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Independent Candidate Jeff Vanke in second place in U.S. Congressional race

From the Modern Whig Party:

The Modern Whig Party announces that one of its members is engaged in a truly unique Congressional campaign. In perhaps the only race of its kind, Jeff Vanke is competing in what is tantamount to a two-person race against a vulnerable Republican. There is no Democrat in the race while Vanke, a moderate, is currently polling in double digits.

Although this campaign is taking place in Virginia, the scenario applies to all those Americans nationwide who have clamored for a moderate, non-fringe alternative with a realistic chance at winning. Jeff Vanke embodies the mainstream ideals of the Modern Whig Party, and certainly is an advocate for common sense, rational solutions ahead of stark ideology and partisan bickering. In the days and weeks ahead, we will unveil two programs designed to assist in this nationwide endeavor. For immediate information, please email Andrew Evans.

Independent Candidate Jeff Vanke in second place in U.S. Congressional race

In contrast to nationwide Tea Party campaigns, unique Moderate Battleground develops in Virginia as Modern Whig Party member polls in double digits in head-to-head race against vulnerable Republican incumbent

ROANOKE, VA (Monday, August 16, 2010) – In a campaign that features no Democratic opposition, Jeff Vanke (VA-6, Independent) is currently polling in double digits in his head-to-head U.S. Congressional race in Virginia’s 6th District. Vanke is a member of the Modern Whig Party, a national movement that was initially founded by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and designed to bring moderate common sense, rational solutions ahead of partisan bickering and stark ideology.

“Due to the makeup and dynamics of the race, this is a once-in-an-election scenario where a viable, mainstream independent has a legitimate shot at winning,” said Andrew Evans, national chairman of the DC-based Modern Whig movement. “Moderates and independents have been clamoring for years for a viable candidate to emerge in a situation where he or she has a realistic chance against a vulnerable incumbent. The wait is over and we are encouraging all moderates & independents to consider pooling our resources to assist.”

Vanke is a moderate, non-fringe, independent candidate and who has practical real world experience that makes him ready to serve Virginia in the U.S. Congress. Vanke has a Ph.D and is a former history professor, author, budget consultant, and small business manager. Vanke is an Eagle Scout and a community volunteer with the PTA and Cub Scouts.

Several years ago, Vanke ran as a write-in candidate for mayor in Carrboro, NC and received 41 percent of the vote. Vanke was also the founder of the former Center Party of the United States. Vanke states that, “I am running for Congress because I balanced the federal budget and no one there has done it.” Vanke encourages all citizens to visit in order to use his budget spreadsheet to draft their own balanced budgets. Vanke also supports reforming the tax system to make it more effective and reducing the amount of U.S. debt held by foreign nations. Vanke furthermore seeks to end the multi-billion-dollar agribusiness subsidies that his opponent Bob Goodlatte implemented.

Jeff Vanke believes that Americans want a common sense approach in Congress. Vanke is focusing on results, not ideology, in his campaign, as he reaches out to all voters in the Virginia 6th district. Vanke not only talks about what he believes in but acts upon it. To do his part to get our debt out of foreign creditors’ hands he has pledged to keep at least 50 percent of his net worth in U.S. bonds (currently 65%). Vanke has challenged incumbent Bob Goodlatte to join this pledge (no response so far).

Vanke is proud to be a member of the Modern Whig Party ( in his challenge to bring public service back to the people of Virginia’s 6th District. Vanke stated, “The Modern Whigs are inspiring to me in purpose, earnestness, and steadfastness.” In summing up his campaign, Mr.Vanke stated, “Virginians are tired of the political games. They want service. They want leadership. They want common sense solutions in government similar to the common sense solutions that have to be used in the real world.


Jeff Vanke

Andrew Evans

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  1. Danny S Danny S August 22, 2010

    While it is a strategically sound decision for Vanke to declare this a two-person race (in an effort to consolidate the anti-Republican and anti-incumbent vote), it would not reflect reality. The poll Vanke speaks of put him in double-digits, it is true; however, those double-digits were 12%. 5 points behind was Libertarian Stuart Bain, which is not a huge difference. Compare that to the Republican, whose numbers I cannot recall at the moment but easily had over 60% of the vote.

  2. Richard Winger Richard Winger August 22, 2010

    Yes, Danny is right. This is a 3-candidate race, and the tendency of Mr. Vanke to try to mislead people is not a good sign. Furthermore Mr. Vanke is not on the ballot as “Modern Whig” or “Whig”, but just “independent.” He could have had “Modern Whig” or “Whig” on the ballot if the Whig Party had demonstrated to the Virginia State Board of Elections earlier this year that it has a state committee with a representative from each of the 11 congressional districts.

  3. aka Joan Jett aka Joan Jett August 22, 2010


    This picture shows Vanke as Indy Green at Independent Green Party Press Conference June 10, 2010 Richmond..

  4. citizen1 citizen1 August 23, 2010

    The article also suggest as a plus that the candidate has not ideology.

  5. Jeff Vanke Jeff Vanke August 23, 2010

    Sorry if our release allowed for any false impressions. Two very important points, though:

    1. I have invited Libertarian Stuart Bain to debate me 2-3 times across our large district. He has not answered yes or no. I appreciate Richard Winger sticking up for Bain. Could you please encourage him to debate me. Stuart Bain: Will you debate me?

    Also, Mr. Winger, when Stuart Bain has described himself in the past as “the only main party opposition” [or words very close to that — ignoring me altogether], have you objected as strongly and as publicly?

    2. My poll numbers will rise substantially during the next weeks — the Republican earned 62% in 2008 (against a 37% Dem and a 1% independent). The Libertarian’s numbers will not rise much . Anyone who has followed Libertarian races the past 40 years knows this. I am a centrist. I can imagine a Libertarian getting well into double digits as the sole opposition to a Democrat, but only then. Pure Libertarians are rare, and most Libertarian-leaning voters stick with the Republicans.

    Let’s look at neighboring and comparable North Carolina for some Libertarian performances as the sole opposition against incumbent Republicans (I find no such cases in Virginia). From 1996-2002, the years for which I could find these cases, Libertarians ranged from 7-17%. And that’s without anyone else on the ballot.

    (And citizen1, I have principles and a very solid platform, as you will find on my website. The opposite of standing for nothing, I stand for more specific things than almost any candidate. As a matter of fact, while I have kept my platform intact since posting it, Stuart Bain has erased some of his, like privatizing Social Security and legalizing drugs — hints of those are still there, but not as explicit, which is understandable, since those are not winning positions.)

    While we’re at it, I’d like to challenge the national Libertarian Party. I have published my own version of a Federal budget — I’m speaking for myself, not the Modern Whig Party as a whole. How about if your presidential candidate in 2012 publishes his/her own detailed Federal budget — one that goes well past the 2017-20 baby boomer retirement time bomb (like mine does) ?

  6. Jeff Vanke Jeff Vanke August 23, 2010

    Postscript: I share one position with Winger and many other Libertarians — electoral reform for reasonable access to final-round ballots. My preference from there is IRV. Whether or not I am elected, I will pursue these and other electoral reform issues vigorously. And they are the one point for obvious alliance between all non-duopoly parties.

  7. Pamela Patrick Pamela Patrick November 7, 2010

    I voted for Mr Vanke on basis of his health care plan, his views on immigration & his eagerness to balance the budget. Would like to hear what his views on the environment are. What about legalizing marijuana? Gay marriage?

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