Press Release: Indiana Debate Commission to Sponsor Three U.S. Senate Debates

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INDIANAPOLIS—U.S. Rep. Brad Ellsworth, Democrat; former U.S. Sen. Dan Coats, Republican; and Rebecca Sink-Burris, Libertarian; have agreed in principle to participate in three televised debates sponsored by the Indiana Debate Commission.

The commission is now soliciting venue applications as it did for the gubernatorial race in 2008. Three debates will be conducted at selected host venues in the northern, central and southern portions of the state.

Venues interested in hosting the debates can review the commission’s guidelines and must complete an online application form by Friday, July 16, at:

Once venues are selected, dates of the debates, formats and other details will be confirmed with candidates and posted on the commission’s website.

“The debate commission is building a solid record of hosting political events that enable voters to compare and contrast the political positions of candidates,” said Dennis Ryerson, debate commission president and editor of The Indianapolis Star. “With the cooperation of broadcast and print media statewide, we provide the largest audience and the strongest debate coverage of any such event in Indiana.”

The commission in April sponsored a one-hour televised debate among the five Republican candidates in the May primary, which was won by Coats. The commercial-free broadcast taped by WFYI-TV was carried live or delayed by 40 broadcast outlets in Indiana and also by C-SPAN in Washington, D.C.

2 thoughts on “Press Release: Indiana Debate Commission to Sponsor Three U.S. Senate Debates

  1. inDglass

    Rebecca should be fresh and smart in these debates against two long standing career politicians. This is what Andy Horning did in the gubernatorial debates in 2008. The newspapers called him the clear winner, but he only finished with about 2% of the vote. Coats and Ellsworth don’t have a quarter of the clout that Mitch Daniels have, so this time the Libertarians could strike a huge blow to the major parties in a statewide race. If Rebecca is bold and intelligent in these debates, as I expect she will be, watch out in November!

  2. Eternaverse

    I was present at one of the Gubernatorial debates in 2008. I think Andy really made a showing with those who watched the debate. After the debate, I could hear many people talking about his performance. The bad thing is that these debates were not widely publicized so I really do not think many people saw Mr. Horning smash Tweetal Dee and Tweetal Dumb. The final results showed this.

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