Mixed Polling for Minor Party and Independent Candidates in VA

SurveyUSA recently polled three Virginia congressional districts at the behest of a local news organization. Here are some of their results.


9th Congressional District:

  • Morgan Griffith (R): 39%
  • Rick Boucher (D): 52% – incumbent
  • Jeremiah Heaton (I): 5%

One local paper wrote this interesting article about Heaton’s campaign and his practice of travelling outside of the district to learn about national issues.


6th Congressional District:


5th Congressional District:

  • Robert Hurt (R): 58%
  • Tom Perriello (D): 35% – incumbent
  • Jeffrey Clark (I): 4%

This race has gained national attention because of how vulnerable the incumbent appears to be. The Republican recently turned down an offer  for three-way debates including Jeff Clark.

8 thoughts on “Mixed Polling for Minor Party and Independent Candidates in VA

  1. Green Party Conservative

    Heaton, Clark are conservative Independent Green endorees.

    Heaton has new campaign approach…He announced he was running last year …while on a trip to visit the middle east. Heaton was there to see first hand the conditions of our military.

    A veteran, Heaton calls for bringing the troops home….The Independent Greens of Virginia are the nation’s only state political party to join the coalition to cut war spending.

    The conservative Indy Green Jeff Clark is the elected 5th congressional district chair of the Independent Greens of Virginia.

    Jeff Clark is also a veteran, whose son is serving in the military.

    David Swanson did an article this week on the Indy Greens Jeff Clark.

    The incumbent congressman has agreed to debate Jeff Clark at all three scheduled TV debates. Jeff Clark has accepted.

    Whether the other challenger attends, neither the incumbent, nor Jeff Clark really care.

    Even the Chamber of Commerce so far has only the Indy Greens Jeff Clark and the incumbent scheduled to attend.

    Joe Oddo ran as the Independent Greens candidate in the 5th congressional district previously and was included in all TV and radio debates…

    So this is the norm to have the Independent Green in the congressional debates in Virginia.

    In the other race, Jeff Vanke has Harvard Phd. Running as centrist. Independent Green endorsee.. This 6th district is Virginia’s western most. Vanke is in his mid forties, tall, slim, scholarly.

    In the 6th district in the last cylce the Independent Greens congressional district chair Janice Lee Allen also had a Phd. Janice’s degree was in theology. Like most Indy Greens, Dr. Allen ran as conservative, center right candidate. The Indy Greens Allen was on the ballot as an Independent, which has been the norm for the Independent Greens of Virginia.

    Every year more Independent Green Party members are on the ballot as Independents.

  2. paulie

    Every year more Independent Green Party members are on the ballot as Independents.

    What makes them members? Do they pay dues? Belong or not belong to other parties? Seek and/or accept your endorsement?

  3. martyva

    when was Jeff clark made the 5th district chair of the indy greens? I have known him a while now and he has never mentioned it before.

  4. Joe Oddo

    Actually Oddo was excluded from the first debate until the incumbent verbally polled the audience and declared that he ought to be included. Four opportunities did present themselves for the Indie Green nominee and the discourse, agenda and tone were positively affected as a result.

  5. Dan Raju

    Modern Whig Press Release

    Jeff Vanke, a proud member of the Modern Whig Party, is currently running head-to-head against a vulnerable big-government Republican in what is now tantamount to a two-person race. The Roanoke, Virginia moderate is polling in double digits against his opponent in perhaps the only race of its kind. This campaign is truly unique because a viable independent is gaining substantial ground in a district featuring no Democratic opposition coupled with a vulnerable Republican incumbent.


    Office Sought: House
    State: Virginia
    District: 06
    Party: IND (Independent)


    Party: No Associated Party

    ROANOKE, Virginia 24016

    VANKE WEBSITE SAYS Endorsements from individuals across the political spectrum, and from: the American Centrist Party and the Independent Green Party of Virginia.


    http://jeffvanke.com/ Website search results for Modern Whig – 0 (None)

    From Modern Whig press release: In addition, the Modern Whig Party was designed in part to account for the fact that nobody will agree with 100 percent of a candidate’s platform. This campaign certainly will be no different. Our members are not lemmings and understand that common sense rationality ahead of stark ideology is the difference between a candidate who represents our core values and the typical cycle of the “lesser of two evils.” In this case, we believe that Jeff is in fact a man of action who operates within the core tenets of this political movement. He also is a humble man despite his exceptional resume. This is why Jeff never engages in personal attacks against his opponent. Instead, he cites verifiable facts and statistics so that the voter can make his or her own mind.

    Individuals Who Gave To: VANKE, JEFFREY W
    Sorted By Transaction Type Then Last Name
    Committee(s) Used In This Query:


    The query you have chosen matched 0 individual contributions.

    The Center Party will be governed by its Board of Citizens. Founder and Chairman is Jeffrey Vanke of Roanoke, Virginia. Thirty-nine-year-old Vanke was born in Ohio and raised in North Carolina, and is at home in Roanoke, Virignia. An Eagle Scout, Vanke attended public schools, and he earned a Ph.D. in history at Harvard University. A former college professor (asst.) at Guilford College, Vanke is a stay-at-home dad of two children, ages 4 and 7. He is also an author of fiction and non-fiction, most recently of Europeanism and European Union.

    I have question for Modern Whigs: Vanke is Modern Whig but runs independent? Vanke is Modern Whig but starts and runs the center party in VA? I see no Modern Whig Party in VA when I look online and call. Is there Modern Whig Party in VA?

    http://centerpartyus.blogspot.com/ I search Vanke blog and he never mention Modern Whig.

    I think Modern Whig Party hijacking campaign of Vanke as their campaign. If Vanke cites facts he must explain Modern Whig press release.

  6. guy fawkes

    Polling for CA Governor candidate for Constitution Party is at 1%! Chelene Nightingale 1%. The peace and freedom candudate is polling at 2% His name is Alavarez. Go peace and freedom!!

  7. Curt Justice

    Dan Raju,
    Jeff Vanke states being a member of the Modern Whig Party on his FRONT PAGE:

    From: http://jeffvanke.com/

    “Member of the centrist Modern Whig Party (national site, Virginia chapter). Endorsed by individuals across the political spectrum and by: the American Centrist Party and the Independent Green Party of Virginia.”

  8. Andrew Evans

    @Dan Raju
    Jeff Vanke has decided to merger the Center Party into the Modern Whig Party and he is listed as an independent because that is what he is listed on as the ballot. The Modern Whig Party would never “hijack” anyone’s campaign. Even if we did, honestly we would have no clue about how to go about that.

    Andrew Evans
    National Chairman
    Modern Whig Party

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