Root Libertarian Book To be Released as Paperback Edition

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Root Libertarian Book To be Released as Paperback Edition by Publisher John Wiley & Sons in December 2010

Wayne Allyn Root’s classic Libertarian book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts” has been ranked as the #1 book in the category of “Libertarian Books” for 11 consecutive months at Amazon. The publisher John Wiley & Sons has just decided to publish a paperback edition for release in December 2010.

Root, the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, and now a candidate for National Chairman of the Libertarian Party, America’s most successful third party since 1971, has become a Libertarian media sensation with a regular guest role at FOX News, and guest appearances on TV and radio networks across the country. Libertarian Tea Party leaders and celebrities like Root, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Glenn Beck, Jon Stossel, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Neil Cavuto, and Peter Schiff are dominating the political and entertainment worlds like never before in the midst of economic crisis, social upheaval, and political turmoil.

Root said of the paperback announcement, “I am honored and thrilled to continue working alongside my friends at John Wiley & Sons. What we are facing is unprecedented: Bush and Obama both seen as dramatic disappointments; Obama’s poll ratings at all time lows; the stock market collapsing; the economy in freefall; small business in full crisis mode; and unsustainable debt threatening to destroy the quality of life of our children and grandchildren. This turmoil has brought about the Citizen Revolution predicted in my book. I think it is clear we must stop the insanity. The time has come for an alternative to the 2-party political monopoly in America. It is the 2 major parties that have brought us to the brink of economic Armageddon. My book is filled with 350 pages of solutions to the severe problems we are facing. These problems can only be blamed on the two major parties in power. We’ve tried the ideas of big government Nanny State Republicans and the socialist “redistribute the wealth” Democrats. Now it’s time to try a third way- the Libertarian alternative. The ideas outlined in this book will produce both economic and personal freedom. I hope to put this paperback edition in the hands of every American who is turned off by the disastrous results, lies and corruption of both major parties.”

To learn more about Wayne Allyn Root or his book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian” please go to:

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  1. Andrew

    Should his conscience be your guide? (Review of Wayne Allyn Root’s book by Mary Ruwart)

    Ernest Hancock vs. Wayne Allyn Root – LNC Chair Debate – Michigan

    December 2009 at the FreedomSummit Judge John Buttrick shares his opinion about the National Libertarian Party’s future.


    (Review of Wayne Allyn Root’s book by Mary Ruwart)


    This book might be more honestly titled “Conscience of a Conservative II” or even “Conscience of a Constitutionalist.” Chapter 2, “The Libertarian Model,” opens with Ronald Reagan’s quote “Libertarianism is the very heart and soul of conservatism.” The author then describes the history of the New York State Conservative Party which his parents supported; he tells us that he wants to reintroduce the principles espoused by Republican conservative Barry Goldwater. No mention is made of any libertarian economist or Libertarian Party (LP) member. The uninformed reader cannot help but come away with the impression that “libertarian” is another name for “conservative.”
    On page 24, Mr. Root goes on to say “As a Libertarian, I believe that social and personal freedom issues are quite simply States’ Rights’ issues. … Voters should decide these issues on the state and local level.” Root’s position is that of a Constitutionalist, not a Libertarian. Libertarians believe that social and personal freedom issues are individual rights. However, since Mr. Root never refers to the non-aggression principle anywhere in his book, naïve readers are unlikely to learn of this distinction.

    Liberals will almost certainly come away with the impression that they are unwelcome in the Libertarian Party. While the author criticizes both Democrats and Republicans, he has nothing but praise for conservatives and offensive comments, almost to the level of “hate speech,” for liberals.

    Indeed, Root chokes on the popular slogan “Libertarians are fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” He insists on saying that libertarians are “socially tolerant” instead. Since Conscience was originally conceived as a campaign book, why would the author, the LP’s 2008 Libertarian VP nominee, insist on alienating liberals, who constitute almost half of the voting populace, especially when the LP has the solutions to poverty, pollution, and health care that they seek?

    The answer to this question may lie in how the author apparently sees himself: as a conservative first, and Libertarian second. He usually styles himself as a “Libertarian conservative” (page 60), even though libertarianism is generally considered “beyond right and left.” Mr. Root apparently wants to redefine what it means to be a libertarian.

    Indeed, Mr. Root can’t seem to get the words out when stating standard LP positions, like ending the Drug War. He tells us that we must “reposition” the war on drugs instead (page 225).

