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George Phillies: ‘Islamophobia is an opposite of Libertarian’

By George Phillies:

Our National (LP) Party Platforms over the years have been quite clear on this matter. The 2010 Platform includes “We condemn bigotry as irrational and repugnant… We favor the freedom to engage in or abstain from any religious activities that do not violate the rights of others. We oppose government actions which either aid or attack any religion.”

There is of course a theme in American politics opposite to Libertarianism. It’s the modern Republican theme. 160 years ago, that theme was the Anti-Catholic position of the American Party, one of the forbearers of the modern Republican Party: In its bigoted view, Catholicism was the religion of the people then described as ‘the darker races of Europe’…the Irish and the Catholics. Two thirds of a century ago, a theme of bigotry was anti-Semitism, prejudice against the Jews, one of the Semitic peoples of the Middle East.

Now a theme of conservative bigots is Islamophobia, prejudice against one of the other Semitic peoples of the Middle East. And on top of those themes, we must recall, was bigotry against African- Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Greeks, Hungarians, Poles…the list is long, and our newspaper only has so many pages.

Recently, Islamophobia has reared its ugly head within the ranks of our Libertarian Party. New York Islamites propose to build the Cordoba House, a modest (relative to the buildings around it) 13-story Islamic community center on Park Place in downtown Manhattan. The proposal, like almost everything in New York City, was controversial. Republican bigots like Newt Gingrich came out against the building. That controversy spread to the front page of and An editorial drafted by Party interns came out in favor of the right of the supporters of this private project to proceed.

And then several of our allegedly libertarian National Party leading lights decided to sound off on the matter.

Wayne Root, posting at, gave a long message reading in small part: “The answer is simple for a common sense American- I support religious freedom, as all Americans should. But this is not a case of religious freedom. This proposed building of a mosque on hallowed ground is an ATROSITY towards America. It is an offense to build a mosque in that location- an offense to all Americans (including Muslim Americans), all Christians and Jews, all relatives of 3000 dead heroes at the World Trade Center.

Former Presidential candidate John Hospers, appearing on said, “So, too, the building of a mosque at the attack site where thousands of our own perished in an act of war – must not be allowed.”

To these two men I respond: Sorry, gentlemen, your positions are totally the opposite of Libertarian and everything our party represents. I’m sorry that you have so totally missed the point of the fundamental libertarian belief in personal liberty.

Other takes on the “mosque” controversy: John Jay Myers, Darryl Perry, Wayne Root, John Hospers, Reactions to Root’s piece from the libertarian blogosphere, LNC member Daniel Wiener, Tom Knapp, Kristin Davis, Warren Redlich, Carl Paladino, and LPHQ interns Marissa Giannotta and Josh Roll.

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  1. Erik G. Erik G. August 16, 2010

    Well said, George!

  2. Again I state Again I state August 16, 2010

    You don’t have a clue. Boy you really don’t have a clue. I am being very polite on this blog for words I would like to say.
    Islamic is a radical religion for which they would have NO PROBLEM to CUT YOUR DAM HEAD OFF. First hand to someone too close to home I know DIED IN THAT 911 mess. To build that mosque is a slap in the face of the American people. Why don’t you move to Islam/IRAN and see how quickly you will survive there. If WE THE PEOPLE don’t protect our own and this America was built on a Republic not Islamic views which will NOT stop there. You want to opinion-ate that I am not a libertarian. So be it. There is a time when not to let the line be crossed. Because if you give them an inch they will take a mile. If you don’t realize this, the you my good man is a SHEEPLE.

  3. Dennis Dennis August 16, 2010

    @ 2,
    You are confusing Islamic Extremism with Orthdodox Islamic teaching. Islam is no more, or less, violent than Christianity, which has (at times) advocating policies to “CUT YOUR DAM HEAD OFF.”

  4. George Phillies George Phillies August 16, 2010

    Kill them Kill them all, and let God sort them out.

    That was, it seems a Cardinal of the Roman Church, discussing how to deal with a captured city that contained some number of heretics.

    Hanging (all but 1) that was the Pilgrim forefathers, dealing with witches until the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court was persuaded to rule that spectral evidence — the core evidence in witch trials — was inadmissable because the specter could not be cross-examined or penalized for perjury.

