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Crist Includes Rod Reynolds of the TEA Party in final round for appointment to Orange County Commission vacancy

Press release from the Florida Tea Party to The Florida Tea Party is a political party, and Crist is running for the US Senate as an independent.

Reynolds to meet Governor in Tallahassee on Thursday.

(Tallahassee) Governor Charlie Crist’s office announced today that former Winter Garden City Commissioner Rod Reynolds (TEA) has made the final cut for consideration for the appointment to fill the vacated position of Commissioner Mildred Fernandez. Reynolds will meet with the Governor on Thursday afternoon.

Reynolds, a member of the TEA Party, is a former member of the Winter Garden City Commission having been appointed to that position by former Governor Jeb Bush.

Reynolds is also a former member of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee and very active in Ax the Tax and the Florida Taxpayers Union as well as the TEA Party.

TEA Party Chairman Fred O’Neal was pleased with the development. “Governor Crist could do not better than appointing Commissioner Reynolds to the seat. Commissioner Reynolds is a true anti-tax leader who favors accountability and responsibility in public spending. It is great to see the Governor thinking outside the boundaries of the decaying two-party system to consider someone not tied to the failures of the past,” stated O’Neal.

If appointed, Commissioner Reynolds would join Polk County Commissioner Randy Wilkinson as the second current TEA party county commissioner in Florida. Commissioner Wilkinson is also the TEA party nominee for the 12th Congressional District and currently a frontrunner for that position, given Wilkinson’s four countywide victories in Polk County.

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  1. Chance Chance August 2, 2010

    Rod is a great guy, and I think it will be good to shake things up on the county commission. The Republicans, and the Democrats on the commission are total failures! If Rod gets the appointment, he should run for re-election.

  2. rebecca rebecca July 30, 2010

    Good choice, Rod is a very down to earth businessman. Good luck!

  3. Sonny Sonny July 30, 2010

    We really need some accountability on the Orange County Commission! Rod is a great choice, because he is an honest businessman, who is not beholden to anyone. Teach the Reps, and the Dems a lesson! Go with someone other then these 2 corrupt parties.

  4. TeaMan TeaMan July 30, 2010

    I like Rod, he’s a good christian conservative. I think Charley playing the political landscape like a fiddle, He appoints a third party candidate he gives himself more cred as an independent. I’ve had my disagreements with Charley in the past but I think this is a good call. Way to go ROD!!!

  5. Good luck ----- Lake Good luck ----- Lake July 28, 2010

    “In the next several weeks, a new political party will be formalized in Louisiana. ”

    “It will be called the Christian Party and the organizers say it will be focused on applying the teachings of Jesus Christ to the political process. ”

    “The driving force behind the movement is Vincent Bruno, a member of the Republican Executive Committee of Jefferson Parish. ”

    “Bruno has recruited a group of prominent pastors who will officially announce their involvement in the party in the next several weeks.”

    ” At the present time, Bruno and the pastors are encouraging voters to switch their political affiliation to the Christian Party. ”

    To become an official political party in Louisiana, the Christian Party will need 1,000 signatures.

    “He said they just started working on the project and “have already collected 300 signatures.” .”

    “Bruno says he was “inspired by the success of the tea party movement.” ”

    “While the tea party focuses on fiscal and constitutional issues, the Christian Party will place a greater emphasis on the social issues …………”

  6. Danny S Danny S July 28, 2010

    I don’t know if you could call Wilkinson “a frontrunner”. From what I heard, he was lagging in the fundraising department. Many Republican and conservative activists will be split between him and likely R nominee Dennis Ross. The Democrats could take the seat I believe if they wage a vigorous race and throw in some party support.

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