New York Libertarians weigh in on Republican Primary for Governor

Celeste Katz reports at NY Daily News,

“I’m not a fan of Lazio and of course I’ll vote for myself and the Libertarian ticket in November, but Carl Paladino would be a disgrace to the Republican Party. His boorish extremism would help the Democrats in a number of close races, especially in the State Senate,” said Redlich, who’s a member of the Guilderland Town Board.

Redlich went off on Paladino on any number of fronts, from his past contributions to Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton to his association with consultant Roger Stone.

Atlhough both candidates have come out strongly on the issue of the proposed Park51 mosque and cultural center near Ground Zero, Redlich said he feels Paladino “took it to a much higher level of bigotry combined with violent rhetoric.”

Meanwhile, at Liberty Lion, Dr. Tom Stevens writes:

Empire State Libertarians has endorsed Carl Paladino over Rick Lazio in the New York State Republican Gubernatorial Primary scheduled to take place on Tuesday, September 14, 2010. This endorsement was made to provide guidance to libertarians in New York State who have not decided whether to vote for Paladino or Lazio in the primary.

If elected Governor of the State of New York, Carl Paladino has promised to:

1) CUT INCOME TAXES BY 10% BY JUNE 2011: New Yorkers are taxed way too much. Carl won’t cap taxes, he’ll cut taxes. Capping is gutless; cutting takes courage.

2) CUT THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT BY 20% BY DECEMBER 2011: New York State government is far too big and spends too much. He’ll cut by eliminating entire agencies and departments and trimming unnecessary staff across the government.

3) CUT MEDICAID BY $20 BILLION IN HIS FIRST BUDGET: New York offers more gold-plated Medicaid optional benefits than any other state and this is killing our taxpayers. Carl will cut these optional benefits back to California levels – still the second most expensive Medicaid state in America – saving New Yorkers $10 Billion in taxes.

4) CUT BUSINESS TAXES TO ENCOURAGE JOB RETENTION AND GROWTH: Carl will give New York’s existing manufacturers, farmers and other businesses a tax holiday if they reinvest this money to keep or create jobs.

Polls show the primary race in a dead heat going into today’s primary, with both candidates likely to keep campaigning actively into November should they lose – Paladino as the Taxpayers Party candidate, or Lazio as the Conservative Party candidate. Andrew Cuomo is a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination and already has the Working Families Party line. Republicans and non-party-affiliated independents can vote in the Republican primary.

19 thoughts on “New York Libertarians weigh in on Republican Primary for Governor

  1. Robert Capozzi

    Why would Ls advise Rs on whom they should nominate? I get Redlich’s sentiment, but I’m not sure how this advances his campaign. I’d suggest taking the opportunity to say that BOTH are “disgraceful” and both illustrate why those who want less government should vote L.

    But I’m open to alternative interpretations….

  2. Eric Dondero

    Umm, might have a little something to do with the fact, that Warren Redlich IS A REGISTERERD REPUBLICAN. And he serves as an elected official on a local town council AS A REPUBLICAN.

  3. Eric Dondero

    This is nothing new. Back in the 1970s a group called the Libertarian-Republican Alliance existed in New York State. Headed by Joe Gentili of Brooklyn. They were a group that openly advocated working within the Republican Party as Libertarian Party members. They went defunct in around the Ed Clark campaign of 1980.

    But in many ways they were a predeccesor to the Republican Liberty Caucus.

  4. Robert Capozzi

    ed, you didn’t answer my question, which is what does picking Lazio over Paladino help the Redlich campaign?

  5. George Phillies

    From what Redlich says, Paladino is clearly the better candidate, namely he serves more effectively to convince sane voters that they do not have to think about Republican candidates when deciding whom to choose.

  6. Warren Redlich

    Robert, it may not be obvious to you why it helps the Redlich campaign, but those inside the campaign know exactly how it helps.

    I’ll give you a hint though: You heard about it. How much did you hear about the last LP candidate for Governor? How much have you heard about any other LP candidates this year?

    There’s another point – it’s true. I’m an elected Republican (and have been open about that from the beginning). I have a vote in the GOP primary and I’m going to vote for the best candidate, holding my nose as I do so.

    Paladino is a horrible candidate, combining blatant bigotry and name-calling with violent rhetoric. Lazio, while weak and disappointing in many ways, is also mostly inoffensive.

  7. Eric Dondero

    Let the record show that Warren Redlich has backed the Republican primary candidate that has been on the forefront of the battle to stop the Islamist Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. Ric Lazio was the very first politician of any party to make an issue of it. He’s been by far the most vociferous and hardline critic of the Mosque and its subsequent desecration of the memory of the 3,000 dead, of any other.

    And Redlich is now officially on record in support of his Campaign.

