Nicholas Payne Honors Daughter in Run for State House

In Connecticut, Green Party member Nicholas Payne wants to be next State Representative from the 67th District. The candidate is quite clear about his motivations:

“I’m doing this so other families don’t have to bury their kids; that’s the real reason,” said Payne, whose 22-year-old daughter, Rebecca, a Northeastern University student in Boston, was shot to death in her off-campus apartment two years ago.

From what they have learned from the active investigation into their daughter’s murder, Payne said he and his wife, Virginia, have come to believe the unknown killers are somehow connected to the city’s drug trade. Detectives informed Payne and his wife, Virginia, that their investigation determined that their only child had no drug connection and was not the intended target of the crime.

That bit of comfort is not enough to quell the grief this couple lives with every day. So Payne opted to channel that grief so he can make a difference. Running for state legislator seemed an appropriate route, he said.

Payne’s primary campaign focus is the legalization and regulation of illicit drugs. The candidate adds that, “The expense of the state’s failed drug policies are a “tragedy for some, but a waste of money for everyone.”

His opponent, five-term incumbent Clark Chapin, is an assistant minority leader and the Republican ranking member of the Environment Committee. There are no other candidates in the race. Payne does not currently have a fleshed-out website, but he does appear to be running an active campaign targeting Democratic and unaffiliated voters via moped.

6 thoughts on “Nicholas Payne Honors Daughter in Run for State House

  1. Robert Milnes

    OK, this candidate has a reasonable chance to win. This is an equivalent to a Top Two election. Green v Republican-“…no other candidates…”. He still should run a PLAS campaign. But if he doesn’t, we’ll see how it turns out.

  2. Robert Milnes

    Top Two election via PLAS. How else would a Green wind up Top 2 except by the extraordinary circumstance of NO DEMOCRAT candidate-or via PLAS?

  3. Teresa Fullwood

    Nicholas Payne will make an excellent representative. I’ll declare an interest. I am his sister in Britain.

    He has a long standing interest in civic life. He will always endeavor to be fair. His training and working life as an engineer mean that he knows that you understand the concepts and then you understand the system.

  4. Teresa Fullwood

    I’ll also comment on the proposals on drugs. He is proposing a model based on public health and regulation. Portugal went for de-criminalisation, the only European country to do so, in 2001, and have had time to look at the differences it has made.

    “No increase in drug use”- which is what most concerns the public anywhere in the world.

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