DC Statehood Green candidates begin post-primary campaigns

• New candidate, nominated through write-ins, on the ballot for DC Council Ward One
• Many party members report being given Democratic ballots at the polls

WASHINGTON, DC — The DC Statehood Green Party candidates have begun aggressive campaigns after the September 14 primary elections in Washington, DC.

The DC Statehood Green Party gained a new candidate, when Nancy Shia won the primary election as a write-in for Ward One member of Council. Ms. Shia’s September 19 campaign announcement can be read here: http://wardonerunnings.blogspot.com

The following Statehood Green candidates will be on the November 2 general election ballot:

Candidate for DC Delegate to the US House
• Rick Tingling-Clemmons
202-388-1111, cell 202-309-1422, Mirico5@aol.com

Candidate for DC ‘Statehood’ Representative
• Joyce Robinson Paul
202-462-4908, jarpaul@verizon.net

Candidate for Mayor
• Faith
Contact: Jude Crannitch, 202-425-5705 cell, jcrannitch@wvsarts.org

Candidate for Council Chair
• Ann C. Wilcox
202-441-3265, wilcox_ann@yahoo.com

Candidate for At-Large Member of Council
• David Schwartzman
202-321-5395, dschwartzman@gmail.com
Campaign Manager: Mai Abdul Rahman, spotlightoneducation@yahoo.com, 202-374-6045

Candidate for Ward One Member of Council
• Nancy Shia

The DC Statehood Green primary race included two contested nominations, for nonvoting DC Delegate to the US House of Representatives and the at-large seat on City Council. Mr. Tingling-Clemmons faced Natale “Lino” Nicola Stracuzzi in the Delegate race, and Mr. Schwartzman competed against Darryl L.C. Moch in the At-Large Council race.

“We thank all of our primary candidates, those who won and those who lost, for their willingness to represent the DC Statehood Green Party in the 2010 election,” said Jane Zara, a member of the DC Statehood Green Party’s steering committee.

Several party members complained that poll workers handed them Democratic ballots when they went to the polls to vote. They reported that the poll workers corrected the error and apologized when it was called to their attention, and gave the Statehood Green voters the correct ballot. But party leaders expressed concern that many other party members may have been given Democratic ballots and filled them out without complaining, which would result in invalidated ballots and canceled votes.

Disparities caused by the widespread practice of providing Democratic primary ballots to Statehood Green voters calls into question the validity of the Statehood Green vote totals, and may have affected the outcome in the contested primary race for Delegate, in which only 34 votes separated Rick Tingling-Clemmons and Lino Straccuzi. The Statehood Green Party plans to investigate this practice further and call for needed reforms, including better preparation for poll workers by the DC Board of Elections and Ethics.


DC Statehood Green Party http://www.dcstatehoodgreen.org

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