Independent Candidate for U.S. House in Pennsylvania Survives Challenge

Ballot Access News:

James Schneller, an independent candidate for U.S. House in Pennsylvania’s 7th district, will appear on the November ballot. His ballot label is “American Congress Party.” The 7th district is centered on Delaware County, next to Philadelphia.

Schneller’s petition had been challenged on the basis that many, if not most, of his circulators were Democrats, and that they were motivated to help Schneller because they believe that Schneller will receive votes from people who would otherwise vote for the Republican nominee, Pat Meehan. The challengers said the petitioners had a duty to inform potential signers of their motivation. The Commonwealth Court did not agree, and ruled against the challenge. The challengers have decided not to appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. See this story.

The incumbent in the 7th district is Joe Sestak, but he is not running for re-election because he is the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate. In 2008, Sestak defeated his Republican opponent by 209,955 to 142,362.

Other candidates who will appear on the Pennsylvania ballot for U.S. House, and who are not Democratic or Republican nominees, are: Vernon Etzel, a Libertarian in the 5th district; Ed Bortz, a Green in the 14th district; and independent Jake Towne in the 15th district.

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