PSL: Seize BP activists unfurl massive banner near BP oil refinery

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By: Seize BP Campaign

Long Beach, Calif.

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Photo:Jessica Bardales

In Long Beach, Calif., activists from the Seize BP campaign held a giant, 50-foot-long banner that read “Seize BP!” from an overpass over Interstate 405 during rush-hour traffic.

The May 20 action essentially stopped traffic, greeted with supportive honks, cheers, and raised fists by thousands of workers who read it as they drove home. The spot is very close to BP’s main oil refinery in Southern California.

BP’s criminal negligence led to the death of 11 workers, unemployment for thousands in the Gulf Coast who depend on the fishing and other industries, as well as environmental destruction of possibly catastrophic proportions.

Seize BP will continue to take action to demand that BP’s assets be seized in order to clean up the environmental catastrophe they have created and to fully compensate the working-class families whose lives have been affected by this capitalist-made disaster.

4 thoughts on “PSL: Seize BP activists unfurl massive banner near BP oil refinery

  1. Hong Kong Avenger

    Yes, down with BP those Brits did this on purpose! They are still mad that American won independence, won the War of 1812, and bailed out Britain during WW1 and WW2. Why did America let these damn Brits drill their oil in the first place? You guys should seize all British ass sets on American soil.
    – Fu King Lee
    Head of the Kuo King Khan (The world’s first Asian Supremacist Club) Long Lost Cousin of Don Lake

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