Peace and Freedom Party: Protest Prop 14 on May 18 and May 24

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Stop Top Two campaign

Join us on May 18 and May 24! Peace and Freedom Party members will join with demonstrators
from all of the other five ballot qualified parties (Green, Libertarian, American
Independent, Democratic, and Republican) and independents (people
registered Decline to State) at two times and places

Tuesday, May 18 in Los Angeles

When: 5:30pm (one hour before fundraiser starts)
Where: Gov. Schwarzenegger’s home in Brentwood – Chalon
Road immediately east of Mandeville Canyon Road (contact us for details)

What: fund raising event organized by Gov. Schwarzenegger to support Prop 14
Contact: Los Angeles County Peace and Freedom Party at 323-960-5036

Monday, May 24 in Sacramento

When: 4:30PM (one hour before fundraiser starts)

Where: MIX Downtown, 1525 L Street, Sacramento
What: fund raising event
organized by Gov. Schwarzenegger to support Prop 14 (minimum contribution
Contact: Sacramento County Peace and Freedom Party at 916-422-5395

This is a David and Goliath story. Our few thousand
dollars against their millions of dollars. The Governor is throwing everything
he has in support of a proposition that will reduce your choices in future
general elections from six, maybe seven if an independent qualifies, to only
two candidates. The general election is much larger and much more important
than the smaller, less significant primary election. Everyone needs to be

For more information, see this Free and Equal Elections Foundation press release

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5 thoughts on “Peace and Freedom Party: Protest Prop 14 on May 18 and May 24

  1. paulie Post author

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the leading proponent of California’s Proposition 14, the top-two primary ballot measure. He is hosting a dinner at his home in Los Angeles on the evening of May 18, Tuesday. The event is for the purpose of raising money to promote Proposition 14. Tickets to the dinner at his home are $100,000 per couple. The home is in the Brentwood neighborhood of west Los Angeles.

    Minor party activists, and also major party activists, are planning to gather as near the site as they are permitted to be, with leaflets and signs expressing opposition to Proposition 14. See this story at the Free and Equal web page.

    Check back to for updates. A sign-making event will be held Monday evening, May 17, 6:30 p.m., at the Peace & Freedom Party office at 2617 Hauser, in Los Angeles near Culver City. The demonstration itself starts at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 18. The fundraising dinner starts at 6:30 p.m.

    Governor Schwarzenegger has not generally shown concern for voting rights. He has repeatedly vetoed bills to enhance voting rights. Twice he vetoed the National Popular Vote Plan bill. He also vetoed a bill to provide that the intent of the voter should control, when a voter casts a write-in vote, so that such votes would count even if the voter didn’t know to “X” the box next to the name written in. He also vetoed a bill to let general law cities and counties use Instant Runoff Voting for their own elections if they wish.

  2. paulie Post author

    f & e press release

    Christina Tobin
    Founder and Chair
    The Free and Equal Elections Foundation
    (415) 599-5222
    Free & Equal Logo


    Voters from All Six Qualified Political Parties to Hold Press Conference and Anti-Proposition 14 Protest on Tuesday


    A press conference uniting leaders and voters across the political spectrum will be held in Los Angeles. Speakers will discuss their opposition to Proposition 14, the Top Two Primaries Act.

    Gov. Schwarzenegger and Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado are marketing Proposition 14, the Top Two Primaries Act, as a win for democracy. Proposition 14 would end democracy in California. Prop 14 is a scheme, largely funded by insurance companies and other big businesses who are generally not friends of consumers:


    Following the press conference, a protest will be held outside Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s $50,000 per ticket, Proposition 14 fundraiser at his home:


    A second protest will be held on Monday, May 24 in Sacramento at MIX Downtown, the location of another Gov. Schwarzenegger-sponsored Proposition 14 fundraiser.

    Christina Tobin’s – Vote No on Proposition 14 committee launched

    to educate California voters about how Top Two would damage democracy in California.


    Los Angeles press conference: Tuesday, May 18, 2:00 p.m.
    Los Angeles fundraiser: Tuesday, May 18, 6:30 p.m.
    Protesters will arrive one hour before the fundraiser.


    Los Angeles press conference: Libertarian Party office, 14547 Titus Street, Suite 214, Panorama City
    Los Angeles fundraiser: Gov. Schwarzenegger’s home – Chalon Road immediately east of Mandeville Canyon Road


    American Independent: Mark Seidenberg – AIP state vice chairman
    Democratic: TBD
    Green: Mike Feinstein – Green Party national co-chair, former mayor of Santa Monica
    Libertarian: Christina Tobin – candidate for California secretary of state, founder and chair of Free and Equal Elections Foundation
    Peace and Freedom: Kevin Akin – Peace and Freedom state chair
    Republican: Steve Baric – Republican Party secretary, election law attorney

    Protesters will represent voters affiliated with all six qualified parties (American Independent, Democratic, Green, Libertarian, Peace and Freedom, and Republican), as well as independents.

  3. Spin, spin, spin, spin .......... Lake

    Reminds me of Citizens For A Better Veterans Home and other grass roots groups protesting [DOOMED!] California’s re-elected Governor Gray Davis before his January First 2003 inauguration.

    The establishment officials were laughing at us —- but nervously. Protests at remote Los Angeles County locations AFTER the election were just not ‘de rigor’. Neither was recalled governors, with only a 1921 mid west event as a presendent.

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