Chuck Donovan: The Only U.S. Senate Candidate in Georgia to Sign the “No Pork” Pledge

ATLANTA, GA – September 21, 2010 – Chuck Donovan is now the only U.S. Senate candidate in Georgia to sign the No Pork Pledge. The No Pork Pledge is published by the Citizens Against Government Waste, a private, non-partisan, non-profit organization focused on eliminating waste and mismanagement in the government. Only one other candidate in Georgia is on record as having signed this pledge, and no other Senate candidate has signed it.

Although there are strict limits stated in the pledge, Donovan felt the pledge is not strict enough. The original language stated he would not support a budget request that “Greatly exceeds” the previous years funding. Because of the huge spending increases in the past years, during Donovan’s first full term of office there will be no need for a Federal budget increase of any kind. Donovan crossed out the word “Greatly” to make the statement read, “Exceeds …the previous year’s funding.”

Additionally, Donovan signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, the De-Fund ObamaCare Pledge, and the Death Tax Repeal Pledge.

No other candidate has demonstrated this kind of dedication to spending cuts. Donovan has laid down a challenge to the other candidates in this race, incumbent Republican Johnny Isakson and former Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond. “Both of you speak of fiscal discipline, but neither of you have demonstrated your commitment by putting your name on the line.” He continued, “In particular, Johnny Isakson is trying to portray himself to Georgia voters as a ‘fiscal conservative’. His record shows he has been a fiscal disaster.” Donovan goes on to warn Georgia voters “Don’t think it will be different this time unless you vote differently.”

Copies of the signed pledges may be seen at the Donovan campaign website,


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