    Similarly, although telling readers he wants smaller government, the author’s proposed solutions often do just the opposite. He wants to increase the number of Congressional representatives from 435 members to almost 3,000 (pages 201-203). Mr. Root also wants to pay this gargantuan Congress CEO-level salaries ($500,000-$1,000,000 per year) “so they do not feel desperate to sell out their constituents in order to support their families” (page 202). Will paying more to those who steal our liberties and our money really stop them—or encourage them?

    Why not simply make it illegal for Congress to pass laws favoring one group over another, like taking from Peter to give to Paul? That would be the Libertarian solution, but our former VP candidate shows little awareness of it.

    Mr. Root continues: “The people who make our laws are very important people. We should try to pay them enough to attract the best and brightest (page 202).” Since virtually every law Congress passes violates our individual rights—and will continue to do so unless we place some truly libertarian restrictions on them—do we really want them to do it smarter and better?

    The author is undaunted by those who point out that the LP hasn’t yet elected anyone to major national office. Mr. Root counters that the LP has a great message, “but the missing ingredient up until now has been heart. I am Stella Root’s son. I am relentless. I have a bigger heart than a thousand candidates. More heart than all the others that came before me—combined… We have had plenty of intellect, plenty of brainpower, plenty of good ideas, but up until now, not enough heart” (page 347, emphasis in original).

    Judging from my three decades of observation, I would say that the LP has heart far beyond what any single person can bring to it. The Natural Law Party, with better funding and more political connections than the LP, threw in the towel years ago. The Reform Party, with taxpayer money and a more mainstream message, has self-destructed. Recently, when National Chair Bill Redpath approached the Constitution and the Green Parties for ballot access help, he learned that both of these groups could barely keep their doors open.

    Unlike the Greens, we receive no special interest funding. Unlike the Reform Party, we’ve never accepted matching funds. Unlike the Natural Law Party, we don’t have donors with deep pockets. Unlike the Constitution Party, we didn’t get Ron Paul’s endorsement. How is it that the LP, with the most radical message of all, is the only third party that is a recognized threat to the establishment, standing tall when other Parties are on their way to oblivion?

    The dedication of thousands of LP members make up the Party’s heart, which beats more powerfully than that of any individual. Many of our seasoned activists forgo the high pay they could get in the private sector to volunteer their time to gather ballot access signatures, run full-time campaigns, staff our state and national organizations, or spread the good news of liberty through their writing. Others donate their hard-earned money to help support the national office or their state parties. Many of our members have given, not just for a single year or two like the author has, but for decades, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The dedication and relentlessness of thousands of LP supporters have created the pulpit on which Mr. Root now stands; he abuses it when he belittles their contributions with grandiose and unsupported self-aggrandizement.

    Mr. Root’s dismissal of his LP predecessors is apparent in statements like “I’m the only politician in history who wants to make my office less important” (page xxviii). Every LP presidential ticket has vowed to shrink the power of their offices, but the author appears oblivious. He also claims to be “… the first candidate to run for president who has the same worries of a typical U.S. voter and taxpayer” (page 99), a patently false statement given his LP predecessors. On page 64, the author claims that he and Barr “attracted a record number of new LP members,” when that honor belongs to two-time presidential nominee, Harry Browne.

    Truth may not be that important to Root, though. On p. 249, he states “I understand that in the end, all that matters is winning. All the principles in the world gain you nothing, if you’re not in power to institute them. So winning really is everything…” We’ve heard this argument from the mouth of tyrants everywhere: the ends justify the means.

    Is this the conscience of a libertarian?

    Dr. Mary Ruwart currently serves as an At-large Representative of the Libertarian National Committee. You can contact Dr. Ruwart at

  2. George Whitfield

    As a Life Member of the Libertarian Party, I think Wayne Allyn Root’s book is effective and entertaining to read. Although I don’t agree with every position he states (which would also apply to every other author), I do think it is an excellent outreach tool. I am glad it is going to be in a paperback version as I give them to new attendees at our Libertarian Party Meetup Group. Thank you, Mr. Root and best wishes to you.

  3. wolfefan

    Is this the third time the Ruwart review has been posted in it’s entirety, or the fourth? It’s kind of like some of the CP/AIP threads where the same people post the same insults and the same arguments and call each other the same names time after time after time for over a year. Whatever the merits of any of the arguments, they do not grow more meritorious with constant repetition. Just my opinion – YMMV.

