Ken Block: ‘I know I said I would be willing to chew my own arm off if I ever had to collect signatures again…’

Press release from July 15. As far as I can tell we missed it at the time.

Warwick–As of 2:30pm this afternoon, Moderate Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Ken Block, has confirmed that he will appear on the ballot this November. The Block campaign spoke with the Secretary of State’s office who confirmed the count of 1,046 certified signatures from the cities and towns.

Although the law only requires gubernatorial candidates to collect 1,000 verified signatures in order to appear on the ballot, Block has collected over 2,500 in one week. The campaign believes this shows an increased amount of support.

“Rhode Islanders are ready for change,” said Hunsinger. “Ken was able to collect more than double the amount of required signatures in just a few days. The response from voters has been amazing. People are excited about this race, and are looking forward to getting some new blood in office.”

Block is no stranger to collecting signatures, as he collected 34,000 signatures last year to form the Moderate Party.

“I know I said I would be willing to chew my own arm off if I ever had to collect signatures again,” said Block. “But thanks to some dedicated volunteers I made it through this week unscathed.”

Block’s campaign has been gaining momentum since the release of two unique commercials discussing the “kick-the-can” behaviors of recycled politicians. He has participated in two debates with other gubernatorial candidates, as well as several forums.

Block formed the Moderate Party in response to his frustration with two-party politics and Rhode Island’s current government. The party became officially recognized after filing a lawsuit against the state and collecting thousands of signatures. Block announced his candidacy for Governor in February of 2010.

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