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San Antonio Express-News: For Kat Swift, it isn’t easy being Green

By Gilbert Garcia – Express-News

At the 2008 King William Fair, Kat Swift was easy to spot.

Amidst the parade marchers, the food vendors, and the Fiesta revelers who flooded the streets, Swift was the lone person with blond cornrows wearing a Wonder Woman costume and carrying a clipboard.

Swift, 37, the San Antonio-based state coordinator for the Green Party of Texas, showed up at the fair to gather signatures for the party’s drive to get on the Texas election ballot.

The soft-spoken Swift readily acknowledges that her costume choice that day was a gimmick geared to lighten the inherent awkwardness of approaching total strangers and asking them to sign a piece of paper on behalf of a fringe political movement.

But on a deeper level, Swift was also summoning some superhero mojo for a task that she and many other independent political activists in Texas consider to be a Herculean undertaking.

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  1. Danny S Danny S July 25, 2010

    In the article, one Democratic consultant stated that the GP should have challenged the state’s ballot access laws in court. Surely, if he is a veteran pol in Texas, he would know that such a challenge would not win.

  2. Richard Winger Richard Winger July 25, 2010

    Good point, Danny S. You are right. I blogged about this story and criticized the ignorance of the Democratic consultant and also criticized the reporter for not calling him on it.

  3. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative July 25, 2010

    Thanks for the this excellent post about the Green Party and kat swift.

    Danny & Richard Winger,

    you’re both correct.

    Just two days ago I heard a similar conversation. It was about a dinner between the Independent Green Party 5th district Chairman, and candidate for congress, U.S. Army veteran and conservative Independent Jeff Clark.

    A former congressman supporting Jeff Clark told him that he should file a law suit over a certain issue in the campaign.

    Now this former conservative congressman surely knows such law suits have seldom succeeded.

    What they do is eat up time, energy, and money.

    As experience, and Richard Winger’s excellent reporting often shows..

    So the moral of the story. Take with a grain of salt what the two larger party veterans tell Green Party candidates couched as constructive advice. Oft time’s it’s just the opposite.

    It’s great to see kat swift and the Green Party continue to get coverage…

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