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PICAYUNE — Libertarian Fourth Congressional District candidate Tim Hampton, in his second visit to Picayune in a month on Thursday, said that voters are looking for “fresh faces” and are tired of the “same old professional politicians who do nothing but tax and spend and ignore the hard working middle class.”

Hampton, a Hattiesburg businessman, faces GOP nominee Steven Palazzo, a state legislator from Biloxi, incumbent Democrat Gene Taylor of Bay St. Louis and Reform Party candidate Anna Jewel Reveis of Hattiesburg in the Nov. 2 General Election for the fourth congressional seat.


As a longtime high school coach, Ken Cannon, the Kansas Reform Party’s candidate for governor, knows an important ingredient in any upset is the belief in its possibility.

“We are in it to win it,” he said by telephone Thursday morning. “The Republicans think they have it locked up, and I hope they continue to think that.”

Speaking from Kansas City, where his father is hospitalized as the result of a recent traffic accident, Cannon said he doesn’t view his candidacy as a longshot.

“As my wife, Connie, and I have crisscrossed Kansas, time after time, thousands of times, people have told me there’s no way they are voting for the Republican candidate, and that they are sick and tired of all the fighting between the major parties,” he said. “People are ready for a change. It’s not a good time to be an incumbent or a career politician.”

Armed with a resume featuring 36 years as teacher, coach and administrator, with some business experience to boot (as manager of shopping malls in Salina and Hays), Cannon sees himself as the man to rally the state.


Washington State:

Other candidates

The ballot has a total of 15 candidates running for Senate. A few of the remaining 11 – four Democrats, three Republicans, one Reformer, one Centrist and two without any party preference – may harbor faint hopes that somehow they get one of the spots to move from the top-two primary to the general, and from there land in the Senate for a six-year term, annual pay of $174,000 and benefits.

But most are in it to highlight a particular cause or issue, or as an annual exercise in participatory democracy. Also on the primary ballot for U.S. Senate are:

Norma Gruber, of Walla Walla, a retired bank worker running as a Republican.

Mohammad Said, of Ephrata, a physician running for the Centrist Party.

Goodspaceguy, of Seattle, who supports space colonization, running as a Democrat.

Mike The Mover, of Mill Creek, a moving company owner running as a Democrat.

Mike Latimer, of Des Moines, who wants the nation to return to God, running as a Republican.

James Mercer, of Bellevue, a physicist and University of Washington professor, running with no party preference.

Schalk Leonard, of Poulsbo, a retired Navy judge advocate general, running with no party preference.

Bob Burr, of Bellingham, a retired insurance executive, running as a Democrat.

William Chovil, of Tacoma, a retired postal worker, running as a Republican.

Charles Allen, of Seattle, a health care administrator, running as a Democrat.

Will Baker, of Tacoma, a government activist, running for the Reform Party.

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  1. Jake

    Mississippi has a full-slate of congressional candidates with the Reform Party.

    Louisiana has a man running for Senate. (

    Maine has a candidate for governor who is currently in a ballot access lawsuit with the state named Alex Hammer.

    Wisconsin has an endorsed Independent candidate for state legislator named Frank Rutherford in one of the state’s more rural districts.

    California had two local candidates in the past May Elections.

    Rhode Island has endorsed a man for LT. Governor who wants to get rid of the position in general. His name escapes me but he has done excellent in previous elections.

    There might be a few more in the coming weeks.

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