Libertarian candidate Bill Yarbrough announces endorsement from Tea Party

Posted by Staff at Libertarian Party blog:

Bill Yarbrough is a Libertarian running for Ohio State Senate, District 3, against Republican and Democratic Party opponents. He recently announced that he has been endorsed by the Ohio Tea Party PAC.

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And emailed to

From: Kevin Knedler
Subject: Meet Bill Yarbrough , LP candidate for Ohio Assembly– Ohio Senate

Bill Yarbrough has received the endorsement the old fashioned way—he earned it.
The letter below will go out to thousands via our “Tuesday Talk” message this coming Tuesday from the Ohio LP.

The attached was also a press release today.
And Bill was featured on the largest AM radio station in Columbus, Ohio (state capital) just today—I have a pod cast if interested.

Not all Tea Party groups are as “legit” as I would like, but many are libertarian leaning.
Bill is our “poster candidate” of what it takes to WIN. “Intelligent, Articulate, and Organized”. A Libertarian with those qualities is a “lethal” threat to the two party duopoly. Especially when some funding comes his way.
Our target in Ohio is Ohio Assembly—some of those are winnable now and in the immediate future.

Kevin J. Knedler
State Chair of the LPO
At-Large member to the LNC
Member of the Ohio SOS office Voting Rights Institute

Subject: Tuesday Talk Submission — Per Kevin Knedler
The Tea Party member stopped me in my tracks after the meeting. I had just spoken to a group of 60 small-group members, thanked the hosts, and was headed for the door.

He whispered, “You know a lot of us are libertarians, don’t you?”

I was a little shocked. See, this was April and I had really just begun to discover what the local Tea Party groups were all about. As it turns-out, I tripped into learning an important lesson early in my campaign. The lesson is not one a lot of big “L” Libertarians want to hear.

The Tea Party is kicking our butts at our own game.

I’ve literally been a card-carrying member of the Libertarian Party since 2004. We’re the originators of the liberty movement now embraced by Tea Party groups across the state and nation. I firmly believe the LP is the last best hope for the country. However, Tea Party groups have done something we have been unable or unwilling to do – connect with the masses clamoring for change. The Tea Party avoids the tedious academic debate we Libertarians seem to relish. The Tea Party is straightforward and approachable.

As I started to make sense of all this, it hit me — Libertarians can get endorsements and Libertarians can win. We simply need to get over our fear. Libertarians fear those who aren’t philosophically pure. This fear is often well-founded, but can appear arrogant and self-righteous – not exactly a winning strategy for the hearts and minds of voters. We don’t have to sacrifice our principles to seek allies in the fight for liberty. However, we must realize our principles live in a party downright alien to most voters.

I have met many who cling to the GOP and feel the best avenue for change is to install Republicans – the ‘good ones’ — into public office. And, there are indeed those who feel government should control morality.

However, I have met just as many Tea Partiers with no love lost on Republicans. They understand the folly of government-control over life choices. Many, if not most Tea Partiers understand that if you give government control over some things you agree with, you open the door to a lot more not-so-good things. And, more and more are beginning to see how the endless wars of both parties are being used to subjugate us all.

In short, these are our allies.

So, who else are our allies? They vary from rural to urban to suburban districts. They can be found in VFW halls, community centers, minority advocacy groups, and, yes, the Tea Party.

I took the time to attend nearly every Tea Party group meeting in my district since that first one in April. I didn’t just want to speak, but I wanted to participate as a group member, attend pot-lucks, engage in conversation, and learn about what matters to my neighbors.

For my efforts, I’ve become the first Libertarian to earn an Ohio Tea Party PAC endorsement. I am proud of this because it comes with a clear definition attached – advocacy for “limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility.” Of course I am an advocate of these things – all Libertarians are.

I hope the Tea Party movement continues to remain a vibrant and independent voice in politics. Where they win individual battles, good for them. But, should the Republicans continue to fail them, like we all know will happen, I want Tea Partiers to look no further than the man sitting next to them who has earned their trust as partner for liberty.

I want them to turn to me and say, “You’ve convinced me and have my vote; so when’s the next Libertarian Party meeting?”

9 thoughts on “Libertarian candidate Bill Yarbrough announces endorsement from Tea Party

  1. Congratulations!

    Great job!

    This is just the kind of outreach and party building that the LP, its members and candidates should all be doing. And this shows that it pays.

    Again, congratulations. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sane LP member

    What is there not to understand about this posting? A good candidate that networks with the local community, listens, and bonds with liberty-minded groups. Ohio might be the state that puts a Libertarian into their Assembly sooner than later.

  3. George Whitfield

    Congratulations Bill Yarbrough! Building bridges is an effective action for Libertarian Party success.

  4. George Whitfield

    I live in Seoul, Korea and vote by absentee ballot in Florida. You can find me on LinkedIn.

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