    This is a positive development. Redlich had been soft on Radical Islamic Terrorism. Apparently, now he’s getting some backbone.

    Good for him!

  8. pete healey

    Several years ago, as a Green, I approached the Hudson Valley Libertarians about a joint campaign to bring a proportional representation elections scheme before the Ulster County Legislature, which was in the midst of a long battle over redistricting. This scheme might not have won the day, but it might have given both Greens and Libertarians some good ink and educated the public about PR (PLAS, anyone?). They were interested but invited a rep from the state party, out of Albany as I recall, who killed the idea and denounced me from the heights. Turns out he was/is a “Republican Libertarian”, as so many of them are. Lesson learned.

  9. Michael H. Wilson

    Paladino Wins G.O.P. Nomination for Governor in New York

    Carl P. Paladino, a wealthy Buffalo businessman and political
    neophyte, beat former Representative Rick A. Lazio in New
    York’s Republican gubernatorial primary on Tuesday night.

    The victory for Mr. Paladino, whose agitating campaign
    strategy and attacks against Albany earned him a late surge
    in the polls, was a stunning win for the Tea Party movement,
    which backed the businessman against Mr. Lazio, a
    dyed-in-the-wool Republican mainstay.

    Read More:

  10. George Phillies

    Establishment politicians are being massacred, so to speak.

    Swett lost to Kuster in NH. They are Democrats.
    Ayotte may be losing to Lamontaigne in NH
    ODonnell beat Castle in Del.
    Urquahart won in Del for R-Congress

    Karl Rove was kind enough to appear on TV and say mean things about O’Donnell, meaning that if she loses her faction of the Republican party blames the Rove establishment faction for sabotaging her.

    Good news: Lazio is likely on the ballot as a conservative.

  11. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    pete healey // Sep 14, 2010:45 pm

    Several years ago, as a Green, I approached the Hudson Valley Libertarians about a joint campaign to bring a proportional representation elections ………. Turns out he was/is a “Republican Libertarian”,

    same ole, same ole with some ‘reformers’. In Texas, that includes Sandra Madison and Beverly Kennedy and the Fosters! Amazing the amount of alternative political types that will only condemn one of the bigs! —— Don Lake

  12. Robert Capozzi

    Warren Redlich, thanks for the explanation. Media is media, and I agree it’s generally better to get your name in ink than not.

    My thought was that despite all of Paladino’s BIG negatives, he might appeal to liberty-leaning Rs more than Lazio. So, it’s in the Redlich campaign’s interest to see Lazio win, since on the big economic issues that most people vote for, Lazio is less “radical sounding” than Paladino.

    It appears that both Lazio or Paladino will continue in the race if they don’t get the R nod. So, I’m not sure how this all plays out. NY politics are unique.

    I respect that you’re a registered and elected R running on the L line, but there’s something about this clause (“Carl Paladino would be a disgrace to the Republican Party.”) that doesn’t ring quite right to me. I might suggest something like “based on his rhetoric, electing Carl Paladino Governor would be a disaster for NY. We don’t need haters in high office.”

    Or something.

    It sounds conflicted that a L candidate would even be concerned about “disgracing” the R party, on its face.

    Just some feedback off the top of my head.

    Good luck in November!

  13. Robert Capozzi

    update: I see the news that Paladino won the nod. With Lazio on the Cons. line, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Cuomo romp.

    But, again, NY politics can be unpredicatable…remember Sen. James Buckley.

  14. Robert Capozzi

    And this is another data point in my proto-thesis that the single largest target audience for the LP is actually RINOs, not Tea Partiers. Unfortunately, the LP has traditionally viewed itself as advancing a radical construct: no State or nearly no State. Tea Parties seem more “radical,” so some find the TP to be a harvestable field. (Of course, I write no one off.)

    Yes, Tea Partiers and Limbaugh conservatives may sound a bit more L on economic issues, but they are all about disunity and us vs. them-ism, near as I can tell.

    More moderate Rs, esp. in suburban coastal areas, are more likely to align with a moderate program toward more liberty (more or less) across the board, I suggest. Auctioning off the county courthouse? Not so much.

  15. David F. Nolan

    Meanwhile, in Arizona, polls show John McCain at 51%. With three other candidates in the race (D, L and G) there’s a good chance we can drive his support to under 50%. That would be pretty amazing, given that McC is the most recent GOP Presidential nominee!

  16. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    Host for the evening–Doc Thompson

    The highlight of the ACP Leadership Conference is the Friday evening dinner (open to non-members), our Conservative Leadership Recognition, featuring Marconi Award recipient and talk show host Doc Thompson.

    There will be other special guests and awards will be given for Conservative Leader of the Year and Conservative Thinker of the Year.

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