point-Ron Paul & me. Ron paul is slowly gauged on the political spectrum as a constitutional theocrat/dixiecrat conservative. He is chameleon-like, finding a niche in the GOP. & he ws a contribution success. & he is running again in 2012 clearly not able to win the GOP nomination; not even a single primary. But why not run again. A do-over of a 35 million money magnet for counterrevolutionary causes & candidates. v. me. from the extreme left & flirting with the extreme right-libertarian anarchism. ZERO contributions.

  3. Gary Dirkins Gary Dirkins May 3, 2010

    Gravel is a truth-telling brotha from another mutha. Gravel represented real “change.” Obama was the same ole status quo corporate claptrap.

  4. Michael G. Ravel Michael G. Ravel May 3, 2010

    Oh bummers! 🙁

    Just heard it’s only going to be on Anchorage Public Access for the first season. Crossing my fingers it may be available for download on iTunes, too, though!

  5. Michael G. Ravel Michael G. Ravel May 3, 2010

    According to Gravel, it will be a satire with the premise that he has been elected president and the direct democracy which he advocates for has been implemented.

    Sounds like an uproarious good time filled with lots of hijinx and hilarity! “The Office” better watch out – I smell a hit!

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