Texas Libertarian State Board of Education Candidate Amie Parsons Assaulted by State Trooper at Rally

Press release from LPTX sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com. Also at TPID and The Examiner.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – May 19, 2010 — State Board of Education candidate Amie Parsons was assaulted by a Texas State Trooper during a campaign appearance at the Travis State Office Building on Congress St.

“He grabbed my arm, and shoved me,” Amie Parsons said. “We were holding signs near the State Board of Education meeting room because they would not allow me inside.”

Parsons is running as a Libertarian for State Board of Education District #12 which represents Dallas and Rockwall county. The State Board of Education is meeting today to vote on the controversial new standards for Texas textbooks which excludes any mention of minor political parties or candidates such as Ross Perot and reduces the roles of Enlightenment figures such as Thomas Jefferson. The new standards add phrases such as the 1994 “Republican Revolution”.

“The new standards are politically biased towards conservatives and the Republican Party,” said LPT Executive Director Robert Butler.

“There is no excuse for a state trooper to use brute force against a candidate peacefully attending a rally to her express her beliefs and promote her campaign,” said Butler. “I phoned Sgt. Huber of the Dept.of Public Safety to express my concern about this incident and to encourage a full and complete investigation.”

Photos available at http://lptexas.org


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4 thoughts on “Texas Libertarian State Board of Education Candidate Amie Parsons Assaulted by State Trooper at Rally

  1. Grab the barf bag ????????? .......... Lake

    Wasn’t it a public event when Congress Crapper and Veterans Blow Hard Bobby Filner called the cops on me in a PUBLIC Chula Vista park ????????

    Wasn’t it PRIVATE PROPERTY where two squad units visited my abode with out arrest warrants or search warrants ?????

    Sent packing, they were!

    We are not paranoid, they are all after us!

    One of my college teachers [says he] was an eye witness at a PEACE FULL fully advertised 1960s anti Viet nam rally, heavy on the Chicano activism.

    The 1968 style LAPD riot included tear gas, officers’ guns fired, no one officer injured, dozens of Chicanos injured, and one death.

    Out of thousands of participants only the event organizer (per the ’60 minutes style’ television special viewed on tape by the class) was killed.

    Oh, well, he was in the front lines and took a stray, unaimed bullet! Well no, as viewed in the VCR, he was chased into a nearby bar and died hiding and seeking shelter under neath a pool (billiards) table.

    Pogo, 1963: “We have found the enemy and he is us ………….” Walt Kelly, RIP

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