Libertarian Elected Mayor of James Island, South Carolina

From Ballot Access News:

James Island, South Carolina, held town elections on August 3.  Bill Woolsey, a member of the Libertarian Party, won the non-partisan Mayoral election.  He is an economics professor at the Citadel, and he had also been elected to the town council in 2002.

The election of Woolsey was a surprise.  Five candidates were on the ballot.  Woolsey polled 39.7%.  The incumbent Mayor placed second with 19.9%.  The Mayor had been so confident of being re-elected, she had not even bothered to attend a candidate’s debate, although all four of her opponents participated in that debate, and the debate drew a large audience.  Thanks to Eugene Platt for this news.

12 thoughts on “Libertarian Elected Mayor of James Island, South Carolina

  1. George Whitfield

    Great news! Congratulations to Bill Woolsey and James Island, South Carolina!

  2. Robert Capozzi

    Woolsey for president!

    Methinks there’s something in the water in the Carolinas, something good.

  3. Stewart Flood

    SOUTH CAROLINA, not NORTH CAROLINA. Can someone please fix the headline on this story?

    Bill and his family did a great job of campaigning. He spoke to the voters, walked the town (literally), and ended up winning by a substantial margin.

  4. Stewart Flood

    He walked, leaving literature on doors. He attended events, including debates. Yes, he identified himself as a libertarian when asked.

    About 20,000 people live in the town, there are 13,132 registered voters. 3,646 votes were cast, which equates to a 27.76% turnout.

    Votes cast for mayor add up to 3632, so the under voting for mayor was 14, or .38% of the total votes cast. This looks about right for a local election.

    Woolsey, 1441 — 39.68%
    Clark, 719 — 19.80%
    Sloane, 653 — 17.98%
    Brown, 552 — 15.20%
    Johnson, 265 — 7.30%
    write-in, 2 — .06%

  5. Paul Baresel

    Libertarian economics professors named Bill are always the coolest. In Davenport, Iowa, my alderman is Libertarian Bill Lynn, a professor of economics at St. Ambrose University.

    Local elections are the best because third-party members can really compete and win.

  6. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]


    “Need to meet with Councilwoman Cathy Jolly? Good luck, Friday, July 23rd, 2010


    Tracy Ward of the Liberty Restoration Project, an anti-Big-Brother organization best known for protesting the city’s red-light cameras, has been trying to schedule a meeting with Councilwoman Cathy Jolly since April 14 [,2010].

    Ward and the LRP oppose the red-light cameras as well as the proposed use of Shotspotter technology, ”

    and up dating Paul Baresel // Aug 13, 2010:
    “Libertarian freedom activists named Tracy are always the coolest………..” [ Lake’s add ons]

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