A Message From Tom Tancredo

Posted at Conservative Heritage Times:

Dear Conservative,

As a longtime partner with me in the battle to secure our nation’s borders and stop the scourge of illegal immigration, I want you to be among the first to know that this week I filed my papers as a candidate for governor of Colorado.

I am running for governor in part because the leading Republican candidates for governor are both enmeshed in serious ethical and financial scandals that not only reflect badly on their character, but that are so bad they also guarantee the election of the Democratic candidate, liberal Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

And John Hickenlooper, just like Barack Obama, is committed to the “sanctuary” and open-border policies that have made Colorado a front-line state in the illegal immigration wars!

As a Coloradan, I can’t stand by and let the ethical failings of the leading Republican candidates just hand the governorship over to a Democrat who is wrong on every single issue of importance to our state…not just illegal immigration, but also taxes and government spending.

Today, as a patriot who shares my commitment to the cause of reclaiming our nation for our people and our values, I am asking you to join my campaign.

Will you help me by making an online contribution to “Tancredo for Governor 2010?” With just three months to go until the election, time is of the essence!

The maximum contribution you can make under Colorado law is $525. If you can make a contribution for $525 today, I would be so grateful because that would really kick off our campaign dramatically!

But I also would be grateful for your contribution of $400, $250, $100 or even $50 today. John Hickenlooper has been running for governor for months and I need to hit the ground running this week!

Colorado is facing many challenges today, just like most states. I served in the Colorado Legislature for ten years before going to Congress, and I know how to make state government work for the people by applying solid conservative principles of governance.

And as the battle over illegal immigration has moved from Washington DC to the states, it is going to be critically important to our cause to elect men and women as governors who are committed to standing up against Barack Obama and enforcing our laws against illegal immigration.

We are seeing a great example of that commitment to the rule of law in Arizona, and I can pledge to you that I will fight that same battle in Colorado!

I deeply appreciate your friendship and your commitment to our cause. I hope that you will stand with me once again.

Many Thanks,
Tom Tancredo

14 thoughts on “A Message From Tom Tancredo

  1. Gary

    The only votes Tom Tancredo will receive will be taken from the votes that would otherwise go to the Republican candidate. This will insure that Hickenlooper is elected. All you have to do, if you doubt me, is consider Perot.

  2. Alice

    Tom says what he means and means what he says.
    60% of Colorado agree with his immigration stance. How is this a weak candidate?

    Remember Lieberman.

  3. George Phillies

    As is rather well known, there is actual exit polling data, people being asked if they had not had Perot on the ballot would they have voted for Bush or Clinton.

    Perot took considerably more votes from Clinton than from bush.

  4. Steven wilson

    Party becomes secondary when you have major issue or variable to consider. Perot got votes because he focused on economy, which at the time was a primary variable.

    Constitution party members here in Missouri talk about immigration because here it is a primary variable. People here are jobless and numerous areas around here have illegals working.

    Constitution party can take votes away from Republicans because the CP has a stance that is very simple to convey and appears to be absolute throught the US.

    Perot taught one thing about the game. Talk about what the people talk about in a way they can understand and you will keep their attention. Attention in November transfers into votes.

  5. Deran

    I’m very far to the left of Perot, but I was really taken with his half hour commercials where he used simple charts and a pointer. I voted for him in fact.

    In all fairness, it is just as accurate to say Bush 1.0 and Clinton took votres away from Perot. Of course, if Perot hadn’t dropped out for fairly wacky reasons, and then got back in, he would have come in atleast second.

  6. Daniel Surman

    @3, when Perot also abortively jumped out of the race in ’92 much of his support went to Clinton in the two-way matchups that followed. That is why HW Bush lobbied to get Perot in the debates when he rejoined the race.

  7. Thomas L. Knapp

    “Constitution party members here in Missouri talk about immigration because here it is a primary variable. People here are jobless and numerous areas around here have illegals [sic] working.”

    That’s about the size of it!

    Immigrants are willing to work.

    Know-Nothings want their livelihoods handed to them on a silver platter.

    As long as immigrants are willing to work, Know-Nothings will have to work too.

    So, the Know-Nothings want the immigrants to be forcibly stopped from working.

    America, fuck yeah!

  8. Red Phillips

    Both Republicans are tainted by scandal. That is why Tancredo jumped in. He could have a chance of winning if the support for the Republican is very low (single digits), much like Lieberman was able to win as an independent because the Republican was a non-factor.

  9. Don Lake's mom

    “Know-Nothings want their livelihoods handed to them on a silver platter.”

    -No, actually such “know-nothings” are mainly hard-working Americans of the l0w and middle classes that are struggling greatly in these times, and are actually willing to work for any job, especially in this kind of economy that they got screwed over in.

    And Lakie-poo, keep your hands out of your pants in public dear!

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  11. '..... the serious side of free speech ' [Lake]

    Hey, Bay, ask your thieving brother Patrick ’bout the $12.5M Reform Party monies ‘disappeared’ from the Federal Elections Commission 2000 ‘party building’ funds.

    May be the both of you could appear on Cross Fire and or McLaughlin Reports and preach about ‘Ethics’.

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