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Canada Greens Draft Hockey Heavyweight for Deputy Leader

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

The Green Party of Canada has recruited recently retired Montreal Canadiens hockey player Georges Laraque to be Deputy Leader, replacing the recently departed Jacques Rivard. Will that give them discounts on montreal canadiens tickets, probably not!

“It’s because he has just a tremendous following,” she [Elizabeth May] said by phone from Vancouver. “People know him as an NHL player and people who ordinarily wouldn’t think they might vote Green might just give a listen to things Georges has to say.”

Rivard has been active in numerous social causes, most recently animal rights and development work in Haiti.

I have this project in Haiti that I’m working on. I’m rebuilding the Grace Children’s Hospital. I work for TerraSphere now, which is a reason why I retired from the NHL. It’s a vertical farming company, which is really important to me, because their green technology will be implemented all over the world to solve world hunger. I will also be promoting other green technology to help improve our environment.

Appointing Laraque adds a popular personality across Canada to the Green Party’s leadership, as well as boosts the Party’s presence in Quebec where it has struggled of late.

Read more:

CTV News: “New Role for ex-Hab Laraque: Greens’ deputy leader”

National Post: “Georges Laraque: From hockey heavyweight to Green party draft pick”

(Thanks to Peter with Barrie Greens for stories)

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  1. Vaughn Vaughn August 9, 2010

    93k doesn’t seem Perot rich.

  2. Vaughn Vaughn August 9, 2010

    I checked the few ‘celebrities’ that are registered to vote in Ohio after the primary and didn’t see switch to being a Green.

    Not Dave Chapelle

    or Peter Frampton (I guess he doesn’t feel like we doooo)

  3. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative August 8, 2010

    Wyclf Jean is on CNN right now.

    Just heard him say he wants to be President who can work with all parties.

    Two points:

    That would include the Haitian Green Party.

    It sounds like he may be leaning toward Independent run..

    It’s not clear..yet… show is still on..

  4. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative August 8, 2010


    Thanks for your kind, and considerate remarks.

    Here’s the deal. I saw something on the internet about this. Sometime last week or so…and have been searching the internet for what I thought was reported meeting between Wyclef and the Haitian Green Party. Can’t find it. Can’t prove it.

    So it’s speculation. Until, I find the proof. As for what Wycle said on 60 Minutes. That ain’t hard to confirm. Go watch 60 minutes online.

    To my ear what Wyclef said, his approach to politics is very much the Green Party platform.

    Obviously I’m biased. Thus the name: Green Party Conservative. As the poet wrote, “Thou much is taken, much abides….”

    I am that I am.

    Most of my posts are links to Green Party stories. Which I think adds value to this site and others.

    I seldom write more than sentence fragments…and offer links at face value.

    Most comments are constructive and positive.

    If you really want stuff entirely made up…go watch FOX.

  5. Deran Deran August 8, 2010

    GPC makes stuff up out of whole cloth. To them there is no ideological core. I don’t understand why they don’t take all the asundry posts over to Green Party Watch? Or have they been banned from there?

  6. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative August 8, 2010

    In recent TV interview on 60 Minutes – perhaps two months ago – Wyclef Jean talked about how to rebuild Haiti. He described the Green New Deal – solar, wind, hydro energy creating jobs, building schools, housing that Green Party candidates are running on around the world.

    The Haitian Green Party has shared Wyclef Jean’s concerns on deforestation issues. People cut down all the trees for energy. Alternative green energy helps to solve that problem.

  7. Paulie Paulie August 8, 2010

    Yeah, already posted that one. How about responding to 8-9?

  8. paulie paulie August 8, 2010

    Now the U.S. Green Party needs Shaq O’Neal to become the national Vice Chairman for the Green Party.

    Charles Barkley would also make excellent Green Party candidate.

    Brett Farve as Green Party quarterback for governor…

    Are any of them Greens, or even close, ideologically?

    Barkley is a Republican fan of Rush Limbaugh. No idea about Shaq or Favre.

  9. paulie paulie August 8, 2010

    Another Haitian Wyclef Jean appears to be running for President, and perhaps also as Green Party candidate.

    Do you have any sources that indicate that Wyclef is a green? Or did you just make that up?

  10. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative August 8, 2010

    Green Party appears to have many different candidates in various green spinter parties of in Minnesota

    This story summarizes them;

    – There’s an ecology party led by former Green Party candidate
    – gender rights party
    and a Grassroots party.

    It’s unfortunate they can not all work together under one Independence/Green Party banner..

    Green Party candidate
    candidate Farheen Hakeem

    Minneapolis activist and teacher Farheen Hakeem has run for office three times under the Green Party , which had the status as the fourth major party in Minnesota from 2000 until 2004. Hakeem ran for mayor of Minneapolis, a Hennepin County commissioner seat and for House District 61B. While she didn’t win, Hakeem managed to get between 14 and 30 percent of the vote in each race.

  11. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative August 8, 2010

    Texarkana Gazette …

    “…Green Party challenger who’s dubbed her “Queen Martha.”

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