Root Endorsement from LNC Rep

Email from Wayne Root to

“For years the Libertarian Party has had the best ideas- we have the answers that will bring senseless wars to a stop, restore our civil liberties, eliminate our deficit and debt, and allow our economy the freedom to provide opportunity for all those who seek it. But for years the Libertarian Party has been held back by a marketing style that too often makes people run screaming in the other direction and a culture of senseless infighting that fails to appreciate the value that a variety of viewpoints bring to the table.

With Wayne Root and Mark Rutherford we finally have a CEO team that can break with that self destructive past, get our positive message the national attention that these ideas deserve, and put the organization in place to take advantage of the spotlight. This is our time. In fact, this might be our last window of opportunity. America desperately needs the LP. And the LP desperately needs Root/Rutherford.”

-Rebecca Sink-Burris

LNC Region 3 Representative, 2 years as Rep, 2 years as Alternate

LP of Indiana, Secretary, Vice-Chair

Libertarian since early 70’s, Lifetime Member

Candidate for U.S. Senate

Candidate for LNC At-Large

3 thoughts on “Root Endorsement from LNC Rep

  1. Tony DiMare

    Wayne Root looks good from a distance but peel away the first layer and what you see are a man with many flaws and a past that would never pass even the smell test.

  2. LP watcher

    Tell us more Tony. When did you meet Root and find this out about him.

  3. Tony DiMare

    I have never had the misfortune of meeting Wayne Root but have studied him, his speeches and his past business practices in depth. While he is polished to some degree there are many things that are evident if you study every facet of his speeches past business failures. He profitted from these businesses for a long time but his clients and investors were left holding the bag. Wayne Root is not the guy we want as our front man.

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