    Burned to the ground — various Catholic monasteries and nunneries in mid-19th century America.

  5. George Phillies George Phillies August 16, 2010

    Stuff their mailbox with a copperhead — done to several witches living in the deep south in the last two decades.

  6. Bob Bob August 16, 2010

    The left wing progressives have been trying to Hijack the party, since I became a member.
    In the mid 90s.
    I am glad most party members have seen these folks for what they are.
    Dennis, when was the last time a Christian threatened to cut off your head?
    Name a Christian leader, in the last 100 years, that said that was a good idea..
    Religions, like some people, grow.
    Orthodox Islam is Radical Islam. If you are preaching Peace, Love, and Understanding:
    Your not a part of Orthodox Islam.

  7. Erik G. Erik G. August 16, 2010

    Bob @ 7:

    Clearly you haven’t been paying attention to all the abortion clinic violence perpetrated by Christians, or all the violence put forth in the name of Christianity by the Klan. There’s also all sorts of Christian violence, extremism, and terrorism throughout the world.

  8. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp August 16, 2010


    It wasn’t a cardinal. It was an abbot.

  9. Melty Melty August 16, 2010

    As an equal opportunity elitist and animistic pantheist, I disdain all abrahamic religions, yet I stand in favor of their right to practice their religion, just as i would have them alllow me to practice mine.

    I’m delighted to see this voiced. The misrepresentation of libertarianism lately on here from Root and Hospers has been infuriating.

    Rhetorically, I’m offended by the racist use of “African-American” in the above article, and the snide use of “sorry”.

  10. Bottom line Bottom line August 16, 2010

    We can argue about labels all day. Is it “mainstream” or “orthodox” or “Sharia” or “Sunni”…..blah blah blah. The bottom line is that, in those countries that ARE Islamic today, in the real world, there is little of the various freedoms that Libertarians profess to support. More Islam = less freedom, particularly if you are female. Islam itself mean “submission”, not “peace” or “coexistence” or “tolerance”.

    I would refer you to the psuedo-fictional “Tea with Terrorists”. In real life, the author was forcibly held by Islamic radicals, who ended up respecting his knowledge of the Koran so much, they did not kill him, but rather released him. His education and exposure to the radicals convinced the author that Islam is inherently antithetical to western society and its values of freedom and individual liberty. You may not want to hear this, because it will force objective thinkers to rethink the limits to what constitutes a religion and what constitutes tyranny. The expression, note expression, not the intellectual thought process itself” of the doctrine of Islam is NO more a religion than that of the doctrine of Aryan superiority. Both represent tyranny, and thuggery when allowed to flourish. Don’t be fooled by tyranny masquerading as religion. This is not what causes freedom to flourish, it uses freedom itself as a tool to grow that which would extinguish freedom.

  11. Erik G. Erik G. August 16, 2010



    Global Peace Index 2010:
    #15 Qatar
    #23 Oman
    #37 Tunisia
    #39 Kuwait
    #44 United Arab Emirates
    #49 Egypt
    #56 Libya
    #57 Burkina Faso
    #58 Morocco
    #65 Albania
    #67 Indonesia
    #68 Jordan
    #70 Bahrain

    Yes, admittedly, many Islamic nations have poor civil liberties records, but so did many non-Islamic countries before the last 50 years or so (it was only a generation ago that we didn’t let blacks vote in vast swaths of the U.S.).

    Nevertheless, the idea of Islam being inherently ‘violent’ is clearly bullshit, as evidenced by the Global Peace Index.

  12. Dan Wiener Dan Wiener August 16, 2010

    There’s a well-known quote from Alan Dershowitz that “The best answer to bad speech is good speech.” That’s why I’m intrigued by Greg Gutfield’s plans to open a gay bar in the same vicinity, which will be especially friendly to Muslims (e.g., it will serve non-alcoholic drinks).

    As Gutfield puts it (see, “It is an effort to break down barriers and reduce deadly homophobia in the Islamic world.”

  13. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen August 16, 2010

    This is not about Islamophobia.
    This is not about US Foreign or Military Policy.

