Matt Gonzalez Endorses Tony Kelly

From the Fog City Journal:

Former San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez today endorsed community activist Tony Kelly in the race for District 10 Supervisor.

In a statement released to Fog City Journal, Gonzalez said, “I am endorsing Tony Kelly because I believe he is an authentic neighborhood leader who has been working on substantive issues in District 10 for more than the last decade. Although his base is Potrero Hill where he’s led the Potrero Boosters, Kelly has worked on environmental justice issues in Bayview Hunters Point and open space and neighborhood-services concerns in Visitacion Valley, among other issues. District-wide, he’s worked on a wide range of complicated development and land-use matters (particularly through his work on the Eastern Neighborhoods Area Plan), so I’ve no doubt Kelly would join the Board of Supervisors informed and with the right priorities.

In 2003, Matt Gonzalez ran as the Green Party nominee for Mayor of San Francisco, narrowly losing to Gavin Newsom. In 2008, Gonzalez left the Green Party and ran as independent for Vice-President, with Ralph Nader heading the ticket.

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  1. Green Party Conservative

    …interesting Green Party growth…

    Can Green Party achieve mass appeal?

    “All Greens know just how beneficial the last leadership contest was in terms of bringing in new members, achieving media attention and opening up our party to the public,” Ms. Lemieux said. “It’s an extremely important activity that we need to engage in if we want to keep our momentum moving forward.”

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