As Maes’ Door Closes, Tancredo’s Door Opens

It appears that Republican Dan Maes is in a pretty tough spot in the Colorado gubernatorial race.

Since upending Rep. Scott McInnis in the GOP primary last month, Maes has run into a string of problems and questions about his own credibility. Earlier this week, the Post reported that Maes falsely claimed he did undercover police work in Kansas before being terminated. He lost the endorsements of former Sen. Hank Brown and former state Senate president John Andrews.

Early Friday afternoon, GOP Senate nominee Ken Buck also withdrew his support for Maes, the latest signal that his time as a candidate may be limited to days, if not hours.

Unless Maes declares soon that he is withdrawing from the race, his name will appear on the ballot in November. This would allow a replacement candidate with less baggage (like former Senate candidate Jane Norton) to be the nominee, if selected by the state Repbulican Party. However, American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo may be aided more if Maes remains in the race. With a massive influx of negative press for Maes, conservative voters may seek an alternative. The Denver Post explains,

…a number of Republicans were discussing backing Tancredo if Maes stayed in the race.

“He’s lost the confidence of almost everybody, even the grassroots support he used to have. It’s pretty obvious to everyone he should step aside,” state Sen. Greg Brophy of Wray said of Maes. “If he won’t get out, we should really rally around Tom Tancredo, who really is a Republican and a conservative.”

Tea Party organizer and Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland also said she would vote for Tancredo if Maes remains in the race.

The most recent poll of the race, conducted by Rasmussen, put Democrat Hickenlooper at 36%, Maes at 24%, and Tancredo at 14%. However, I would expect to see Maes’ numbers to substantially drop as he loses the support of his party.

9 thoughts on “As Maes’ Door Closes, Tancredo’s Door Opens

  1. George Phillies

    In the race is a real Libertarian

    Jaimes Brown

    With a little bit of luck, many Coloradans will note that their choices are a liberal, a political descendant of Baron von Munchhausen, a far far right wing conservative, and a good Libertarian.

  2. don lake rocks

    So how come documented negative news about Nightingale gets shot down on this forum. She is not qualified to run for governor and she HAS FAR MORE baggage than maes. Oh but, silly me….The real MEDIA gives her zero attention, so I should not begrudge the scammer the one and only site that has 1 blogger that will back this nutso, fraudo weirdo..liar bankrupt bad acting birther truther..loud mouth middle aged racist pig.

  3. Cody Quirk

    So you’re the one that’s responsible for that post, eh?
    Well you sure have ticked off the people with IPR, and have shown yourself to be a incompetent pervert and a affront to anything related to politics.

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