    This is about George Phillies not liking Wayne Root.


    We don’t have an honest discussion here.
    It’s just mud and poo slinging.

    Professor Phillies should be ashamed.

    But as a Libertarian, I know that ‘should’ is quite different from ‘is’.

    So here I again register my protest for Mister Phillies to waste all those pixels and electrons wasting our time BSing us about some new thing he doesn’t like about Wayne.

    Hey George!
    How’s about you just focus on one thing?
    Such as Membership growth in your County.

    Because a philosopher or leader of any sort, you are not.

    And if you are stuck on pretending you are….
    How’s about you find a new song to play on your violin, one that’s not about what Wayne Root said.

    You and David Nolan both have a man-crush on Wayne.

  14. Bruce's Man-Crush on Root Bruce's Man-Crush on Root August 16, 2010

    Cohen: “How’s about you find a new song to play on your violin, one that’s not about what Wayne Root said.”

    Yes, let’s all ignore what Root says … unless we like what he said.

    It’s always okay to praise Root — but no one must criticize Root.

    Such is the logic of Bruce Cohen.

  15. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman August 16, 2010

    Certainly bigotry should be condemned. At the same time there is no doubt that Islam as a religion promotes restrictions on freedom and on rational thought, and libertarians necessarily have a philosophical disagreement with those aspects of Islam.

    Likewise libertarians have a disagreement with the Catholic Church over its advocacy of restrictions on freedom and rational thought, and a disagreement with other Christian sects over the same issues.

    If Mr Phillies could write in such a way as to make his point without calling everyone else a bigot, it might make a discussion of these matters worth pursuing.

  16. Matt Matt August 16, 2010

    While I agree that Root is wrong on this, I can’t help but feel Phillies hatred towards him is the main motivator for this article. (perhaps hatred is slightly too strong) There are obviously some disagreements in opinions on this, so why not a civil debate. Root is a self-proclaimed conservative libertarian, so why is it surprising that his view is slightly different? Also, this is an actual question, is this Roots personal view or does he think the mosque should not be allowed to be constructed? Because that should matter and be pointed out in the article.

  17. actually, Root is beyond actually, Root is beyond August 16, 2010

    the point of criticism, his news media, his exposure, everything he does and continue to do even though he didn’t get chair outweighs whatever nastyness he gets from Phillies. In the end Phillies nastyness will eat him up alive as he dwells in his own failure. In the meantime chair or no chair. Root is still pulling his own. And GROWWWWINGGG>.

    Also for those who have gays extending invitation towards muslim. HAAA HAAA ROFL. They don’t want gays around. They cut their heads off.

  18. George Phillies George Phillies August 16, 2010

    @9 I stand corrected.

    @13 If opened, it will be the 4th gay bar on that block.

    @14 Boo-hoo, whine, whine. If you do not like Messrs Root and Hospers being called out for taking non-libertarian stands, why don’t you try to get them to take libertarian stands instead?

    You may correctly assume that I have a list of other LNC members who have recently said even less brilliant things, and they are now waiting to take their turns.

    I am happy to slam conservative Republican bigots at every reasonable opportunity Every time a conservative Republican rants, another young American gets a clue that Republicans are not their type of party.

  19. actually, Root is beyond actually, Root is beyond August 16, 2010

    “Every time a conservative Republican rants, another young American gets a clue that Republicans are not their type of party.”

    Actually, George, Republicans are doing pretty well in the polls :

    Excerpt: “The current six-percentage-point Republican lead ties the largest for either party so far, although Republicans have generally tied or held an advantage over Democrats since Gallup began tracking the generic ballot in March.”

    This despite their abandonment of many conservative positions under Bush, when they were given the reins of power and revealed their preference for quick and dirty power grabs over both conservative principles and sound policy.

  20. George Phillies George Phillies August 16, 2010

    Actually, I said young people, and Republican performance among under-30s and single women is abominable. Hopefully, however, it will grow worse. Much worse. And then be joined by abysmal Democratic performance among the same groups. After all, that’s how we become a majority.

