Libertarian Party blog: 3,200 door hangers at Glenn Beck’s D.C. rally

Wes Benedict at Libertarian Party blog:

box  libertarian party door hangers and stickersLP Headquarters staff and volunteers handed out 3,200 door hangers and about 1,000 Libertarian bumper stickers in three hours at Glenn Beck’s "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of thousands of people attended this rally, many of whom were Tea Party activists.

In preparation, we had the top two inches of the door hangers cut off to make them more convenient for handing out at a rally. Fed-Ex/Kinko’s cut all 3,200 for just nine dollars. The result was a handy card featuring the World’s Smallest Political Quiz along with information on the Libertairan Party.

libertarian party gear bag

While I think Glenn Beck holds some Libertarian views, he strays on some issues. Some passersby mentioned having taken the Quiz on Beck’s television show. Of that informed group, some eagerly accepted the bumper stickers and quiz cards, while others were clearly against us.

robert kraus and university reporter

University reporter interviews Robert Kraus

One gentleman took the Quiz and scored solidly in the authoritarian region. Ironically he was wearing an anti-Obama T-shirt with pictures of Stalin and other notorious authoritarians. He seemed good-natured, nevertheless, and I’m hopeful that Libertarian activists help open people’s minds to what true freedom means.

wes benedict and libertarian party staff and volunteers 

9 thoughts on “Libertarian Party blog: 3,200 door hangers at Glenn Beck’s D.C. rally

  1. paulie Post author

    Libertarian = a Republican ashamed of Bush. Discuss amongst yourselves

    In my case, I was a Democrat ashamed of Clinton.

    Since then, I’ve been a Libertarian ashamed of Bush and Obama.

    Take that back to your pod, and tell them we come in peace.

  2. Michael H. Wilson

    I spent the last two days at a hemp festival and it would have been great to have these. Maybe next year.

    And on a slightly different note. How about we get these with the Bill of Rights on them?

  3. paulie Post author

    Excerpt – see original for links and more

    What Rich, Mayer, and the other chroniclers of the “Invisible Hands” behind the libertarian-conservative movement elide from their pocket history is the one factor that sets the Kochs apart from post-cold war conservatives (and liberals), and that is their untrammeled anti-militarism. The Cato Institute, which was started with Koch money, stood almost alone in Washington against the first Iraq war [.pdf], and staunchly opposed the more recent invasion – just as they oppose Obama’s wars in Afghanistan [.pdf] and beyond. Cato has also stood up for our civil liberties, opposing the PATRIOT Act, and the whole panoply of post-9/11 repressive measures initiated by the Bush administration and expanded by Obama. Right after 9/11, the Koch brothers gave the ACLU $20 million to fight off the Bushies’ assault on the Constitution (George Soros gave half as much).

  4. JBParrothead

    Why don’t we let go of these notions of Americans divided by “party lines” and just get back to being “independent Americans” capable of making our own decisions of who we think is best and most capable for working in the best interests of the American people and this country. The people that are he’ll bent on gutting this country of it’s values, morals and greatness will use any means possible to divide and conquer. They’ve brought racism back with a vengeance , making it fashionable for people to segregate themselves racially by hyphenating their American roots with pointless references to their ethnic heritage as if one group stands to gain moe than another according to quick ” American hyphenate” they ” belong to.” with the direction this country is headed in, we should NOT allow ourselves to continue to be divided by any racial or political lines. It’s time to fire up that melting pot once again and stop this nonsense of being hyphenated American mutants belonging to “teams” that separate us. It’s time to become ONE party, ONE team, one group known once again as Independent Americans!

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