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The Snitker Paradox

[Note: I am aware we have had a sudden influx of posts on Alexander Snitker, but I have been working on this article for a couple of days now and will darn well post it!]

In Florida, Marine Corps veteran Alex Snitker is the first Libertarian to ever appear on the ballot for US Senate. His campaign has been aggressive; a recent press release points out that he has about 20 active volunteer staff and 250 ground volunteers.

Nevertheless, the campaign has struggled to break into the popular limelight. In May, an internal poll put Snitker at 2.5% (however, the polling firm did not release a margin of error, so beware of the accuracy). About those numbers:

Another curious note, when voters know Snitker, he appears to take the largest chunk from Meek [the Democrat], though the margin of error in this question is likely too high to draw conclusions.

Then recently PublicPolicyPolling, one of the most prolific pollsters this cycle, released their own numbers on the race. These numbers put Snitker at 3% when Kendrick Meek is the Democratic nominee, and 4% with Jeff Greene- with a margin of error of 3.26%. But the head-to-head numbers may not be as interesting as who makes up Snitker’s support.

To crunch some numbers for the reader:

Snitker is viewed favorably by

  • 7% of McCain voters and 27% of Obama voters
  • 24% of moderates, 24% of liberals, and 4% of conservatives
  • 18% of independents, 27% of Democrats, and 5% of Republicans

Snitker is viewed unfavorably by

  • 17% of moderates, 21% of liberals, and 24% of conservatives
  • 26% of McCain voters and 15% of Obama voters
  • 15% of independents, 17% of Democrats, and 27% of Republicans

All of this points out something very interesting about Alex Snitker’s campaign: while a quick look at his campaign website shows that the candidate has been courting the Tea Party, some of his greatest potential support may be found in those who dislike that movement.

To be fair, Republicans in Florida may be developing a knee-jerk antipathy to third party movements. There has been lots of conflict in that state between the Tea Party (a political party) and more Republican Tea Partiers. This probably explain the negative favorables from conservatives and Republicans towards the candidate. And of course, a majority of voters still aren’t familiar with Snitker, so there is plenty of room to grow in any direction. The candidate could not be reached via email, but I welcome any comments from the Snitker campaign.

This seems to be a never-ending debate in the LP- whose support should you target? In 2008, Mike Munger targeted disenchanted progressives to qualify the LP in North Carolina through his gubernatorial run. And now, radio host Michael Beitler is running for US Senate and is polling somewhere between 6% and 10%. His strongest numbers are among independents, liberals, and African-Americans.

On the other hand, the traditional perception of the Texas LP is that it has a more conservative constituency. This state affiliate managed 1 million votes in a judicial race last year, and it has managed to stay on the ballot since 2004 in one of the most unfriendly states toward minor parties. This year, its gubernatorial nominee (Kathie Glass) has run on a decidedly Tea Party favor, gaining endorsements and running to the right of incumbent Rick Perry on many issues.

You can see Snitker’s campaign website here.


  1. Pat Pat August 31, 2010

    The only paradox is how the man Florida Libertarians call “Adolph Snitker” because of his program being the same as the US Nazi party is given any credence. Oh wait, his allies are Hawkridge, Mattson, and Kirkland in the destruction with the GOP of the LP Florida, right?.

  2. Danny S Danny S July 23, 2010

    We have Alex Snitker’s campaign covered VERY thoroughly atm.

  3. John Jay Myers John Jay Myers July 23, 2010

    Dang you Paulie, you and your thouroughness.

  4. Ross Levin Ross Levin July 23, 2010

    Very interesting piece. Thanks for writing this.

  5. Vaughn Vaughn July 23, 2010

    In addition than anti-war, the support from liberals also shows a frustration with the Democratic party and the acknowledgment that the eventually Democrat nominee (probably Kendrick Meeks) will likely lose.

  6. George Whitfield George Whitfield July 22, 2010

    The Snitker campaign is promising a major announcement on Sunday, July 25th at 6 pm. Sounds interesting.

  7. Bryan Bryan July 22, 2010

    I wish a large part of the LP would remove their heads from their rectums, and face the real facts.

    I know many members of the LGBT community who are fiscally conservative (it’s true that many in this community are well educated and high earners). They could be expected to give the LP a legitimate ear…

    I know of almost no “independent” fiscal conservatives or conservative libertarians which would appeal to this fairly large group, and in fact oppose their basic civil rights.

    I know of many African-Americans who are socially conservative, but could live with a libertarian ideal of “hands off”, who would support us because of the D’s stand on some of these issues.

    There are many on college campuses which would support the LP, if they knew that being “anti-war” is something the LP has on it’s agenda. Some of these people see the military over-reach as their #1 issue.

    The list could go on, but I know I’m just preaching to the choir, and that those who oppose a “big-tent” LP CANNOT be swayed in their bigoted and militaristic opinions.

  8. George Whitfield George Whitfield July 22, 2010

    Alex Snitker and the Florida Libertarians are running a great campaign so far. I wish them the best.

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