  21. Rocky Eades Rocky Eades August 17, 2010

    I still like the quote that has been making the rounds among my Facebook friends: “The US has been building ground zeros near mosques around the world for decades.”

  22. Observer Observer August 17, 2010

    Bruce @ 14: It is bizarre how you stick up for Root without any differences noted at all. Can’t you think for yourself? Is Wayne so weak that he can’t stick up for himself?

    If I were WAR, I’d be worried that you’re stalking him.

    Bruce, what would you suggest we do if we disagree with King Root? You’ve been around long enough to recognize that what he says is often quite unlike the Libertarian platform. So, do you think we should all shut up and let him destroy the public’s perception of what Libertarianism is?

    I applaud Dr Phillies for a well-thought out article.

    As far as Root growing the party, which is what everyone uses as an excuse for his mis-representation, I have yet to hear that our numbers are increasing that much.

    I believe it’s very possible he is deliberately trying to harm the party. Isn’t it true that he’s drinking buddies with Karl Rove?

  23. To Observer your an idiot To Observer your an idiot August 17, 2010

    It is because of Wayne Root, he has brought more exposure to the party. My guess you are a lefty. From what I understand the libertarian party has been hijacked by Lefties/liberals when really you belong in the dumcrap or greens parties. I heard this from a number of sources. Anytime something that might work. The mentally dysfunctional liberals want to come in a poop it all up.

    I see there is a physiological mind-set with lefties. The similarities are very much in co-en-sides with each other, whether dumcraps, greenies, socialist. If you don’t believe me. look at where you stand on the Libertarian test. You see what I have notice. This is becoming not a war among race, but a division of political parties. I believe all the lefties should move to the east state, starting with New York where it got poop up with the liberals. And the West Coast should be left to real freedom loving people, Conservative and true freedom loving libertarians. Then I think we could all be happy.

    No matter what Wayne does, he is out there exceeding no matter what position he is holding. He doesn’t have to be Chair to get exposure. He is doing fine regardless. Chair or no Chair. It didn’t stop him from getting this far. You on the other hand along with Phillies, if you are not out helping recruit because some of you people are busying youselves with this stupid blog, While WAYNE is out there in the REAL WORLD< DOING REAL THINGS.

  24. Sharia Law Sharia Law August 17, 2010

    Minnesota next somalia

    Minnesota under attack from Sharia Law. Ok some of you people. This is just the beginning. This is going to get bad real fast. You think they won’t turn this country starting with states into Muslim country.

    There was a liquor store that got thrashed in CA by muslim for selling liquor. So you people that want to welcome and bow down to these people. Like I said. They will CUT YOUR HEAD OFF.

    Also they celebrate with cuts to their heads called Ashoura.…ntiholo/evian/t17415.html
    This is very sick.

  25. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp August 17, 2010

    “It is because of Wayne Root, he has brought more exposure to the party.”

    Yup. Charles Manson brought more exposure to The White Album, too.

  26. @27 @27 August 17, 2010

    Wayne Root is not a murderer.

  27. Observer Observer August 17, 2010

    To Observer your (sic) an idiot @ 25: Ah, your carefully chosen words and fine spelling have convinced all of us that you are the future of the LP. Thanks for clarifying that.

  28. Maybe someone can Maybe someone can August 17, 2010

    actually post some of the pictures for everyone to see from #26. This is real sick sick stuff. Bruce would you do the honor?

  29. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp August 17, 2010


    Neither was Charles Manson, as you’d know if you bothered to look it up.

  30. To Knapp the idiot To Knapp the idiot August 17, 2010

    You are dead wrong. Let me quote wikipedia, fool, so you may understand your error.

    “He was found guilty of conspiracy to commit the Tate/LaBianca murders, carried out by members of the group at his instruction. He was convicted of the murders through the joint-responsibility rule”

    When an individual plans a murder which other execute, that individual IS guilty of murder. Next time, before you pretend to be an expert, it would save you embarrassment to at least check a basic reference.

  31. George Phillies George Phillies August 17, 2010


    Flagellation is a fine Christian religious custom, at least for some Christians. That’s in current 21st Century America.

    Other than that, please flow back under your rock.

