Arizona Republic: ‘Hess stands out as Libertarian governor hopeful’

The Arizona Republic:

Of all the offices for which Libertarian Barry Hess previously has campaigned, this race for governor, this year, would seem to be his time.

National sentiments seem to be blowing strongly in the direction of Libertarian ideals. Fast-growing national debt, the prospect of higher taxes, exponentially greater federal regulatory controls over private enterprises like health care and finance – voter concern about all these issues and others would seem to play to the hand of advocates of the free market. Advocates such as Libertarians.

Will the campaign favor the hands-off party this time as Hess campaigns for governor? Polls suggest no. But certainly in the Libertarian primary contest, Hess stands out among the contenders.

The Arizona Republic supports Barry Hess as the Libertarian Party nominee for governor.

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Ballot Access News notes:

The Arizona Libertarian Party has four candidates for Governor in its August primary this year. The Arizona Republic, the state’s largest newspaper, endorsed Barry Hess in that race on July 24. It is almost unheard of for any large daily newspaper to take the trouble to examine the candidates in a contested minor party primary, and go to the trouble of endorsing one.

Fundraising letter from Barry Hess sent to

Hess For Governor of Arizona 2010
“Principles trump Party Lines”

P.O. Box 6011
Glendale, Arizona 85312

Dear Friends, Supporters and Family;
It’s ON!!! And we’re in the thick of it!

I think I know the excitement the Founding Fathers must have felt when they crossed the point of no return and knew they would either birth a new and independent nation of free men—or die trying!

Adrenaline flows like water around here every day—it’s really hard to contain the excitement! So, what’s so different? We’ve never been this far ahead, this early in an election cycle. Though today was just like many days before; an early start putting together campaign materials and strategies, preparing for appearances and staying up on current events and issues and talking to people—the political wind is clearly at our back and our momentum is building! I feel it and see it every day. There’s electricity in the air.

We’ve registered our campaign committee; set up the required campaign bank account; refined position statements; answered a few million emails; paid the bills; set up and updated a very professional and attractive website (WWW.HessForGovernor.Com), a Face Book presence (“hess4governor”), a Twitter account (“hess4governor”), delivered signs to volunteers (I’ve hung over 100 alone), gathered all the required nominating signatures to get on the ballot, taken all the calls and made all the calls; canvassed neighborhoods, handed out campaign literature, managed the bills, updated our events calendar, planned our campaign strategies, brought together a top notch advisory team, set up our volunteers network, and continue to make a very strong case for voting for me for Governor at every opportunity and venue we possibly can, to make the whole thing go Whirrrr.

That’s not an exhaustive list–just a sampling of the things your campaign team and I have been doing over the past year to spread the message of individual liberty as “the answer” to Arizona’s current woes. Our all-volunteer team is as committed as I am to bringing the People of Arizona a winning campaign—this is our Libertarian moment in history, and if we miss it, it will likely be generations before it comes again. Don’t tell me how big the mountain is, just stay out of the way of my shovel.

That’s the urgency that’s been driving all of us, even in the 110+ temperatures of Arizona to keep going. But our dedication and persistence is borne of sacrifice and comes at a steep price. Just consider how the very frequent 20-hour days might affect your ability to earn a living at the same time you run a real campaign. That’s what our team faces, every day.

It may all have started when I kept my pledge to get into the race, but from there on in, it’s been a real team effort. I know it’s not about ‘me’, it’s the message and I view it as “not mine to change”. I’ve done my very best to stay true to it without compromise, excuse or apology. It is truly an honor to get to carry the real Libertarian philosophy onto the political battlefield, and the respect from my Republican/Democrat competitors for my consistency is humbling. I know well that our consistency is the fuel of our movement, but the solid, practical answers our philosophy offers gives us the political right-of-way. Read over all the information and ideas on our website.

I’ve already received the endorsements of many notable people like, Michael Badnarik our 2004 Libertarian presidential nominee; the founder of the Libertarian Party and creator of the World’s smallest political quiz, David Nolan; the matriarch of the Arizona Republican Party, Senator Karen Johnson; Constitutional scholar and 2nd Amendment advocate, Sheriff Richard Mack; premier freedom law defender Marc Victor; former Republican candidate for Governor, Mike Harris and a host of others you can see on our website.

