Florida Tea Party: Grayson Poll Shows TEA Party “more popular than GOP” in CD8

Email from the Florida Tea Party to contact.ipr@gmail.com

Opposition polling shows the TEA Party “more popular than GOP candidates” in the CD8 race. Peg Dunmire is moving into position for a strong race against Grayson.

A new poll conducted last week has Congressman Alan Grayson continuing to hold a commanding lead in the Republican primary in Florida’s 8th Congressional District.

Grayson is, of course, a Democrat. Yet Grayson is far and away the leading choice for Congress among registered Republicans in FL-8. In fact, he has as much support among Republicans as his top three Republican opponents combined.

In the poll, Grayson won the support of 26.5% of registered Republicans, virtually the same figure as three months ago. None of Grayson’s seven Republican opponents scored higher than 11.2%. 41.8% of registered Republicans remain undecided.

Congressman Grayson is working to reach out to all voters in the District – regardless of political party – and, it’s clear our efforts are working. If you want to help us get the word out and support Rep. Grayson’s re-election campaign, sign up to volunteer now!

According to our poll, Republicans are giving Grayson high marks for his Constitution initiative. Almost half of all Republicans said that they were more likely to vote for Grayson because he passed a resolution urging high schools to teach the Constitution, and he had distributed tens of thousands of copies of the Constitution throughout the district.

The poll also showed that the Tea Party is more popular with Republicans than any of the Republican candidates. According to our poll, when asked which party they were most likely to support in this election, 16.3% of registered Republicans chose the Tea Party. Peg Dunmire is the Florida Tea Party candidate for Congress.

Congressman Grayson was pleased with the results, telling the press, “People like a Congressman with guts. And they want results. We increased federal competitive grants in this district by 98% in our first year. That extra $100 million benefits Republicans, Independents and Democrats equally. People of every political persuasion want to see action to help solve their problems, and that’s what they’re seeing from us.”

Keep Alan Grayson working for us in Congress. Volunteer now with our campaign.

Thanks so much for your time.

Susannah Randolph, Campaign Manager
Alan Grayson for Congress

53 thoughts on “Florida Tea Party: Grayson Poll Shows TEA Party “more popular than GOP” in CD8

  1. TEA

    OMG this is bogus! Grayson is a nut and no real teaparty would endorse him…

  2. Stellar

    @ Tea

    No tea-bagger endorsed Grayson. Keep your shirt on. They are more popular then your run of the mill Republican.

    Grayson got popular by telling the truth in his own way by acting like a tea-bagger. Now you know how baggers look to the rest of the country… like nuts!

  3. Richard Riker

    Peg Dunmire and her handlers think they are fooling the voters of the 8th District. We all know that they hijacked the tea party name and all they want is to make a buck off it. Doug Guetzloe, the driving force in their group accepted $3000 from Alan Grayson for Graysons’ ads on his radio show. Does that tell you anything? To me it looks like they are in bed together and out to beat the Republicans at any cost, politics as usual for their kind. Even Peg received $7500 from her party. Guess she wants to make more than a buck. The only true person of the people in this race is conservative Republican Patricia Sullivan. Her message of smaller government and more fiscal responsibility has caught on with the voters and each day adds more and more people to her “patriot army”.

  4. Eustisvoter

    Since this is written by the campaign manager for Alan Grayson one has to wonder about the vailidity of the poll and the conclusions drawn, an independent poll and review would have been far more credible. Assuming the poll numbers are correct, one can only guess that the republicans saying they’d vote for Alan Grayson are nothing but RINOs and therefore do not belong in the republican party just like, now to be former Senator, Arlen Specter. True republicans will vote for Patricia Sullivan and not Peg Dunmire who is masquerading as the TEA party candidate.

  5. Todd C

    You must be delusional. There is no way various statement in this article are accurate unless your source is spinning propaganda.

    Alan Grayson thinks he can buy District 8 by “bringing home the bacon” to this district returning it’s “fair share”. Here’s a concept, don’t tax us into oblivion to support the progressive agenda Republicans Do Not Support! You really think Republicans support Grayson/Pelosi/Reid/Obama????
    As a Republican since 1980 who proudly voted for Reagan I see today’s Republican Party redefining itself back to it’s conservative roots. There is a desire from both parties to throw the long term politicians out of office. This is one reason (R) Rick Scott is getting strong consideration over a long term statesman like Bill McCullom. It is also why Non-Politician, Tea Party Movement Organizer Patricia Sullivan in on the ballot by petition and has not had to buy her place on the ballot. It is also why Matt Falconer is getting my consideration for Orange County Mayor over previous politicians. This is the year of throw the bums out and start over.