    Mr Root seems dedicated to handing out ammunition faster than it can be fired.

    On the other hand, the LNC is using its web pages to advertise purely Republican candidates–I checked with the state committee in question, and those people have never been heard of. Their web pages and news coverage make clear that they really are Republicans. And when I politely advised the LNC of the situation, I got back a snarky response from — you’ll find out soon enough — telling me to mind my own business, including some incredibly ignorant comments about Massachusetts ballot access. Thank you for volunteering for that which is about to be done to you. Wayne will be grateful for the break.

    Meanwhile, I have been busy. The LNC refuses to support our Federal candidates the way real National Committees do, by handing out money. It thinks a larger building and staff are more important.

    Liberty for America, the political action committee, has started supporting Federal candidates, something that Mr. Root’s LNCC seems not to do, at least so far in its existence.

    Look for more of this in the future. Hopefully, much more.


  32. Dennis Dennis August 17, 2010

    @ 8,

    Thank you for mentioning the Klan.
    I was going to; you beat me to it.

  33. JT JT August 18, 2010

    George: “The LNC refuses to support our Federal candidates the way real National Committees do, by handing out money. It thinks a larger building and staff are more important.”

    You mean like the “real National Committees” that actually have many millions of dollars to hand out to their federal candidates? You’re something, George. Time to start planning for yet another losing national chair campaign in 2012.

  34. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp August 18, 2010


    “Murderer” and “found legally guilty of murder through the joint-responsibility rule” are two different things.

    Manson was convicted of murder — and not found to have been the actual killer.

    I do very much enjoy that rule, though. When and if some yahoo kills a Muslim of the non-Ground-Zero non-mosque, I fully intend to apply it to one Wayne Allyn Root.

  35. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi August 18, 2010

    gp33, has Oaksun — from the New Path slate — completed his bottom-up analysis of LNC revenues and expenses?

  36. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi August 18, 2010

    tk, I do believe I’m moving in your direction on CH in the sense that this matter has shaped up to be a HUGE teachable moment. Recall that I was concerned that Ls don’t have the bandwidth to be a meaningful news-cycle player, esp. when the issue broke.

    Now — to my amazement and disappointment — this is a major issue. I listened to rightwing radio on this y’day, and they sound like fish flopping on a pier — flailing, flipping, fulminating. The range of opinion is from “Islam is disqualified to be a religion in the US because of 9/11” to “well, yes, technically the CH Initiative has the constitutional right to build the center, but it’s insulting to the memories of those who died on 9/11.”

    It’s been said that frightened people can be vicious, and this thread in the public square makes that plain for me.

    What to do about the fact that some Ls buy into and exploit the fear? Still not obvious to me. Castigating frightened people seems to make them MORE fearful and paranoid.


    @36 Knapp, you are like the fool in the middle of a raging forest fire, who when alerted to the fact that “the pine trees all around us are on fire”, begins a dissertation on the fact that they are fir trees, not pine.

    The raging fire that is Islam will consume Western Civilization unless it is stopped.

    Your little diversion about Manson is but a diversion. Deal with the issue of Islamic radicalism or it will deal with you. This blog, the Libertarians on it, the free Internet, all will disappear if America becomes AmerAbia. And you obviously cannot look beyond fine scale detail when it comes to understanding that.

  38. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi August 18, 2010

    iiarn39: The raging fire that is Islam will consume Western Civilization unless it is stopped.

    me: tk, exhibit A of the paranoia amongst the anti-CH crowd. A few isolated incidents becomes a “raging fire.” ‘We will all die, die I tell you, unless this scourge is stopped’, the fearmongers seem to believe. The Islamophobes make the Red Menace-phobes look sane; at least the USSR represented a credible threat.

    Maybe we need them to watch THE CRUCIBLE with toothpicks pinning their eyes open til they are deprogrammed. 😉

  39. @40 @40 August 18, 2010

    People like you thought the same before the Gemany Holocust happened. So you will be one of the first people hauled into a nice fema Kamp.

  40. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp August 18, 2010


    Funny you should invoke the Holocaust. I was just wondering whether the shirt in your closet is brown or black.

