Bill Hillsman, famous for his Jesse Ventura ads, rumored to be working with Ill. Green gov. candidate

In a rumor that seems to have started at the Democratic blog MyDD, famous adman Bill Hillsman – who was one of the factors in Jesse Ventura’s third party victory in Minnesota and is said to be one of the best advertisers of all time – is said to be working for Rich Whitney’s Green campaign for governor in Illinois.  (You can see some of his ads here.)

Here is what Jerome Armstrong of MyDD actually said:

Adsman Bill Hillsman is working with Whitney this cycle, so we could see some very interesting ads show up.

And here is Progress Illinois’ take on it:

Via Carl Nyberg comes the news that Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney — who garnered nine percent support in the latest Public Policy Polling survey — is “working with” veteran media consultant Bill Hillsman.

On July 15, we’ll get a look at the gubernatorial candidates’ fundraising numbers for the first six months of this year.  It’ll be interesting to see how much Whitney has been able to raise, considering he reported collecting just $6,000 in the seven months prior to the February 2 primary and had only $2,000 on hand at the end of January.  Meanwhile, Hillman’s firm (North Woods Advertising) billed Democratic candidate Charlie Wheelan $68,000 in the lead-up to the 5th Congressional District special election primary in 2009.

8 thoughts on “Bill Hillsman, famous for his Jesse Ventura ads, rumored to be working with Ill. Green gov. candidate

  1. Vaughn

    How about IRV? I’d vote for the Green and make the Libertarians my second choice, if they didn’t the same.

  2. Green Party Conservative

    Thanks for Green Party story….

    and meanwhile down in Texas…

    The Texas Green Party …reported on by Dallas Morning news again tonight…

    Wayne Slater is on the story..

    Green Party cochair says she’s paying GOP attorney in petition case
    2:15 PM Thu, Jun 17, 2010

    Wayne Slater/Reporter

    Green Party cochair Christine Morshedi of Houston says she hired a top Republican lawyer to represent her in the Democrats’ lawsuit against the party. And she said she’s paying him, not the GOP. Republican lawyer Andy Taylor was hired by Morshedi as the Democratic Party has begun issuing subpoenas to find out who bankrolled a petition drive to put the Green Party on the November ballot. A Republican operative who spearheaded the drive won’t say and Green Party officials say they don’t know. The signatures to get on the ballot were collected and paid for by outside groups and given to the Texas Green Party as an inkind contribution. The effort could help Republican Rick Perry in the event the Green Party candidate for governor draws votes from Democrat Bill White.

  3. Green Party Conservative

    Colombian Green Party Candidate Mockus Deploys Obama-Style Street Art

    On Sunday, voters in Colombia will close out one of the most interesting free elections ever held in South America.

    photo by Tim Elfrink
    Supporters of Green Party candidate Antanas Mockus have left street art all over Cartagena.
    Last month, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and a huge push from young voters, a quirky Green Party candidate named Antanas Mockus came from nowhere to force the establishment ticket into a runoff vote for the presidency.
    I spent the last week in Cartagena, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast (including an “unscheduled” extra few days thanks to the Spirit Airline strike). In the mango-shaded parks dotting the colonial Old Town, the election is narrowly edging out the World Cup to dominate the old man debate circuit.

    But the most interesting sign of the election I saw around town was Mockus’ supporters guerilla street-art, which clearly echoes Shepard Fairey’s iconic work for Obama’s campaign

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