Third Party Figures Go Cruising

WorldNetDaily is a popular right-wing news website run by Joseph Farah. The site claims to be an “Independent conservative news website with an emphasis on aggressive investigative reporting”. The website is hosting a cruise in the Caribbean called the “Tea Party at Sea“. Speakers at this tea party include Joseph Farah, Aaron Klein, and David Kupelian.

Other speakers have third party connections. Jerome Corsi, a bestselling author, is a member of the Constitution Party and endorsed the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee, Chuck Baldwin, in 2008. Alan Keyes is also a speaker on the cruise and a former Presidential candidate for the America’s Independent Party in 2008. He also sought the nomination of the Constitution Party in 2008, but failed in a convention election against eventual nominee Chuck Baldwin.

5 thoughts on “Third Party Figures Go Cruising

  1. Michael H. Wilson

    If have to wonder by whose standards is, Jerome Corsi, a bestselling author.

  2. Open Comment from California ..... Lake

    Youth for Western Civilization will host conferences, training workshops, and education in political technology to make members more effective in executing the goals stated above.

    Why We Care About Western Civilization
    It is ours. We have the self-evident right and duty to work for the survival of our own culture and civilization.

    While this reason is sufficient in itself, Western Civilization has also given priceless gifts to the rest of mankind, including advances in medicine, the arts, and scientific exploration.

    There is no reason to believe that the advances of modernity and the political freedoms we enjoy will endure with the extinction of the civilization that allowed them to exist. Western Civilization is our civilization and in spite of the continual assault and hatred it endures from the radical left, we wish to revive the West, rather than see our civilization be sent to the graveyard of history.

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