    With the Florida Tea Party you have to look at the political extortionist who started the party and ask yourself if you trust them. I do not. They will be as bad or worse than the Democrat Progressives. I am sorry to see Peg Dunmire join forces with this crowd.

    Alan Grayson, get ready to pack up and go home. We do not want you representing us any longer.

  6. mark s. neddeau

    Alan Grayson is firing off everything in his arsenal from union-owned newspaper slaves to union-owned public services in a bid to prove his campaign even stands a chance. AMERICANS ARE SICK OF HIS BRAND OF TOMFOOLERY. Enough is enough. Backdoor deals, lies in the face of American citizens, flip flops when the going gets rough…..STICK WITH PATRICIA SULLIVAN.

    Patricia hasn’t been bought, hasn’t flip flopped once, and is staying the course of fiscal conservative values and smaller government. Throw this bum Grayson out, stay away from fish who flop all over like Dunmire and get onboard the train with a real patriot….I’m supporting Patricia Sullivan….

  7. TerriD

    I have gone door to door for Patricia Sullivan, Republican candidate for Florida 8th Congressional District, and the overwhelming response from these voters is NOT support for Alan Grayson. Many feel he is an embarrassment. I’d say his poll, and comments made by his campaign manager, are not true. Just rhetoric they hope uninformed voters will believe.

  8. paulie Post author

    You must be delusional.

    Who is “you”? I’m posting a letter that was sent to IPR, not making any comments as to whether it is correct.

  9. James K

    Grayson trying to “reach out” to the voters in the 8th district is like the Federal Government saying to the Indians “…I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you…” The only ones in the 8th district that he “reaches out” too are the far left progressives that believe Big Government is the solution to all problems … to H_ _ _ with personal responsibility. The political tea party will not garner much support from the Tea Party Movement. Voters in the 8th district are smart enough to know that a “split” vote will not further the objective which is to Fire Grayson. The conservative Republican candidate that far exceeds all other candidates is Patricia Sullivan. A conservative non-politician who is just like us.

  10. gailmarie

    Love to see so many people looking at the candidates and checking and vetting and not just voting there R or D party line… times are a changing and I too see Mrs. Patricia Sullivan making a big impact in District 8, I have knocked on some doors myself as well as made some calls. People are waking up. . Patricia Sullivan can reign in the bacon and a few bad eggs, fry them, render the fat to be reused later, and still feed the masses, have leftovers for a true need and still multi task while cleaning up the mess. Bye Bye Grayson … Vote for Constitutional values and principles that has kept this country going strong for over 200 years That is Patriciasullivanforcongrss.com

  11. paulie Post author

    Patricia Sullivan can reign in the bacon and a few bad eggs, fry them, render the fat to be reused later, and still feed the masses, have leftovers for a true need and still multi task while cleaning up the mess.

    While walking on water and turning it into wine at the same time, yes?

    Vote for Constitutional values and principles that has kept this country going strong for over 200 years That is Patriciasullivanforcongrss.com

    Thanks for the campaign commercial, but you are probably wasting your time. This is a blog that covers third party and independent politics from around the country (and sometimes other countries). There are relatively few readers here from your congressional district, and fewer still (if any) who are not already committed to their choice for congress.

    I predict we’ll keep getting campaign commercials from Republicans here…chances are they are just posting, not reading.

  12. BaldEaglet

    That’s why we have primaries – so you’re not splitting the vote 7 ways against your opponent.

  13. paulie Post author

    You have primaries so your parties can decide on their nominees. Others do it by convention. We have smaller parties and independent candidates because many of us consider BOTH the Democrats and Republicans to be our opponents. It’s like being allowed only the “choice” of two sides of the same coin, or between two boots of the same stormtrooper to stand on your neck. Two wings of the same bird of prey. ETC.

    Hmmm. We manage to allow consumers to choose between many kinds of bread, beer, yogurt, cereal, etc, etc. Why not many candidates and parties? You know…some of us want choices other than just coke and pepsi?!

  14. LibertarianBlue

    Grayson is that politician who is isnt all that good but he isnt a complete douche either. I give the man credit for cosponsoring Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill.

