Socialists Join May Day Demos

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Socialist Party USA members took part in May Day protests all across the United States. All major US cities saw protest, many of which centered around demands for justice for immigrant workers. Below are some photos from SP-USA participants who kept the tradition of socialist organizing on May Day alive!

The Central Virginia Local of the Socialist Party worked hard to build the May Day March in Richmond, Virginia. A last-minute email campaign won the right to march in the street!

The Socialist Party of New Jersey joined the Take Back Trenton Coalition to march against the budget cuts. SP-USA National Secretary Greg Pason was a featured speaker.

The Socialist Party of Michigan marched in the May Day Demo. Next up, the US Social Forum!

The NYC Local of the Socialist Party USA participated in an Immigrants Rights Rally in historic Union Square. Larry Rockwood may have found some new recruits!:

Socialist Party USA literature was everywhere on May Day!

Video from Central Virginia’s workshop on May Day:

MayDayRVA – Democratic Roads to Socialism – Socialist Party of Central Virginia – May 1, 2010 from Silver Persinger on Vimeo.


One thought on “Socialists Join May Day Demos

  1. Socialist Party Capitalist

    Thanks for the great Socialist Party story.

    The capitalist faction of the Socialist Party is growing daily, and is headed toward major election victories this fall.
    Arlen Specter might join the Socialist Party, and run for President in 2012 with Don Grundman as his running mate.
    The peace-loving peoples of the Socialist Capitalist United States of America would be well-served by such a grand alliance.

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