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Prognosticators Suggest Constitution Party of Oregon Will Have Effect On Statewide Elections

In Oregon’s governor’s race there Constitution Party in 2006 scored around 50,000 votes, or 3.6%, with Mary Starrett at the helm. In the US Senate race in 2008, the Constitution Party candidate–Dave Brownlow–racked up over 92,000 votes for a total of 5.24%. This track record has lead some prognosticators to suggest that the Constitution Party of Oregon will have a major effect on the outcome of November’s statewide elections.

Lunch said other candidates could emerge, such as Portland lawyer John DiLorenzo, who as a lobbyist has business clients and has worked closely with Republicans in the past. DiLorenzo would have to gather signatures to qualify as an independent candidate.Or, because Dudley favors abortion rights, a candidate opposed to them could draw votes. Mary Starrett filled that role as the Constitution Party nominee in 2006, winning 50,000 votes, 3.6 percent of the total cast — although they still would not have been enough for Republican Ron Saxton to overcome Democratic Gov. Ted Kulongoski.

Starrett trailed by 13 votes in a nonpartisan race for Yamhill County commissioner that will trigger an automatic recount. She disavowed another run for statewide office.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s her or somebody else,” Lunch said. “The Constitution Party’s track record in statewide races in recent elections is about 4 or 5 percent. With a pro-choice Republican candidate in place, the Constitution Party’s numbers go up a little bit. Leaving aside DiLorenzo, the presence of a Constitution Party candidate on the ballot is a real problem for Republicans.”

It is not yet known who might run for US Senate or for Governor with the Constitution Party of Oregon.


  1. rightwinger rightwinger June 10, 2010

    Proposition 14 will ensure that the two richest Democrats will now vie for all state elective seats. Like all our liberty, CA has just eliminated any chance for any type of freely contested elections to ever occur in CA again. They have sucessfully killed the 3rd parties in CA.

    The next step will be to eliminate voting all together. I’m sure comrade Moonbeam will help facilitate that!

  2. rightwinger rightwinger June 10, 2010

    So Lakehate, have you ever posted anything positive regarding anything at all? Or are you just another crap-slinger with an IQ about room temperature like you sound?

  3. paulie paulie May 27, 2010

    Nice spin.

    However, not being on the ballot in November means alternative parties and independents will be ignored far more. It also means they will have a massive hurdle to overcome to even get a presidential candidate on the ballot, and their party names will NEVER appear on the ballot (or voter registration form, unless they have “independent” as part of their party name or conduct a massive and very expensive voter registration drive).

    Is the former Washington State Green Party chair still a Green? I get the impression she may be a Democrat now?

    NO ON 14/”88″!

  4. I for one do not have much of a clue……………..

    Proposition 14, California’s “top two” open primaries referendum.

    If you donate $100 or more, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar!

    PROPOSITION 14: You can help enact historic reform on June 8th!


    We write today to ask for your special support.

    On Tuesday, June 8th, the voters of California have the opportunity to enact a significant political reform: PROPOSITION 14.

    If passed, Proposition 14 would replace partisan, “members only” primaries with a new system where all the candidates face off in a first round primary, and all the voters–including California’s 3.4 million registered independents–participate and vote for whomever they choose.

    We are reaching out to you because you can–whether or not you live in California–make a significant contribution to this important effort.

    While the leadership of the California Democratic and Republican Parties are opposed to Proposition 14, some of the most vocal critics are to be found in the third party movement. They equate the right to cast protest votes in November with voter choice, and ignore the fact that third party and independent candidates have done much better when primaries and elections are non-partisan, as the former Chair of the Washington State Green Party explains.

    The voters are positively inclined towards Proposition 14. A recent poll the Public Policy Institute of California shows that 56% of Californian’s support open primaries, 27% oppose it, with 17% undecided.

    But here’s the Catch-22. Proposition 14 is on the ballot on Primary Day, when most independent voters stay home.

  5. The national Constitution Party IS NOT the 3rd largest political party in the USA! And there is no California Constitution Party.

    So, in California, with the American Independent Party, it is yet ANOTHER disappoint with Chelene Ward Nightingale!

    Per and “expectation of attendance was that there would have been more people than last year.

    This was due to the lineup of speakers, the growth of the movement and the location, being in a stadium rather than a park, such as last year.

    However, attendance was obviously down, probably half of last year, which was a disappointment ……….”

    Yes, yes, yes, it only a small hand full of malcontents not happy with Chelene Ward Nightingale / every one else is happy, happy, happy ——— not!

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