  15. Week End Down Memory Lane......... Don Lake

    The bigger weird ness:

    Congress instead of Parliament ……….

    Imperial measurements instead of metric * ………

    Print signs instead of graphics ………

    Department of DEFENSE with 200+ foreign bases ……..

    and on and on and on

    * as an industrial giant with a global market

  16. BaldEaglet

    Paulie, the difference is that when you choose your bread, beer, etc, the winning choice isn’t forced on everyone else. And in this race, you have a “tea party” candidate who has stated that her platform is exactly the same as the Republican platform. That’s not a third party. That’s party R1 and R2 and what you will end up is Grayson. It’s not Coke and Pepsi. It’s Coke in bottles vs Coke in cans. Your “choice” is on nothing but packaging, and as the poll shows, you’re going to end up with Sprite Zero.

  17. paulie Post author


    Andrew Napolitano: “We have a one-party system”

    You are probably familiar with Judge Andrew Napolitano from his appearances on Fox News, where he can be relied upon to provide a more or less libertarian view on the issues of the day, thus balancing, to some extent, the corporate- and state-aligned propaganda fed to us by this particular cable “news” channel. In a recent interview with The Daily Bell out of Switzerland, Napolitano argued that the two-party system has effectively devolved into a one-party state:

    We have migrated from a two-party system into a one-party system, the big-government party. There’s a democratic wing that likes taxes and wealth transfers and assaults on commercial liberties and there’s a republican wing that likes war and deficits and assaults on civil liberties. Neither of them is interested in true freedom. The separation of civil liberties from commercial liberties is what as enabled this to happen.

  18. BaldEaglet

    All that would be relevant if Dunmire were actually a third party, but she’s not. She said so. R1 and R2.

  19. paulie Post author

    I don’t know enough about the particulars of this race to agree or disagree. I was talking in general.

  20. AnitaDenise

    I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry at the the article. So the GOPers will be bought off by “teaching the constitution in schools”. Nope, don’t think that is enough anymore. I am tired of the back door deals, the bold faced lies, the buy offs and buy outs, the corruption, the one law for us and any old dumb excuse for them. I want all of the bums out!!

    I am supporting Patricia Sullivan, because she sticks to her guns; isn’t bought and paid for; and won’t give us dumb excuses for her not following the law. It will be one law for every citizen including the public SERVANTS, who seem to have forgotten they are servants not royalty or aristocrats.

    Patriots not politicians!!

  21. Proud Veteran

    This article is ridiculous. The readers are not stupid enough to believe it. Also, AnitaDenise is misquoted on the “side comments”. August 24, can not come too soon so we can get Patricia Sullivan elected and Alan Grayson defeated in November.

  22. Susan

    This is yet another example of the way these people want to play their games, the players are all the same, Peg Dunmire, Alan Grayson and Doug Guetzole are as dishonest as the day is long, when will people learn none of them are to be trusted? The only candidate in the race that deserves the attention and support from the voters is Patricia Sullivan, she is one of the real people with real solutions to very real problems,she has honor and integrity that is the candidate that we all want.Good-by Peg, Alan and Doug go back to the hole all of you crawled out of.

  23. Steve

    I don’t know the first thing about this race or this district and I live far away so I have no dog in the fight, but I have to say Grayson’s War is Making You Poor Act may just be the greatest piece of legislation ever.

  24. Lynn D.

    You can’t believe anything Grayson says. He’s an idiot and Peg Dunmire is allowing herself to be used by the Democrats to try to split and tea party supporters and Republican voters – BUT IT WON’T WORK! Patricia Sullivan is the only true and viable Republican candidate. She has the grass roots backing of the people – the voters – who will cast their voice in the primary making her the candidate to defeat the idiot Grayson in November.

  25. PatriotDee

    I have knocked on doors in the 8th district and spoken with many voters. I have yet to encounter anyone will be voting for Grayson. Even those who will admit they made the mistake of voting for him last time are embarrassed by his antics and disgusted by his failure to represent their interests in Washington. These are the opinions that will count in November, not a miscellaneous group of people who live somewhere other than in the 8th district or the results of a poll taken by the Grayson campaign. Patricia Sullivan is the one candidate in this race who has grassroots support and is backed by a patriot army of over 400 volunteers who are supporting her because she is one of us. She will represent us with dignity and integrity, both characteristics that Grayson sorely lacks.

