Tom Clements To Speak to Local Democratic Club

From The State:

Tom Clements, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, will speak to the Greater Irmo Democratic Club next month. It is, according to a news release, the first time the club will hear from a competing political party’s nominee…

 Clements, who lives in Columbia, is well-known among Democratic circles for his environmental work. Clements will speak at the club’s Sept. 16 meeting, which begins at 6:30 p.m. For more information, call (803) 429-5807

This isn’t the first group of local Democrats to snub their chosen nominee. It appears that organized labor has hunkered down in the Clements camp too. Alvin Greene may have a tough time getting second place.

8 thoughts on “Tom Clements To Speak to Local Democratic Club

  1. Vaughn

    Hopefully the connections that Clements is making with normally Democrat groups will continue past this years elections for the Green Party there…or his candidacy will at least point out to Democrats and other voters that the Democratic party is so inept that they couldn’t find a candidate with a pulse, so to speak.

  2. Ross

    Clements – and I’m not sure if he’s doing this already, admittedly – should really start appearing with all the other Green candidates around the state. Realistically, he doesn’t have much of a chance to actually win against DeMint, even if he does do well. However, he has a great opportunity to bring attention to other Greens while people are focused on him.

  3. Robert Milnes

    Typical losers’ strategies.
    A PLAS campaign would have the Greens campaign with the LIBERTARIANS, not fellow Greens. This is what COULD have won for Nader in 2008-pick a Libertarian for vp & campaign with libertarians instead of picking fellow Green, Gonzales.
    Cobb & Bad’n did some campaigning together but had 2 separate losing tickets, not one fusion ticket.
    These differences would make the difference between losing-again-and winning.

  4. Catholic Trotskyist

    Robert and Ross are both right; Clemments should try PLAS, but when trying PLAS, he definitely does need the support of other Greens, and especially Green candidates.
    Maybe Alvin Greene will even drop out when he hears about the strategy; he seems like he is a person who is open to alternative understandings.

  5. Catholic Trotskyist

    Unfortunately Robert, looking at South Carolina state and US House elections in Wikipedia, most of them either have two many PLAS parties on the ballot, or none at all. One house district even has not only the Greens and Libertarians, but the Working Families Party as well.
    The only Libertarian in a race without a Green Party candidate that I have found is US House second district. The Greens should immediately endorse this libertarian.

  6. Green Party Conservative

    Ross & Vaughn are both correct.

    Also the Green Party should invite the other larger party members to join them, and run as Greens.

    The Greens would be far better at balancing budgets than the borrow and spend neocons…

  7. Gene Berkman

    I am not particularly in favor of The Green Party, but Democrats backing the Green candidate for Senate in South Carolina makes sense.

    Back in the 1980s a real self-identified Nazi won a Republican primary for Congress in Michigan. There was a Libertarian candidate on the ballot in the same district, but Republican leaders put up a write-in candidate rather than backing the LP nominee.

    Democrats in SC are more practical it seems.

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