Constitution Party Candidate Peter Boyce Addresses Constitution Day Event

Sorry, this article from the Constitution Party website is a bit delinquent. Mr. Boyce addressed the group last Friday.

House of Representatives hopeful Peter Boyce will be the keynote speaker at a Constitution Day celebration on Friday, Sept. 17.

Boyce, who is running for Congress in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District in November’s midterm elections against Frank LoBiondo, will be speaking at “Rendezvous for the Republic”, a public dinner held in Gloucester Township.


4 thoughts on “Constitution Party Candidate Peter Boyce Addresses Constitution Day Event

  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    [Lake: don’t blame me, I never once voted for Bush Senior, BJ Clinton, Junior, or Opeach Obama (my Yokohoma Momma)]

    Tuesday September 21, 3:10 pm ET

    Yahoo! News

    With the economy clearly the big issue on voters’ minds, Democrats and Republicans alike are ramping up the rhetoric with only six weeks to go ………..

    Yet Americans surveyed in the first of a series of ABC News/Yahoo! News polls, and (Read an ABC News story on Obama’s new plan to create jobs.)

    (Republican leaders, meanwhile, continue to hammer home the message that two years of Democratic efforts to bolster the economy have failed)

    Neither side has convinced a majority of Americans. Fully 47% of those surveyed in the ABC/Yahoo! News poll say it won’t make a difference to the economy whether Democrats or Republicans are in control of Congress. *

    For the unemployed over 50, fears of never working again

    *and probably get voted back in any way —– Lake

  2. paulie


    Much as they did with the war in Iraq, Obama and his brilliant team have come up with a totally awesome solution for the recession (or depression, as many would say): declare victory without leaving.

    In Iraq, that meant that 50,000 US combat troops (reclassified as non-combat, but still engaged in combat) remained on the ground, along with a large number of independent military contractors. On the home front, it means we still have about 10% official unemployment, but more like 20% when those who are no longer counted as officially unemployed because they have been out of work too long are factored in, along with those who are employed part time and would like to be working full time. But, according to the “Mission Accomplished” team in power, the recession ended in June 2009. Not that anyone noticed, or anything.

    The power of wishful thinking has long been known to work miracles, after all, and if we all close our eyes and pretend, we can just spend a bunch of money we don’t have, right? Click your heels three times and repeat after me: Happy times are here again, and Eastasia has always been at war with Oceania.

  3. paulie

    don’t blame me, I never once voted for Bush Senior, BJ Clinton, Junior, or Opeach Obama (my Yokohoma Momma)

    Who did you vote for before that?

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