New Registration Numbers from New York and Nevada

The latest registration data is in from both New York and Nevada. For both states I used the “Total” number of registered voters, rather than the “Active” or “Inactive” voters. I’d be very happt if someone converted the numbers into percentages, but I’m going to list raw numbers.

New York: The first number is the number of registered voters in the party in November 1st, 2009, the second number is the newer registration numbers from April 1st, 2010.

Democratic Party: 5,753,855, and 5,789,432. A net gain of 35,577 voters.
Republican Party: 2,919,196, and 2,906,393. A net loss of 12,803 voters.
Independence Party: 400,347, and 413,855. A net gain of 13,508 voters.
Conservative Party: 144,195, and 146,221. A net gain of 2,026 voters.
Working Families Party: 39,649, and 40,878. A net gain of 1,229 voters.
Green Party*: 23,197, and 22,939. A net loss of 258 voters.
Libertarian Party*: 1,751, and 2,427. A net gain of 676 voters.
Socialist Workers Party*: 33, and 74. A net gain of 41 voters.
No Party: 2,350,567, and 2,336,122. A net loss of 14,445 voters.

The Green Party, Libertarian Party, and Socialist Workers Party are not ballot-qualified, but the Board of Elections still keeps records on the number of registered voters.

Nevada: The first number is the amount of registered voters in the party as of April 2010. The second number is from May, 2010.

Democratic Party: 579,399, and 579,108. A net loss of 291 voters.
Green Party: 4,082, and 1,474. A net loss of 2,608 voters.
Independent American Party: 59,026, and 59,115. A net gain of 89 voters.
Libertarian Party: 8,205, and 8,228. A net gain of 23 voters.
Non-partisan: 211,838, and 211,904. A net gain of 66 voters.
Other: 4,943, and 7,563. A net gain of 2,620 voters.
Republican: 469,967, and 471,819. A net gain of 1,852 voters.

The Green Party lost more than half of its registered voters for some reason. Any commenter who can enlighten us as to why, please do.

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  1. Trent Hill Post author

    If anyone has a few minutes, I’d love to see percentage breakdowns.

  2. Just one person's opinion ......... Don Lake

    “The [Nevada] Green Party lost more than half of its registered voters for some reason. Any commenter who can enlighten us as to why, please do ……….”

    May be the Silver State greens are as disconnected and incompetent as the Golden State variety! *personal experience*

    How many greenies does it take to put in a light bulb ??????? We still do not know!

  3. Cody Quirk

    I will say this-

    In a state with a total of 1,339,211 registered voters here, the IAP now makes up 4.4% of that registration in Nevada.

    So officially, we are the shiznit, oh yeah! Wassup?!

    However, a good amount of our party members went GOP temporary so they could vote in their Primary and affect the outcome- that’s why the growth was slow for that month.

  4. Cody Quirk

    May be the Silver State greens are as disconnected and incompetent as the Golden State variety! *personal experience*

    = That, or the Dems have been working on them, or most are leaving because of the bad economy here.

  5. Northern Exposure


    (438 PRECINCTS):
    11/3/2009 487,132 (100%)
    6/3/2010 483,652 (100%)
    -3,480 (-.715%)


    Alaskan Independence:
    13,656 (2.803%)
    14,180 (2.931%) +524

    75,639 (15.527%)
    74,732 (15.451%) -907

    8,914 (1.829%)
    9,288 (1.920%) +374

    126,437 (25.955%)
    125,420 (25.931%) -1,017

    77,420 (15.893%)
    77,381 (15.999%) -39

    177,673 (36.473%)
    175,628 (36.053%) -2,045


    2,524 (0.518%)
    2,377 (0.491%) -147

    Moderate Republican:
    3,092 (0.634%)
    2,884 (0.596%) -208

    1,777 (0.364%)
    1,762 (0.364%) -15

  6. Trent Hill Post author

    I already did Alaska, Northern Exposure, in a post 4-5 days ago.

  7. Just one person's opinion ......... Don Lake

    U.S. Senate – Statewide Results
    100.0% ( 22,894 of 22,894 ) precincts partially
    or fully reporting as of June 9, 2010, at 11:02 a.m.

    American Independent
    Candidate Votes Percent

    Don J. Grundmann 10,639

    Edward C. Noonan 12,313

    Al Salehi 8,367

  8. David Colborne

    A net gain of 23 Libertarian voters in Nevada for a month isn’t bad, especially with the heavily contested Republican primaries. That said, Libertarian candidates need to stress voter registration so we don’t have to play Russian Roulette with ballot access every year. 5,000 more Libertarian voters is difficult but certainly possible.

  9. Richard Winger

    I wish I could persuade IPR to use the number of active voters only. Most states don’t keep a tally of inactive voters, so it makes it difficult to make accurate comparisons between states when inactive voter data is used. Inactive voters have moved away, according to the post office, and haven’t yet re-registered in that same state. Generally they are not really registered; these are ghost numbers. Many of them probably moved to another state and are being double-counted by any source that is compiling national numbers.

  10. David Curtis

    RE: Greens in Nevada in May.

    The report from Sec. of State is that Clark County Greens (approx. 5,000 people) were lumped in an “other” category in the May report.

    SOS NV is blaming it on Clark County reporting.

    So the number of Greens has actually increased something like 40% since January.

    Am going to Clark County elections office tomorrow to get the actual numbers.

  11. David Curtis

    Met with both the Secretary of State NV representative and the Clark County NV election department representative this week to find out why the Green Party registrations numbers for May had been categorized as “other”.
    Clark County could offer no explanation.
    I sent an email to both offices requesting the report be corrected for May to reflect the approx 3,000 to 5,000 Greens in Clark County NV and that in subsequent reports all Counties report the Greens as Green and not some “other” name. I will send a registered letter as well to both SOS NV and Clark County.
    SOS NV says they will issue a letter to all Counties at the end of this month listing all the General election candidates and parties so there will be no confusion. Well, less confusion.

    Clark County, NV seems to be the only ones confused.

  12. David Curtis

    Secretary of State Nevada reported 1,474 total Greens
    in Nevada for May.

    Curtis4governor just did a hand count from the
    Statewide Voter List spread sheet obtained from Secretary of State
    Nevada and the total for Greens in Nevada for May is 4,151.

    Secretary of State is under-reporting the number of Greens in Nevada.

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