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Florida Tea Party Congratulates Rick Scott on Winning the Republican Nomination for Governor

“It is a great day for Florida,” stated Tea Party Founder and Chairman Fred O’Neal upon learning of Rick Scott’s victory in the Republican primary.

The Florida Tea Party (a political party with candidates on the ballot -p) made the election of Rick Scott and the defeat of Bill McCollum a top priority in the primary.

“We’re pleased that the McCollum operatives were unsuccessful in trying to confuse and destabilize the Scott campaign with an coordinated effort of bogus phone calls and misrepresentations about our party,” stated Doug Guetzloe, an un-paid consultant for the Tea Party, Florida’s only officially recognized Tea Party. “The efforts of the McCollum campaign to employ ‘trackers’ and dirty tricks operatives Everett Wilkinson and Don Henserling fell on deaf ears among our tea party activists and tea party organizations that are supporting the Tea Party,” Guetzloe concluded.

Everett Wilkinson is the individual who stalked and disrupted the Rick Scott news conference two weeks ago that led to nearly every tea party organization in the state to call for Wilkinson’s removal of all tea party activities. Wilkinson has refused to step down in spite of the near unanimous call for his resignation. Don Henserling admitted last week that the Republican Party of Florida was paying him for his legal activities attempting to undermine the Tea Party. Both men have been totally discredited by their association with the corrupt Republican Party of Florida and the Bill McCollum campaign.

“Fortunately with McCollum’s loss, the dirty tricks squad of the RPOF will fall silent, at least as far as the Governor’s campaign in concerned. We will support Rick Scott’s involvement in dismantling the RPOF machine and putting a new party mechanism in place that will support Republican ideals and core values,” Guetzloe concluded. Guetzloe was one of the first GOP party officials to call for a full forensic audit of Jim Greer’s finances over 14 months ago. Guetzloe was removed from his elected GOP position by Greer for “trouble-making.”

The TEA Party sent out over 100,000 emails in support of the Rick Scott candidacy as well as text messaging and voice mail alerts to TEA Party supporters.

The TEA Party looks forward to uniting all tea party factions behind the Scott candidacy in his November match-up with liberal Alex Sink.

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  1. Ron Ron October 13, 2010

    It’s good to see the TEA Party living up to my expectations. Are all of your endorsed candidates men/women who have bilked billions from the federal government? Is that a requirement to be a TEA Party candidate. They must be so proud. He at least takes advantage of the his constitutional rights to not incriminate himself. What a guy. The Party must be so proud.

  2. Diana Diana September 18, 2010

    I’m sorry but its hard for me to trust any candidate who has a “Bush” family member supporting him!! Right away a red flag goes up!! I voted for Jeb Bush and ex-king George Bush. I will not vote any traitors into public office! Where does Mr. Scott stand on restoring the constitution, supporting tenth amendment legislation for Florida? Is he pro-life? So far the only good thing I have found out is the NRA supports him, but this is only one of many very important issues. He can say all he wants about having a plan to put Florida to work, but if he will not stand up against DC by supporting and promoting tenth amendment issues in this state and even the successionist movement, jobs won’t mean much under total tyranny!! Where exactly does he stand on these vital issues? Again, can we trust someone who has a Bush backing him?!

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