  41. Bob Bob August 18, 2010

    Name a Christian that has threatened to cut off your Head..
    Just one.

  42. Incitatus4Congress Incitatus4Congress August 18, 2010

    As a St. Louisan I’ve been keeping a wary eye on those Bosnians Muslims. They exhibit highly suspicious behavior. It seems clear to me that they are positioning themselves into positions of positional strategery. Construction, retail, transport, plumbing, catering… they’re up to something for sure. I sometimes see them loitering on street corners in my neighborhood early in the morning. With their children. Who are then put onto mysterious yellow vehicles and driven… where? Who knows. But it’s probably unAmerican.

    As I said, a lot of them are in construction, ostensibly “gentrifying” rundown neighborhoods. But it’s a ruse, I fear. Those rehab’d two families might look like they’ve retained their early 20th century American architecture, but… I can’t help but notice that the pointy bits on the iron fences are always retained. Funny how, f you look at them from a certain angle, after a couple of 40s, they could be mistaken for minarets.

    Judge what it means for yourselves.

  43. George Phillies George Phillies August 18, 2010


    Primus, the New Path slate was almost entirely defeated, and the dominant coalition increased their hold on the LNC. The positions of the dominant coalition were set out at some length by the new Chair, they are substantially opposite in direction to the New Path proposals, and therefore I do not anticipate much progress in the New Path directions quickly.

    Secundus, for those of you who did not hear, Mr. Oaksun has had a death in the immediate family and has for some time been distracted. Indeed, he was unable to attend the Las Vegas LNC meeting. I am sure most of us can join me in sending to him our sympathies on this loss.

  44. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp August 18, 2010


    Yep. And when you really think about it, that mosque they’re building isn’t really very far from the site of the old arsenal where Lyon routed the Missouri State Guard in 1861. Obviously a triumphalist monument!

    I take it you’re over in the Bevo area?

  45. George Phillies George Phillies August 18, 2010


    Actually, in the normal world the amount of money you can hand out as a National Committee is constrained by your income. Our National Committee has a couple-three less zeroes in its effective income relative to what all the pieces of the D or R machines have, so therefore we should not be disappoint if its spending in this direction is somewhat smaller.

    Yes an LNC member could propose spending $ten million on candidate support relative to $one million in income, but those people would rapidly be hired away by the Office of Management and Budget because of their manifest talents as a Federal spending manager.

  46. Incitatus4Congress Incitatus4Congress August 18, 2010

    “I take it you’re over in the Bevo area?”

    No, in truth I’m dug in here in East Tower Grove fighting the hipsters and their equally nefarious agenda. Although, I am having trouble with Persian Silk Tree sapplings invading my yard, so that’s kind of a Muslim-related problem 😉

  47. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp August 18, 2010


    Ah — yeah, I’ve noticed halal food stores, etc. popping up in that area the last few years.

    Don’t get over that way as much as I’d like to (I’m up north). Used to try to eat at MoKaBe’s once a week, usually the night the Rainbow people did their “drumming in the park” thing.

  48. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson August 18, 2010

    We need to be damn careful about what these people are doing.

    I know damn well that algebra was originated by Muslims and since so many students have difficulty with it I’ll be that is what it was all about. To make American kids feel bad about themselves, get depressed and then the nation and economy will collapse.

    Don’t let your kids study algebra and if they have make them forget it. We need some algebra deprogramming businesses started real fast.

  49. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson August 18, 2010

    And remember the stink about French Fries that had to be renamed Freedom Fries. There’s all the stars with Arabic names. It’s about damn time we renamed them all. These are just the ones with names beginning with “A”.

    We gotta have real names for them. Let’s start with Fred, and Sue. Good wholesome ‘merican names.