This is my 3rd run for Governor, a distinction shared by the Democrat candidate, Terry Goddard. I don’t know how to estimate the value of experience in campaigning, but I can tell you—it’s priceless when it comes to knowing how everything fits together, and how to handle specific instances for maximum benefit and effect. For me, it goes a lot further.

For my first 15 years as a Libertarian, I chose to support the freedom movement only as a serious contributor. I was still learning how to express and apply Libertarian solutions to current issues and events. Then, 10 years ago, I agreed to get more personally involved, as a candidate. Since that time, I’ve learned some things, and I’ve made it a point to get to know elected and influential figures in very personal ways. I needed to know how they think—and where their political weaknesses are.

We started this race with over 100 signs we ‘harvested’ from our last campaign–that got us off to a good start, so that People and the Press know we’re here. And despite a far more modest budget, ended up with a carry forward that got us established up to this point. We’ve already got another 200 very attention-getting signs hung all over the state, with another 1,000 coming!

Incidentally, my competitors in the last election took millions in Public Funding for their campaigns and both (D/R) ended up with campaign debt. I didn’t. We only spend campaign money when it is absolutely necessary—that’s why my vote costs have never been above 5.6 cents, whereas my competitors have never spent less than $4.80 per vote. You need to know that your contributions are respected. Our message is easy to ‘sell’ to a liberty hungry ‘mainstream’. They just haven’t heard it yet—and that’s where you come in.

Our efforts have clearly paid off. Just look at the numbers—Libertarian registrations have grown by 37% in just the last 14 months, while the other parties continue their decline! That’s part of the reason that I am so excited to keep it going and to incurably infect our fellow Arizonans with the original notions of individual liberty that founded this incredible nation. Now is our moment to impact the political arena in ways we’ve only dreamt of until now, and volunteers are stepping up. This time, I even have access to a supporter’s plane that lets me get to places I’ve never been before—and the cost is cheaper than going by car.

That’s how I was able to get all the way to Window Rock to make our case before the Navajo Tribal Council earlier this year—a first for Libertarians! Their delegates liked what I had to say and voted 59-1 (a Republican hold out) to accept my presentation.

Sure, we’ve got our own version of ‘carpetbaggers’, but Libertarians have already seen right through them. Even in this race we’ve got three of them, fortunately, because of the case I led as Plaintiff, all the way to the 9th Circuit Court to keep all but Libertarians out of the voting in our Primary, we’re pretty safe for now. My greater concern is that the poseurs will confuse the public as to what we stand for—we are not ‘imperialist Neo-cons’, ‘police-state conservatives’ or ‘hand-out liberals’, like my competitors try to convince the public. We’re Libertarians, and we stand for individual freedom and equality among the People the government was designed to serve. But our reputation won’t hold against these interlopers without your generous help, support and contributions.

There is a bit of a silver lining, in some sense. One of my competitors has signed up for public campaign funding—something we know is in opposition to our sense of principle and integrity. After all, how honest would we be to say we will lessen the public’s burden…by taking more of their money to do it?

The silver lining is that his signing up, entitles all of us to a statewide, televised debate on PBS! That’s gotta be worth $50-$100,000.00 in advertising alone—and I promise to do my best to make the most of it on July 13th!

I’ve always felt uncomfortable asking people for money because when I got into this, I knew I would have to use a campaign or two to get my name recognition up and to make sure I had a clear, easy-to-grasp, and consistent message.

This time, everything has changed. The political winds are definitely blowing in our favor and victory is not just a far off hope. The public is finally seeing through and rejecting the Republican/Democrat ideas that have moved us perilously close to the brink of economic collapse at the expense of our individual rights. They are crying out for us to provide relief. NOW is our time!

The question is, will we be there to answer the call? Will you “Declare your Independence” with me? I will be there at the finish line even if I have to limp to each event on fumes. Will you help?

