Matt Gonzalez, Ron Paul to Appear Together at Anti-War Rally in San Francisco

Luke Thomas at the Fog-City Journal reports:

Former Board of Supervisors President and Vice Presidential Candidate Matt Gonzalez, Congressman and former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, and 8th Congressional District candidate John Dennis (GOP), are scheduled to speak during a non-partisan, antiwar, anti-Washington and anti-incumbency free speech rally, September 4 in San Francisco.

Matt Gonzalez also ran for Mayor of San Francisco as a Green Party nominee. Readers at IPR will also remember Ron Paul was the 1988 Libertarian presidential nominee.

Other speakers are also slated to appear, although they have not yet been named. The event appears to be hosted by Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty, both organizations that originated from Paul’s 2008 Republican campaign for President.

9 thoughts on “Matt Gonzalez, Ron Paul to Appear Together at Anti-War Rally in San Francisco

  1. Robert Milnes

    Anti-war is the only socially redeemable aspect of Ron Paul.
    It was worth 35 million in 2008.
    Of course he is going to do-over.
    Anyone who supports The Pauls is a fool.

  2. Thomas M. Sipos

    Ron Paul is also pretty good on civil liberties. He supports privacy rights and opposes the police state.

    And he’s good on economic issues. Not only low taxes, low regulation, but he also questions the Fed and supports the gold standard.

    There’s much to like about Ron Paul.

  3. Ted Brown

    I am surprised that anyone disputes Ron Paul’s libertarian credentials. While no one is 100% perfect, Ron is pretty close. On the abortion issue, I recall this coming up prominently when Ron sought the LP presidential nomination in 1988. He assured us that while he is anti-abortion, he also didn’t advocate putting anyone in jail for having an abortion or performing an abortion. Thus, his position really violates no one’s rights, while allowing him to have credibility as a “pro-life” candidate in one of the most conservative parts of the country. I worry more and more that the perfect can become the enemy of the good. Ron Paul is the face of libertarian ideas to a good part of the public. And as an elected official, he is more credible than Wayne Root when talking about what’s going on in Washington. I beam with delight whenever I watch one of Ron’s clips denouncing some aspect of government policy. We need dozens more just like him.

  4. Robert Milnes

    Jerry, Paul/Gonzales, Gonzales/Paul- on paper it is a PLAS fusion ticket. Almost. Ron Paul is NOT a libertarian. He is a counterrevolutionary. Hence one would hardly think he would be agreeable to a fusion ticket. On the other hand, all Gonzales needs is an epiphany.

  5. Lacie Cale

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