Bud Chiles Drops To 8% (PPP) In FL Gubernatorial Race

PPP released the results today of its latest poll of the Florida gubernatorial race. The poll puts Democrat Alex Sink at 41%, Republican Rick Scott at 34%, and Independent Bud Chiles at 8%.

Tom Jensen comments on Chiles’ support:

When Bud Chiles first got into the race for Florida Governor it seemed like just another piece of bad news for an Alex Sink campaign that didn’t seem to be going anywhere. She was already trailing Bill McCollum in the polls and it seemed like Chiles, as the son of a popular former Democratic Governor, would just pull even more votes from Sink.

It hasn’t exactly worked out that way though. Instead general election numbers we’ll release tomorrow show that most of Chiles’ support is coming from Republicans. If Rick Scott is the GOP nominee 47% of Chiles voters are Republicans and 30% are Democrats… It seems what his candidacy is actually doing is providing a landing spot for Republican voters who dislike one of their primary choices so much they won’t support them in the general if they get the nomination. Of course whether that holds after there’s been some time to heal remains to be seen.

PPP’s last poll of the race had Chiles at 14%. Other pollsters have pegged the candidate to 16% and 13% support.

2 thoughts on “Bud Chiles Drops To 8% (PPP) In FL Gubernatorial Race

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Great news. Bud should be ashamed of himself for following into the Naderite conspiracy. Hopefully he will drop out.

  2. Daniel Imperato

    I as with all others on the ballot have the God-given right to participate in our free society election process.

    Now if voters can see beyond the polished-ticians and the party hacks, and the big money, they will select the most qualified candidate.

    I have spent my time learning to build businesses around the world and CAN and WILL bring jobs to Florida as next governor.

    Polls have proven wrong as always, and will again. Watch for a surprise in November.

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