Green candidate for US Senate in Illinois LeAlan Jones interviewed on ABC7 Chicago

The following video was sent out in an email to supporters, along with a fundraising message that appears below:

We are so close to the debates, we can feel it.

The latest poll puts LeAlan Jones at 9%. He needs 10% to get into the ABC 7 debate and blow this whole race wide open.

Can you help LeAlan make it to 10%? All it takes is 1%.

There are dozens of voters who want to put up LeAlan lawn signs, but we need $600 to print the first batch.

There are hundreds of young people who can distribute LeAlan’s literature, but we need $500 to pay for the paper and ink.

There are thousands of people across Illinois who want to meet LeAlan and learn more about him, but we need $400 to pay for train tickets.

All of their efforts can get us over 10%.

Your contribution of $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 will play an important role in getting LeAlan into the debates. We believe if he’s in the debates, his plan to create green jobs and end corporate greed will connect with voters.

We are also looking for volunteers with media and outreach experience who can help us the final six weeks of this campaign.

4 thoughts on “Green candidate for US Senate in Illinois LeAlan Jones interviewed on ABC7 Chicago

  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    yet another ‘jump’ /’bump’ ——

    any one else continue to have such misadventures?

    “Daryl Sprague
    Campaign Manager
    Jill Stein for Governor

    ……… a reminder if you’re in the area come to a musical power-up and recharge your battery listening to Jill, Ken Selcer, and Tom Neilson performing our campaign song * live at the Bull Run restaurant and music club TONIGHT, Thursday 9/16, at 215 Great Rd. in Shirley, MA.

    ………. runs from 7:00PM – 9:00PM ………. ($10 admission, support available if needed.)

    ………… fund raising targets. If we can raise $125,000 by Sept. 24th, we qualify for all the TV debates AND we get the state matching funds. After that we are not eligible for the state matching funds, though we still have til Oct. 1 to meet the $100,000 requirement for the TV debates.

    * ‘don’t quit thinking about the calendar,

    double check the date and time,

    Jill claims to be a medical doctor,

    but complicated things do ‘rock her’

    she and her staff do not know night from day

    and the day of the week from the day of the month’

    ————— Don Lake

    [Is there a doctor in the house? Don Grundmann (DC), Jill Stein (MD), and George Phillies (PhD), with ‘friends’ like this ……….]

  2. Green Party Conservative

    LeAlan Jones is a great Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate.

    If I had 17 Billion dollars, I’d form a PAC and run the TV advertising, and hire the get out the vote professionals necessary to get LeAlan Jones elected.

    LeAlan Jones does great service to the Green Party, and the great joy and hope that is the American Dream.

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