Blogtalkradio update

Darcy Richardson will not be able to be with us on the air tonight. He will try to reschedule.

Darryl Perry is still scheduled to be on the air if we can get the show to work, and Georgia Libertarian Party political director Doug Craig said he will be on as well. 646-200-0264 if you want to be on. Trying to get it to work correctly now.

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15 thoughts on “Blogtalkradio update

  1. paulie Post author

    The show is at

    It was actually Doug Craig and Darryl Perry. Lots of dead air and trying to figure the system out at the start, listening now to figure out at what minute mark the show actually starts.

    Hopefully I can figure out a way to edit that stuff out at the beginning later. If anyone knows how to do that let me know.

    Also still need to figure out how to see or hear the notification that I am supposed to be getting that callers are waiting. Again, please let me know if you know how this works.

  2. paulie Post author

    Content starts at 25 minutes into the show at this time, unless we can edit the file later. You can drag the time to that point, although it’s hard to get it exact.

  3. Danny S

    I was surprised to learn Craig was helping Katherine Glass with her campaign. However, it does make sense. She has been getting radio interviews all over the state and did release a radio ad for a short time in Amarillo.

  4. paulie Post author

    Finished listening.

    From the 25 minute mark to the end seems to work OK.

    Need to learn how to

    1) Edit out the first 25 min
    2) See where and how I can be notified of and accept incoming calls next time.

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