Eliot Cutler Polls 7% in Maine

Maine is one of the rare states in which there is a recent history of voting for third party candidate and independents. Eliot Cutler is an independent candidate for Governor of the Pine Tree State. Rasmussen recently polled the gubernatorial race in Maine and found that Cutler polled 7%.

The first Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the race finds LePage earning the support of 43% of Likely Voters in the state, while Democrat Libby Mitchell picks up 36% of the vote. Democrat-turned-independent Eliot Cutler trails with seven percent (7%). Fourteen percent (14%) are undecided.

Cutler was the Associate Director for Natural Resources, Energy and Science in the Office of Management and Budget in President Carter’s administration. He is currently a lawyer. If elected, he would be the third Independent Governor of Maine.

3 thoughts on “Eliot Cutler Polls 7% in Maine

  1. harry

    Damn; I like Cutler, but can’t vote for him if he’d get Lepage elected a la Ralph Nader:Dubya.
    OR: Maybe one term with a rightwing idiot monster shutting down welfare etc. might get us a real Democrat in 2016, vs. more Repo-Lite Centrist Dems.?

  2. john daley

    Cutler looks exactly like what we need across the country in office. He beliefs all scream “personal responsibility.” How can you not support that?

  3. Bob Rhodes

    When are you wonderful people in Maine going to decide who you are?

    As an outside observer from Texas, who enjoys visiting Me. and, especially the fish market in DT Portland and, the little theatre in Bar Mills, (not to mention your wonderful coastline and lighthouses), you guys are all over the place with your politics. I have never understood Collins or Snowe. They are both RINOs. Why would you continue to elect them, while knowing full well that they are going to vote as liberal dems? Is that just Maine? What am I missing here?

    Eliot talks about taking responsibility for yourself. What does that mean to your population?

    It is likely that I won’t hear from you but, I do care about your wonderful state.

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