I know we’re in an economic Depression, but the cost of liberty is steep. We need to let the public know that ‘help’ is on the way, and so I must turn to you to go forward. Our campaign team has already done the yeoman’s work of putting together a credible alternative to the Republican/Democrat machine, proven our seriousness, and our commitment.

Now I’m asking YOU to be a part of it all, to make this ‘Our’ campaign and to give what you can to put our message on the airwaves, and in print. I’m not asking you to foot the whole bill, but I am asking you to go to our website ( and make your most generous contribution.

If you are able, I am asking you to give the maximum of $840.00, if you’re not, then please don’t think any amount is too small. A lot of little contributions add up to big dividends. If you can give $20, $50, $100.00 or any other amount, I will appreciate it just the same. You can also simply mail in a check to: HessForGovernor, P.O. Box 6011, Glendale, Arizona 85312. Please include your address, employer and occupation.

We’re even offering a copy of “Inclined toward Liberty” (a read I put on par with Bastiat’s “The Law”) signed by me with a special message, for each contribution of $50.00 or more. This book is one of the best I’ve seen and explains what the liberty concept is all about. It’s great to give to those who want to know the ‘whys’ and ‘how’s’ of Libertarian philosophy. I urge every American to read it. If they did, there’d be a lot more freedom in America because the Truths it espouses are intellectually and practically irrefutable.

Why would it matter to you, if you don’t live in Arizona? Because our message and successes will be heard all over the country. The influence will soon spread to your state. You can help write a few pages of history.

I know I’m asking a lot of you. And I know that there are a million excuses why the time may not be ‘right’ for your pocketbook. The truth is, I will only see the names of those who overcame the obstacles in their path and I want to see your name on that list.

I’m not asking you to give as much as our campaign team and I do, but I am asking you to ‘dive in’ and do all that you can and to make this ‘our’ campaign. It’s not ‘mine’—it’s ours, and the results will tell the tale. Let’s make it one of Success.

My team and I are giving our all, but it’s still not enough. Your contribution is what will determine how far, and how fast we go toward restoring some measure of our freedoms. It’s up to you. Will you rise to the occasion?

Benjamin Disraeli said, “There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” And our time has come. Please do all that you can, as quickly as you can.

As always, I remain at your service–

PS Please, don’t hesitate—go to right now and climb on board the freedom train by giving your most generous contribution! And encourage your sphere of influence to do the same. You’ll be proud you did!

PSS PLEASE, pass this letter on to everyone in your address book and ask them to get involved, too.

Contact the campaign directly at:

There are a lot of things you can do to really get involved please check out the “How you can help” link on our site for some really great ideas on becoming our own ‘media’—we can make a real difference! (See below)

How you can help spread the Freedom message?

We all firmly believe that promoting freedom is FUN! In fact, as Ernest Hancock always says, “If you’re not having fun—you’re not doing it right!
Here are some fun ways to get involved:

*Write a letter to the editor of your local papers. Tell them you want to know more about Barry Hess, the Libertarian candidate for Governor.
*Call your local news channels and talk radio shows and tell them you want me on their shows.
*Write an article or column about why you support this campaign, or post it to a blog.
*Make positive comments on Face Book and on online articles about what we are doing.
*Write your own commentaries on the campaign and pass them along to your friends.
*Change your out-going voice mail message on your telephone and let people know you support freedom! (VERY powerful) Every person who calls you will know you stand up for freedom by supporting this campaign.
*Get a campaign tee shirt and come to events for support. (Our events calendar is on the website)
*Come to the activist center in Phoenix and make some signs to hang. (We’ll give you its secret location)
*Sponsor a sign, radio or TV ad (we’ll have instructions on the site soon).
*If you have roadside frontage, put up a sign for our campaign.
*Volunteer for sign-hanging parties (always a lot of fun).
*Volunteer to call voters and persuade them support our campaign.
*Be vocal and tell all your friends why they should “comon’along, too”.
*Anything else you can do. It’s not about what you ‘can’t’ do—it’s about what you ‘will’ do!

Have FUN! Think up new ways to get our message out, and to let people know we’re here, and we will not be denied!
Let’s put Arizona—and America back on the right path!