  4. Root is a Bore

    Wayne Allyn Root’s classic Libertarian book,

    Isn’t it a little early to call his book a “classic.”

    This is a minor, yet typical, example of why Root is so annoying. His constant, over-the-top self-promotion.

    He can’t just announce that his book is soon to be released in paperback, and give “just the facts.” (Sales figures, reviews, etc.) He has to overreach with his usual hyperbolic bragging.

  5. paulie Post author

    Is this the third time the Ruwart review has been posted in it’s entirety, or the fourth? It’s kind of like some of the CP/AIP threads where the same people post the same insults and the same arguments and call each other the same names time after time after time for over a year. Whatever the merits of any of the arguments, they do not grow more meritorious with constant repetition. Just my opinion – YMMV.

    I agree. I don’t know if Ernie is endorsing this tactic (appears to be just one Ernie supporter that’s doing it), but it’s not making me more likely to vote for Ernie, and I’m not someone who is inclined to vote for Wayne for chair. What makes it even more annoying that IPR already posted Mary’s review of Wayne’s book (as well as several other reviews), the article was extensively discussed, and the comments on it remain open if anyone wants to reopen that discussion.

  6. Galileo Galilei

    Root’s book is opretty good. I wsh people woulf stop bitching about Root. His book was stacked up inside of Barnes & Noble, whcih is a good thing.

  7. Don Lake and Citizens For A Better Veterans Home wonders .....

    well ………….. “kind of like some of the CP/AIP threads where the same people post the same insults and the same arguments”

    ” and call each other the same names time after time after time for over a year. ”

    “Whatever the merits of any of the arguments, they do not grow more meritorious with constant repetition.”

    Just my opinion – YMMV.


    INDEPENDENT Political Report, a service to a community of (supposely) anti Democans and anti Republicrats patriots, thirsting, hungry, deserate for change!

    IPR refuses / refused to up date the 2009 Nightmare Nightingale blog where she announces her flawed, faulty, disengenuous run for California Governor!

    “paulie” [like Cher, using only his first name …..] claims that ‘it is not the most viewed string’ (or words to that affect) on IPR. Well it is creeping up toward 450!

    ‘the same people post the same ………. arguments ………. time after time for over a year ……….” And yet, in addition, as predicted, all kinds of new posters appeared on the run up to the primary!

    “paulie” and other moderators, such as pro Quirk, pro Nightmare Nightingale, pro Grundmann, Trent Hill and grossly biased Cody Quirk, have been called upon to merely update the official propaganda with THE TRUTH!

    Not patisan, intra party, differences of opinion, but the raw, unvarished, documented truth!

    No longer director of ‘Save Our State’! Spot lighted and ‘red lined’ by the official state elections office! CONVICTED as a fraud defendant!

    “……… Whatever the merits of any of the arguments, [W. A. R. and or Nightmare Nightingale ??????????] they do not grow more meritorious with constant repetition …..”

    Fact, I am not a moderator at IPR, and yet when I complain that such folks, supposedly earnst while volunteers, are not always (OFTEN) by lined, I get emotionally ‘jumped upon’ (and lied to)!

    So who did post this repeated Lib/ Root/ GOP/ conservative initial article ??????? I can not tell, but it was not Lake or Citizens For A Better Veterans Home.

    Fact: IF it was Cody Quirk, then it is behavior that has gone on since the bad ole Austin Powers, Steven Gigar, and Bob Barr days of ‘Third Party Watch’! Why is this oldest living eleven year old allowed to publish with out a bi line ?????

    “Whatever the merits of any of the arguments, they do not grow more meritorious with constant repetition. ”

    Just not the up dated story. The first person eye witnessed and ear witnessed, and multiple documentation truth! Hmmmmmm . Think that might have some thing to do with the formula of failure ?????

    Speaking of failure. The IPR crew crow about the reach of INDEPENDENT Political Report. Yet a non up dated site which might have been viewed by thousands of potential June 8th, 2010, voters tells only the July 2009 [partial, incomplete, truncated] story.

    Nightmare Nightingale won the walk in vote. Seems like the 2010 slogan for IPR is ‘Ignorance is bliss’ ?????????

    Hopefully that Chelene Ward Nightingale will not be on the California AIP ballot on November’s General Election. If ‘the people have spoken’ then it was thru ignorance and manipulation, including neglect on the part of IPR!

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