  26. Beth407

    Try adding up all the Republican percents and then put it next to Grayson’s then see who wins. After the primaries you’ll see the difference. I thought Grayson was a lawyer and smart enough to know that when you have seven against one the percents would be different. You don’t fool us. Patricia Sullivan will help us say Bye, bye Grayson in 2010!

  27. ChrisFromEustis

    Florida’s 8th Congressional District is home to me. Our current Congressman has to go; he and his antics are an embarrassment to the people. I place my hope and faith in Patricia Sullivan, as well as the people, since I have seen first hand that Patricia is an individual of great integrity with a deep love of our country and a great understanding of our Constitution and of
    our Founding Fathers.

  28. marya

    It’s just so wondrful that Sharron won in Nevada. She’ll show the Demorats whose boss.

  29. Chi Chi Rodriguez

    I am no tea partier by an stretch, but I am true conservative. This guy is just plain dangerous. Obama is dangerous because of his beliefs and ineptness. This guy is dangerous because his lack of respect to our freedoms. He would love to have anyone and everyone silenced who doesn’t believe or repeat what he says.

  30. William Beers

    Where is the polling data that shows that the “teaparty”party candidate is going to beat Alan Grayson as alledged by Doug Guetzole?? I’ve looked at all the reputable polls for this race and there’s no mention of a “teaparty” party candidatehaving a chance of winning

  31. buzzy

    Grayson is a neandertal. He lowers the IQ of anyone who is around when he opens his big fat mouth.

  32. Dan Burney

    This guy is a nut case, come on even my straight ticket voting democrat family think this guy is off his rocker, he sounds like an idiot, and looked like one on Chris Matthews show. Another truther…….geez I hate to admit I was a democrat when people like him have a D next to their name

  33. Thane Eichenauer

    Calling Grayson names doesn’t reduce his popularity one bit. Alan Grayson has seen the value in adopting a position that has little if any downside risk. Would that more candidates Republican, Democrat or otherwise would be smart enough to adopt that position.

  34. GhotriderAZ

    As a former Central resident I am disturbed about Graysons behavier in Washingtom DC. He contributed to mass def. and heathcare no one wants. 13 Trillion and climbing). He is why we had to move to AZ. We would love to move back to our home or ar least sell at a fair pric. Grayson has worked against the people of Central fl.

  35. GhostriderAZ

    The nonsence Grayson puts out on the Floor of the House,is outragious and is with out merrit. I am shocked he even got elected in the first place. During my visit to Central Fl I was shocked to see so many business empty. Even in Dr. Phiilips area the presents of empty commercial sites is unnerving. So what has Grayson done for us?

  36. GhostriderAZ

    If there is any hope in Central Florida we need new leadership that will do the basics of the Peoples business. Sound fisical planning.Create a busness climate enviroment other than tourism, ethics in gov and the list goes on. Central Florida can not afford Greyson.

  37. GhostriderAZ

    The Speach sounds really good and like a good snake oil salesman he is telling what people want to hear. Yes we should always lookat budget points to reduce spending, but sadlly 47% of americans are paying taxes for the 53%. The only way we Americans are going to have a fiar tax for is a flat tax. The average Ameirican pays 40% of his salery to taxes. Should we listen to a snake oil salesman?

  38. GhostriderAZ

    I think it is a little late for the Congressman to be looking at being conservative for a election cycle. The Fact is AZ’s McCain is so conservative that he would build the fence on our southern boarder to keep his seat.
    I have family who has been unemployed for a very long time and their business have gone under. That is reality. Get real leadership in Central Florida. Lets not get fooled by smoke in mirrors again!

  39. GhostriderAZ

    Greyson does not have the truly leadship to do whats right for Florida. Greyson will sound conservative as long as it suites him. He votes 98% with Poloise and Reid leadership.

    Can you say 13 trilion dollars and climbing!
    No its not Bushes fault any more this is the current leaderships problem now. Sink or Swim!

  40. GhostriderAZ

    I can see November from my porch. lets have the leadership that our country is made of. We Arizonians as you have heard broke the mold. We are fight for our rights and our security. It is time that Florida show the Sprirt of the settlers who came to Florida. This is about our future and the American Independate Spirt. Politions have forgotten who they serve.

  41. GhostriderAZ

    Not good! The shame of it is since the dem’s took control of congress in 07 it has been on hell of a downward turn. What’s realy frighting is The Speaker of house (Poloise ans Sente (ried) and you can not forget Barry, think thier policy are the way. They should stop taking those magic pills!