7 thoughts on “Arizona Republic: ‘Hess stands out as Libertarian governor hopeful’

  1. Eric Dondero

    Should read Hess is “honored to get the real LEFTWING Libertarian philosophy” out there.

    Hess is about as far leftwing radical you could possibly get and still fit into the Libertarian Quadrant. His philosophy is a real turn-off to Libertarians who love America and American values.

  2. paulie Post author

    Hess is the best candidate in the race, and a real, long-time, active and hard working libertarian and Libertarian.

  3. paulie Post author

    And elsewhere in the world, HarrisonBergeron2 notes at

    Wow. Last week, Ann Coulter slapped the grin off Bill Kristol’s face, famously declaring she could no longer support the Afghanistan War: “But now I hear it is the official policy of the Republican Party to be for all wars, irrespective of our national interest.”

    Thursday, World Net Daily’s Joseph Farrah, who once cheered on the Neocon Wars as counters to the fearsome threat of “Islamo-Fascism,” confessed this in his regular column:

    For the life of me, I cannot begin to understand our objectives in either Iraq or Afghanistan any more.

    Because I appreciate the sacrifice our men and women are making over there, it is with a heavy heart that I make this proclamation. But enough is enough. We have spent over $1 trillion on these two wars and spilled far too much American blood.

    Today, the heel-clicking Day by Day cartoon, which once cheered on anything the government did in the name of anti-terrorism, denounced Obama for using the domestic spying powers that Bush and Cheney bequeathed to the office of Temporary Dictator.

    We’ve been sounding that alarm for some time. The ultimate threat to our liberty is not big-government Democrats or big-government Republicans — it’s big government.

  4. Andy

    Some of these Republicans who are now (finally) questioning the wars in the Middle East are only doing so because there is a Democrat in the White House. If there was a Republican in the White House they’d still be mindlessly cheerleading these unnecessary wars of aggression.

  5. Andy

    “Hess is about as far leftwing radical you could possibly get and still fit into the Libertarian Quadrant. His philosophy is a real turn-off to Libertarians who love America and American values.”

    Hess is a good guy, a good candidate, and a good Libertarian, not left wing or right wing, he’s LIBETARIAN wing.

  6. paulie Post author

    Just got this via email. Might be an article later.

    By a vote of 5-1 (with 1 not voting) the Boston Tea Party National
    Committee endorsed Libertarian Barry Hess for Governor of Arizona.
    Hess, the “favorite son” VP nominee for Arizona by the BTP in 2008, is
    running a no compromise campaign based on the philosophy that,
    “Freedom’s the Answer,…. What’s the Question?”

    He has a mission: “Beyond running a campaign free of the taint of
    “Public Funding”, our objective is to offer Arizonans a real, clear
    and distinct choice as to who will be the next Governor.
    Never has it been so clear that the Democrat Party ‘is’ the Republican
    Party (and vice versa), and never have they/it inflicted so much pain
    on the very people they promised to help…
    Never has it been so clear that the problems Arizonans face are not
    because a Republican/Democrat ‘won’ or ‘lost’, like the Olde Media
    outlets would have you believe, but because government continues to
    grow with either.
    There’s a simple rule of thumb to remember: The bigger the government,
    the smaller the individual.”

    And he has a vision “of an Arizona where its government is honest and
    open and protects the freedoms and liberties of all of its Citizens;
    where the opportunity for entrepreneurs goes unhindered; where
    opportunity and prosperity are boundless; where a person’s privacy and
    property are respected; where every Citizen is safe in the public
    thoroughfare, and where the Constitution is upheld to safeguard all of
    these things.”

    “On the matter of the issues,” Hess writes, “you will see a common
    theme; that the solutions are based on what the brilliant minds of
    entrepreneurs can do with us, rather than what the government can do
    for us… Government, by nature, is inefficient. Government solutions
    are cumbersome, not very adaptable, and loaded with bureaucratic
    rules, regulations and red tape that make implementation slow and
    expensive. Additionally, without free market competition, there is
    little pressure to improve the product or service and/or reduce it’s
    Choice is the gift that liberty gives to us.”

    Will you make the right choice?

  7. George Whitfield

    Kudos to Barry Hess for running an active and enthusiastic campaign.

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