    English Name Arabic Name Meaning ?????? ???????
    Acamar Akhir an-Nahr End of the river ??? ?????
    Achernar Akhir an-Nahr End of the river ??? ?????
    Acrab Al-‘Aqrab The scorpion ????
    Acubens Az-Zubana the claw ???????
    Adhafera Ad-Dafirah The curl ???????
    Adhara Al-‘Adhara The maidens ???????
    Adib Al-dhi’b The wolf ?????
    Adhil Al-Dhayl The tail ?????
    Ain ‘Ain the “eye” of the Bull ???
    Albali Al-Bali’ The swallower ??????
    Alchibah Al-Khiba’ The tent ??????
    Aldebaran Al-Dabaran “The follower” of the Pleiades ???????
    Alderamin Adh-Dhira’ al-Yamin The right arm ?????? ??????
    Alfirk Al-Firq The flock ?????
    Algedi Al-Jady The goat ?????
    Algenib Al-Janb The flank ?????
    Algieba Al-Jabhah “The forehead” of the lion ??????
    Algebar Al-Jabbar The giant ???????
    Algol Al-Ghul The ghoul ??? ?????
    Algorab Al-Ghurab The raven ??????
    Alhena Al-Han’ah The mark of the brand ??????
    Alioth Al-Jawn The black horse ?????
    Alkaid Al-Qa’id “The leader” of the mourning maidens ??????
    Alkes Al-Ka’s The cup ?????
    Almak ‘Anaq al-Ard The caracal ???? ?????
    Almeisan Al-Maisan The shining one ???????
    Alnair An-Nayyir The bright one ???????
    Alnilam An-Nidham The string of pearls ??????
    Alnitak An-Nitaq The belt ??????
    Alnasl Al-nasl The arrowhead ?????
    Alphard Al-Fard The solitary one ?????
    Alphecca Al-Fakkah “The broken” ring of stars ?????
    Alpheratz Surrat al-Faras The navel of the stallion ??? ?????
    Alrescha Al-Risha’ The ropes ??????
    Alsafi Al-Athafi The tripods for cooking on Sigma ???????
    Alsuhail Suhail Untranslatable ????
    Altair Al-Nasr At-Ta’ir “The flying” eagle ?????? ???????
    Altais At-Tais The great serpent ?????
    Alterf At-Tarf “The glance” of the lion ?????
    Aludra Al-‘Udhrah The maidenhead ??????
    Alula Australis Al-Qafzah al-Ula “the first leap” ????????????
    Alula Borealis Al-Qafzah al-Ula “the first leap” ????????????
    Alya Al-Alyah The fatty tail of a sheep ??????
    Angetenar ‘Arjat an-Nahr Curve of the river ???? ?????
    Ankaa Al-‘Anka’ Phoenix ???????
    Arkab Al-‘Urqub The heel-tendon ???????
    Arneb Al-Arnab The hare ??????
    Arrakis Ar-Raqis The dancer ??????
    Atik Al-‘Atiq “The shoulder” of the Pleiades ???? ????????
    Auva Al-‘Awwa’ The barker ???????
    Azha Al-Udhi.

  50. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson August 18, 2010

    For gawd’s sake someone get out a press release. Save the little ones from the scourge of Algebra. Just stop using Arabic numbers. We need Roman numerals! Its an Islamic plot!

    Bring back Roman Numerals! Now!

  51. Like what happened in France Like what happened in France August 19, 2010

    Will happen here, so keep laughing, you won’t be laughing when you start seeing things you don’t like.

  52. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson August 19, 2010

    Be sure you check under the bed before you go to sleep. Something under there is going to get you!

  53. Bob Weber Bob Weber August 22, 2010

    Regarding George’s quote from the LP platform:

    “The 2010 Platform includes ‘We condemn bigotry as irrational and repugnant…”

    Libertarianism per se does not require condemning bigotry, it merely requires denying bigots the political means to achieve their bigotry.

    Likewise, it is theoretically possible to be a bigot and a libertarian, just so long as one forswears the political means to achieve one’s bigotries.

    But as a practical matter, bigotry and libertarianism don’t mix. Libertarianism just isn’t any good at accomplishing evil!

    We once had a holocaust denier in my local LP chapter. Now, I’m sure he was merely interested in setting straight the historical record, and had no more hatred for Jews than the crusaders against Cordoba House have for Moslems. It’s just a question of taste and propriety, after all!

    Funny thing is, he dropped out of the LP, denouncing our “suicidal race policies”. It’s a funny thing, because we don’t have any “race policies”. What do you suppose he was getting at?

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