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Hartman Declines Libertarian Nod in KS-04

Hartman, a millionaire who placed second in a crowded Republican primary to replace outgoing Rep. Todd Tiahrt, released the following statement this afternoon:

Hartman issued the following statement this afternoon:

“After several days of prayerful reflection, I have decided not to seek the Libertarian Party’s Congressional nomination. I am humbled by the Libertarian Party’s consideration and belief in me. Through this process, I have gained additional respect for their dedication to the fight for limited government.

Last August, after seeing the job-killing policies being pushed by President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Congressional Democrats, I decided to run for Congress. As a businessman, I realized that the path of more spending, more bailouts and more government was simply not sustainable.

In the following months, the legislation being introduced by Washington Democrats has only become more radical.

With this in mind, I cannot, in good conscience, do anything that will make it easier for Nancy Pelosi to retain the title of Speaker of the House. Though I possess a strong passion to bring change to Washington, my entrance in this race would only make it easier for Nancy Pelosi to maintain her majority.

This campaign was never about me, I entered this race to fight for limited government, job-creating policies, protection of the unborn and a change from Washington, D.C. ‘politics as usual.’ I remain as committed as ever to fighting for these ideals, which is why I have fully committed myself to working for the ‘Republican Clean Sweep’ in Kansas this November.

In the coming weeks, I will look for new ways to help promote conservative principles and elect Republican candidates. If we want to change our country, we must bring change to Washington – with hard-work and a unified Republican Party that change will start in Kansas.

Thanks to everyone that supported my campaign during the past year –  I would like to encourage each of you to support the Kansas Republican slate this November. May God Bless each of you and May God Bless America!”

Willis “Wink” Hartman

David Moffett, the original Libertarian candidate, already dropped out due to health reasons. The decision seems to have come from Hartman himself, as the Libertarians enthusiastically received the candidate.

Kansas Libertarian Party Chairman [and gubernatorial candidate] Andrew Gray said the chances of that [a Libertarian run by Hartman] happening are “very favorable”. Hartman, who spent over $1.5 million on Republican campaign, had a phone interview with the Libertarians on Tuesday, and they apparently loved what they had to hear.

Some Republicans had already attempted to stop the bid with a complaint to the Secretary of State, claiming that there were no indications Moffett’s health was any worse than when he entered the race to make him incapable of taking office. However, the SoS quickly rejected the complaint.

The only candidates left on the ballot are Democrat Raj Goyle, Republican Mike Pompeo, and Reform Party candidate Susan Ducey.

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  1. Richard Cooper Richard Cooper September 9, 2010

    It is nice to see someone say “no” gracefully.

  2. Matt Cholko Matt Cholko September 9, 2010

    If they’re able, they should place some other LP candidate on the ballot.

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