  42. Garrett Grianger

    @GhostriderAZ- Dislike.. Horrible postings.. First, you should probably go back to grade school and learn how to spell. Second, you should learn about the atrocities committed by our settling ancestors. If you’re really interested in murdering illegal immigrants the way our ancestors murdered millions of American Indians, you’re a racist SOB who doesn’t deserve the right to vote and clearly doesn’t understand/accept American values. Third, you should learn about the constitution, particularly part that forbids racial profiling. Fourth, you should place the current crisis into historical context in order to understand its connection w/ neoliberalism (which was pioneered by Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II). Fifth, you ought to stop these straw man attacks that expose your stupidity. Sixth, you should stop blaming immigrants for your parents failed business. Instead, you ought to look toward the mega-corporations/politicians who have sold out the American people by enacting policies that have concentrated wealth into the hands of the top 1% of our population. Seventh, you should STOP SUPPORTING THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE CREATED THESE CONDITIONS. REPUBLICANS ARE UNAPOLOGETICALLY SUPPORTIVE OF SPECIAL (CORPORATE) INTERESTS! They are only interested in exploiting you.

  43. GhostriderAZ

    Mr.Grianger, Must of hit a nerve. I apolgize for my spelling, but as you can attest one does get carry away. To the issues.
    Greyson and other like him, Mitchell AZ, Kirkpatrick , Reid(NV) and many others have stop listening to us the voters. They make up new rules, because they can. (legal or not)

    I do not live in Central Fl any more but I have family there. Central Florida has one business after another that has failed to failed policies of the Democratic congress (since 07) and this rookie president who whas never served in the arm forces and or ran the first business.

    Illegals are a big problem and Az spent 13 million dollars a year in services and LA County Spends 5 milion per month on Illegals . Az tax payers as well as other American citizens are tired of paying for service that they are tapping into with out paying into.
    It will be the voters who will decide this November and there is change on the horizon.

    Lets be adults and keep to the issues!

  44. paulie Post author

    No human being is illegal. Amnesty might be a good start, but truly open borders would be far better.

    “Illegals are a big problem and Az spent 13 million dollars a year in services and LA County Spends 5 milion per month on Illegals ”

    Common myth. Actually….

    Truth is, immigrants work harder for less and get less welfare subsidies than those born in the US.

    Yes, we should end all those subsidies, for US born or non-US born alike, but it’s not a reason to hold any other freedom hostage.

    All our freedoms, all the time.

    ” Az tax payers as well as other American citizens are tired of paying for service that they are tapping into with out paying into”

    Quite the opposite. Undocumented workers work under fake ssns, have money taken out which they can never get.

  45. GhostriderAZ

    According to our Comtroller ( AZ)we do in deed spend needless money on none citzens. The numbers from LA are from their state Budget office.
    People with a Visa and a green card that is fine. That is our system,until we can refine the process.
    Ilegal is still Ilegal. These people (which I do understand what and why they are aattemping to be here. ) But we the tax payers are still birthing them,medicating them and housing them. You are assuming everyone has the same const. rights. This is incorrect. the notion that the open boarders folks play , over and over.
    It is sad although when parents (illegal) make bad choices for their children. They knew the left foot would drop some day and now the Illegals will have to taker personal responsibility of their choices.

    I think is is sad that you think our state and Federal Laws are not imporant. But we need to maintain our soverighty and boarders or prepare ourselves into becoming a third world country. Yes, I have served in the military and have seen many 3rd world counties.

    Now there are programs on the table for special work Visa with security built in for managing Legal Vistors. But you guys will hear nothing of that. Becuase it means just the person who is applying for work and not 18 of his or her extended family. This means pay into basic services, no public asstance, must have health insurance.
    Besides all of the above, it is Federal Immagration law that all Vistors Must have a Visa and or a pass port on them at all times. Plus this notion of checking legal status (1070 AZ State Law) only applies if there is resonable cuase and or a crime has been commited during the course of Law Enforcement investgation. I am very sure if I broke the law- Law Enforforement would do a full back ground check to see if there were any warants out for me.

  46. ngcfla

    Grayson, is this the guy who said the republicans want you to die. But ther democrats are killing us.

  47. GhostriderAZ

    Mega Dits to the last writer. Florida need new leadership and I wold like to return home to my State ,Florda. Economics have forced me to go to AZ.

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