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Email from Moderate Party of Rhode Island Candidate for Governor Ken Block to

Ken Block at Debate:
“No More Kicking the Can down the Road” on pensions, budget, job creation.
Warwick, RI–At tonight’s debate, Ken Block shared his vision for a new Rhode Island. Block outlined his plan to clean up and fix the state in a way the recycled politicians have failed to do.

“It’s time for Rhode Island to expect more from their government than recycled politicians who just kick the can down the road rather than making tough decisions,”said Ken Block. “My background as a small business owner has equipped me with the tools necessary to govern and revitalize this state, and I have a plan to do so.”

Block built a business that saved Texas a billion dollars in welfare fraud and prevention. Block has experience working for and with state governments and wants Rhode Island to focus on real, long term solutions not on gimmicks like Bernie Madoff pension math.

Kathie Hackett of Narragansett, a Block supporter who turned out to watch the debate said, “He’s the only one telling the truth and offering real solutions. We’ve had enough of politicians telling us what we want to hear in an election year and then doing nothing to fix the problem. He’s different.”

This week Block released his second commercial statewide, which will run on local cable and network stations in conjunction with his first advertisement. The message of this commercial was that Block will clean up and fix Rhode Island by addressing problems head on rather than “kicking the can” down the road like the recycled politicians the state is used to.

“The response to Ken’s message has been overwhelming,” said Campaign Director Christine Hunsinger. “In the last few weeks, we have seen more volunteers, more donations, and more enthusiasm then ever before. Our momentum is growing by the day, and we’re going to ride it all the way into November.”

Forty Block supporters joined Block at the debate, held at the Robert E. Will Theatre of the Fine Arts Center on the University of Rhode Island Kingston campus and sponsored by WPRI 12, was the first of the 2010 election cycle. Up until now, the candidates had appeared together only in forums.

On Friday, Block will meet with local business owners in East Greenwich to listen to their concerns and discuss his plan for fixing the problems plaguing Rhode Islanders. Block’s plan is entitled, “Charting a Course for Rhode Island’s New Economy.” This plan focuses on long term solutions for decreasing unemployment, bringing businesses into the state and making Rhode Island small business friendly.

After meeting with business owners, Block will make his way through the neighborhoods to introduce himself to voters and answer their questions about his ideas for Rhode Island.

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For interviews with Ken Block or Christine Hunsinger, contact Amanda Alvarez 401.441.8002

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