Robert Owens Speaks To 9/12 Project In Cincinnati

Robert Owens is the candidate of the Constitution Party in Ohio for the office of Attorney General. He is speaking to a group called the “9/12 Project” in Cincinnati tomorrow evening.

At the invitation of the Cincinnati 912 Project, Robert Owens, candidate for Ohio Attorney General on the Constitutional Party ticket, will speak on the role of the Attorney General as it relates to state sovereignty, on illegal immigration, and on other matters Tuesday evening, June 15 at the Evendale Recreation Center. Mr. Owens, a practicing attorney in Delaware, Ohio, supports the rights of states enumerated in and guaranteed under the United States Constitution. This speaking engagement is part of a series sponsored by the Cincinnati 912 Project to educate voters about candidates for Attorney General. Mike DeWine and Richard Cordray will also be invited to speak in the coming weeks.

Owens ran for the same office in 2008 as an Independent, though he recieved the endorsements of the Constitution Party and Libertarian Party. He received 5% of the vote in that special election. Owens is a practicing attorney who studied political science and history at the University of Oxford. He currently serves on the National Council of the John Birch Society.

4 thoughts on “Robert Owens Speaks To 9/12 Project In Cincinnati

  1. Luke McKellar

    Also running for Attorney General is an excellent choice, Dr. Marc Feldman. Dr. Feldman is running as a Libertarian, and he has my vote!

  2. Alex

    Robert Owens had my vote in 2008 and he will have it again in 2010! Robert is a true conservative.

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