Libertarian Dennis Hawver polls 22% among Kansas independents

Libertarian Party blog:

Dennis Hawver headshotThis SurveyUSA poll includes several Libertarian candidates for statewide offices in Kansas. Dennis Hawver, running for Attorney General, polled 7% overall, and 22% among independents.

The Libertarian candidates polled highest among voters who gave their party affiliation as "independent," and those who gave their ideology as "liberal".

3 thoughts on “Libertarian Dennis Hawver polls 22% among Kansas independents

  1. Good luck and lessons from history ----- on the current corrupt system .... Lake

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says on Ballot Access News: (August 22nd, 2010 at 4:23 pm )

    Legacy history of the heart land: Kansas is Bob Dole / GOP territory. Some of the College types are Dem or Lib or other wise not ‘right of attila the Hun’.

    Some of Kansas State U at Manhattan (aka: the Little Apple) and Kansas City, Kansas, (Republican President Andrew Johnson County ——- verses Democratic President Andrew Jackson County Missouri) is a pecular, unique shade of ‘liberal’.

    The Jay Hawks of Lawrence, Kansas, is the only solid, secure ‘blue’ of the Sun Flower State.
    Kansas as a whole, where the town of ‘Liberal’ is very conservative. It is much more Tucson / Pima County wise. ….. blue beacon of KU in a sea of wheat, er, ah, red.

    Missouri much more State Flecks of Blue and Red across the state — like the of Arid Zona, where even the colleges / college educated of Phoenix / Maricopa County are not ‘blue’ like U of A and Tucson.

  2. Matt

    Can’t forget Pittsburg area generally votes blue, and one of the counties in KC… can’t remember which. I think there is more libertarian (small l) thought in Kansas then most people give credit to. Hence this guy get 22% with independents. I am a Libertarian living in Wichita, and many of my friends are conservative leaning libertarian. I have gotten 2 friends to start voting Libertarian.

  3. Danny S

    It is interesting how much it seems the Reform Party and the Libertarian Party are splitting votes in their races. It would likely be wise to talk to each other before running candidates to clear the way for stronger campaigns in respective races. Of course, this wouldn’t apply for those races that are necessary for ballot access or party status.

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